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  1. Amazing what plant pot snail repellant tape can be used for. I went so far as to cut it down the middle!
  2. Being working on this since last Sunday more off than on ! Ive given it a quick blow over with a rattle can before I glue the tank tracks and sides on .At which point all the suspension parts I’ve glued together this week will be out of sight !
  3. What is possibly Ruston Proctor’s original in-house built steam loco prior to scrapping with its R&H replacement This view of Boultham works yard was taken from a similar position to the 1960’s photo above ,the open ground to the right was served by a gantry cane with a 360 jib not unlike a dockside-crane later replaced by the open ended shed in the 60’s view. When I was an apprentice in the early 70’s the open end had been shut off and the building adapted for the YWA engine assembly line . The previous photo depicts the then new skid mounted ,TE Gas turbine with an alternator.
  4. The beginning of the 1960’s and the company was rock n rolling in another direction. copywright R&H
  5. The photo is taken with my mobile phone while scanning the R&H archives . Unfortunately the negative archives are all mixed up so i can’t be sure if we will come across anymore . Graham
  6. Next on the list , 2 Italeri ww2 Matilda tank kits .
  7. A very rare shot of an LWS outside Boultham Works Gate in 1957 i think the engine ‘test pits’ cooling towers are the background . curtesy of R&H
  8. R&H photo, note the WW2 tank loading ramp next to Cannon's
  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. A milestone day today for ‘Firth Road’ , for the first time in 6 months the two sides are bolted together again, :-)
  10. At least 55 years since a 48DS traversed Firth Road .
  11. Hi everyone hope you’re all having a good time . With all the interest in Ruston loco’s I’ve decided to move ‘Firth Road ‘ here from layout topic’s . Merry Christmas Graham
  12. RUSTON, War Time inspiration on Firth Road. Note the tank loading ramp at the end of the siding
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