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  1. From what I've seen, the price of the full HST train set is very favourable compared to the price of the two Power Cars alone.
  2. I did say the content is usually good. 😉 Yes I remember the Spitfire-Hurricane gaffe as well... 👍🤣🤣
  3. Just that exactly in my case. My first train set was a Hornby HST, 1st time I saw a real one was at Edinburgh Waverly, the same year, 1978. New & exciting then, but when I realised they were killing off the Deltics I soon hated them!! But now years later, I contend that original blue/yellow livery was THE best they ever carried, bar none. I'd prefer the TT120 blue/grey HST if it had the later cover over the roof front & exhausts & modified rear compartment - I would find it hard to resist that HST train set in that case, mostly for the pure nostalgia!! As it is, I can resist... just about.
  4. I had a small sign - "WARNING - Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again". Well it was an American outline layout. But I don't think I'd use such a sign now.
  5. Re loco #29. Let's find the tallest driver we have, and roster him to the engine with the lowest cab roof.... 🤔🤣🤣😝
  6. Has AI been used for the "Expert Reviews" 'headline' at the bottom of the cover? Or someone from the lower end of Tabloid journalism?? "Be the first to find out which new models you need to buy".... Seriously?? Such over the top hyperbole fails on two counts - "be the first..." yeah like all the other readers who buy the mag - or saw reviews online well before the mags are published anyway!! - and secondly "new models you need to buy" - well I'll decide for myself thanks very much what models I need - and speaking personally, the models I'm most likely to buy won't ever feature in BRM anyway!!! Which also blows out of the water the strapline across the top - "The only railway modelling magazine you'll ever need"...??? Sorry, not in my case, or, I suspect, quite a few others. Someone at Warners needs to calm down a bit when writing headlines for BRM. Or change the colour behind the BRM logo so they remember they're not writing for a tabloid 'red top' audience...... "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is an old phrase with more than a grain of truth to it. The content itself of BRM is usually good, even if often it doesn't make it a 'must buy' for me, due to my mainly 'foreign' interests, but o.t.t. 'headlines' on the cover really don't help, to my mind anyway.
  7. I am immediately reminded of a classic two-word line from "Carry On Up The Khyber.... 2nd word "off"... 😂
  8. Oh for a Time Machine, eh?? What a fascinating little snapshot of history!! Anyway as for the Thread Title, yes, 100% agree!!! I have some model locos that are linked to the Forest of Dean, but my UK outline layout is a bit generic. I'd like one that was unmistakeably F-o-D, like some that are on here.
  9. I did have someone absent-mindedly lean on my layout once at a show, while he was deep in conversation with his friend & not really watching the layout. I immediately said - politely and with a smile - that he might not want to do that.... he apologised profusely and removed his arm. I was actually more concerned that the way he was leaning was putting sideways weight on the last board, which it wasn't designed to support, being 'cantilevered' off it's neighbouring board, lined up with split-pin hinges, and one set of wood legs at the end. The other end of the layout was secure on two of those metal trestles that are quite popular as layout supports, he could've leaned there no problem!!
  10. Like 34C says, check first, especially as it's an item you've already bought being sent. I vaguely recall on here some years ago an issue someone had returning a loco to the USA for attention, and getting charged VAT on it's purchase value again when it was returned to the UK. Also a story of Bachmann US outline models not being covered by 'free' warranty repairs when bought outside the USA.
  11. I use Tam Valley Mono juicers. Yes my layout only has 5 switches (points/turnouts) so altogether 5 mono juicers cost more than one Hex, but they are spread out around the layout (17' x 8') and I was conscious of the advice to keep the wiring as short as possible. I have had one juicer fail in about 8 years, at least it was easy to replace, I keep a spare in hand 'just in case'. I second any recomendations for Kev at Coastal DCC, very helpful & quick service.
  12. So it wasn't so much of a 'Safety Bicycle' after all..? I suppose compared to a Penny Farthing, though.....
  13. So have I. The trick is finding out what 3-rail rolling stock is to scale dimensions, & worth converting. Locos, I just wouldn't bother - closest I've come to that is my Atlas SW1200 which was 2-rail but the electrical gubbins were "TMCC" - no idea what that means, some 3-rail witchcraft no doubt - it all got stripped out & it now runs on an HO Soundtrax Tsunami decoder.
  14. The backscene join is very well done, almost impossible to see, but the hill on the left is most unrealistic, just rising suddenly from a flat baseboard. I take it there's an equally unlikely & unrealistic tunnel just out of shot to hide the exit to the fiddleyard?
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