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  1. A little more progress with the MW build. I have been sanding print lines and doing a test fit of the printed body parts to the brass running plate assembly. The cab floor has been made from 60 thou. engraving brass, drilled and tapped for a pair of 12BA screws. A 'floor' has also been made for the bottom of the smokebox, also drilled and tapped 12BA. These brass floors will be epoxied into the printed parts and screws will then affix the body to the running plate. Lead sheet has been glued into the tank sides and bunker floor. There is enough space in the tank to fit a decoder and speaker, with a Lais Stay Alive fitted in the firebox, which leaves the smokebox to be stuffed with lead. Extra lead can be added to the bunker, too and I'm confident that the original weight can be easily achieved. I have made all the replacement brake parts but have yet to assemble and fit them. New cylinder glands, slide bars and motion bracket will be required as the Hornby parts will not fit the new cylinders.
  2. What did I say about the office cat doing the research at Hornby these days? 🙄 No Kit-e-Kat for him or her tonight.
  3. Hang on... I haven't seen a photo of the cab rear on this particular model. Have they really done it without rear windows?
  4. Do you know the works number and year of this one? Was it an actual Thomas Hill build or did they rebuild it from a Rolls Royce/Sentinel? The profile of the engine casing looks to be Sentinel but the cab looks typical TH, albeit much taller than usual.
  5. The Low Moor Iron Co., in Bradford, had at least 3 3ft. 10 1/2in. gauge Manning Wardle locos that were designed to shunt standard gauge wagons on mixed gauge track.
  6. Vacuum brake equipment was fitted back in the early 90s, when this loco was based at the Middleton Railway, Leeds.
  7. Will the Ruston be able to pull that wagon? 🙂
  8. The wrappers for the cylinders are made from 5 thou. Plastikard so that they can be dented and scraped. You see so many pictures of industrial steam locos with battered cylinder wrappers but no one ever models them that way.
  9. The Manning that I'm basing this model on had 17x24" cylinders and the B2's 14x22" would look too small and puny and so I am making new cylinders. I don't have a drawing to work from, so it's being done by eye and by comparing what's on other models, such as the Pi Victory (17x24") and the Hattons Barclay (16x24"). Mine are larger than what's on the Victory but not as large as what is on the Barclay but then I've always wondered if Hattons got the cylinders right on that model as they look huge.
  10. Ruston

    Class 07 Diesel

    I didn't find it necessary because I tend not to bother with lights, if they are going to make wiring difficult and also because my 07 became a Ruston LSSH and didn't have all the extra lights that BR needed on their LSSEs.
  11. Scott came to visit on Saturday and we had a proper play with the trainset. Some of the big stuff came out, too.
  12. The throb of a 6LDA28 and squealing of wheel flanges can be heard as a BR/Sulzer Type 2 lifts a fully-fitted coal train up the bank from the NCBOE's Blacker Lane Disposal Point.
  13. I do hope this thread is going to get more interesting than a couple of planks of wood. 😆
  14. It just became more than words on a screen. That's both boards laid out on the living room floor and connected together so that the joining tracks can be fitted and we'll know that tracks will align when the boards are reunited. Mine is the one on the left.
  15. The sign of a messy mind, certainly. 🙂 Rivet heads and stubs of brake shafts have been filed off the chassis block in order to give a flat surface to on which to affix frame overlays. The overlays are made from 10 thou. hard brass.
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