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  1. Hi Ben and Mike, Thanks for proposing yet another missing and much needed n gauge wagon. This could prove expensive Do you have any dimensions at all please? They look similar in length to a TTA but it's hard to be sure from the photos. Regards John
  2. Thank you gentlemen - inspired choice. Loving it.
  3. Hi Ben & Mike, Just a quick question before I place my order and thanks by the way for helping me to break the bank yet again... I've looked through the topic and can't see anything confirming the wagon dimensions. Sorry if I've missed it. Are the HOAs the same length as the Farish JGAs? The reason I ask is its the difference between a rake of 12 or 15. Also is there any chance of you including a de-branded version of the Cemex livery? I know a few people have asked for it so the demand would probably be there and the livery has been around quite a bit longer than the branded versions... Thanks again for doing this one - another real missing link. Regards John
  4. Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your kind comments - I hadn't really thought about doing a thread on the layout but it's a good suggestion. I'm really pleased with it. I can't take the credit for the build although the original track plan was my design. The layout was built by a guy called Steve Hornsey who often sells micro layouts on eBay. Highly recommended. Regards John
  5. Hi there, I might be wrong but I'm sure I read somewhere in this thread many moons ago that it'd be a minimum of two years before there were further runs of the Pendolino would be done - sorry I haven't had chance to go through all 60 pages That might have been part of the Kickstarter agreement prior to Rapido taking over with the none Kickstarter model but I'm sure Ben and Mike would be able to clarify. John
  6. My Pendolinos arrived late last week and just wow... I've only tested City of Wolverhampton so far (photo attached awaiting the green light at Priorslee West) and it works perfectly. Power cars absolutely in sync on DC and after being wary of the traction tyres from other posts they do seem to enhance the running. Hats off to all concerned at RevolutioN and Rapido - roll on the Class 92s and (hopefully) the 321s. John
  7. Oh dear I just couldn't resist some last minute shopping - just added some original livery wagons to my previous order of revised livery. John
  8. I'm really hoping these get across the line - I've been surprised as they'll make a great addition to the n gauge range. So surprised but hopefully the Pendo being delivered will get things moving. After all the Pendo struggled initially. Cheers John
  9. It'll be really interesting to see if the individual gets what they're asking for, especially when you think back to when initial orders fell a bit short of target based on the early bird price. Thank goodness for Ben, Mike, Rapido and a lot of customers whose faith in the project is about to be repaid... John
  10. Hi Ben, Something slightly off topic but relevant for this forum I think is OHLE which I suspect you have experience in with Horseley Fields. Did you use N Brass portals at all? With the height of the Pendo being around 4cm with the panto completely up (about the same as the Farish 350) it would only just clear the top of the portal without an A frame attached. Probably more applicable to the 350 with them having sprung pantos and the Pendos pantograph being posable, but would you share how got round it please? The Pendos pants would need to be at half mast to clear them by my reckoning which would perhaps be a little low prototypically. Cheers John
  11. Hi, Do you know how high the model will be with the pantograph up please? A Farish 350 is 4cm and, as the (imaginary) wires will be the same height regardless of the model, I hope it'll be about the same. I'm just thinking about bridge clearances, etc. On a different point it's really good to see some spare models have been made as more people should have the opportunity to own one of these stunning models. At the risk of being shot down by those who didn't order before the deadline, I do think they should be offered at a premium to 1) make it fair to those who invested in getting the project across the line and 2) perhaps contribute to helping other projects such as the 321 come to fruition - it'd be a real shame to see that one in particular fall short. Having seen the RevolutioN / Rapido Pendolino in the flesh at Warley I really can't wait for mine. Cheers John
  12. Hi, Great to see the production Pendolinos at Warley today. They look great and well worth the wait. That said, I can't wait to get my hands on a couple now... John
  13. Hi Ben, I haven't ordered the Business Is Great version but I'm interested to know if the livery error will be corrected. Regards John
  14. Yes an APT-E. It's not in my era but I'll definitely be pledging my support for this one. Looking at the 00 gauge version it'll be a belter in N. I'm going to have to invest in a display cabinet... Regards John
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