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  1. Hi there, Just add to Jo's post, my understanding is that the first Freightliner order came in during a short pause in EWS deliveries, to allow time for the design variation of incorporating the buckeye coupler to be completed. To avoid shutting down the production line five locomotives under construction that had been intended for EWS were quickly reassigned to Freightliner, and became 66501-5. These had the 'wide' lug positions. The 'narrow' spacing came about as it did not occlude the buckeye coupler equipment; but once settled on it was retained as the standard for EWS 66201-250 and then all subsequent locos, whether buckeye fitted or not. cheers Ben A.
  2. The design is very much to Stadler's 'house' style, and incorporates some standard items such as lights, cab quarterlights etc but obviously the whole thing has been sized to fit the UK loading gauge. Personally I think the Stadler locomotives are a good-looking design, and the ROG's green livery suits them well. But I suppose I would say that! cheers Ben A.
  3. Hi all, We have shown CAD before on this: What we are doing now is comparing the material we were sent by Stadler with the actual locomotive we filmed recently to see if we can identify discrepancies to be corrected before tooling begins. cheers Ben A.
  4. Hi there, For any 'what's the latest on...' type questions please see here: https://revolutiontrains.com/projects/ cheers Ben A.
  5. Hello all, Happy to see the NGS Hunslets finding a role on 2mm layouts. And I should point out that Nigel can take a good share of the credit for the sweet running of these locos as he was heavily involved in testing, developing and improving the PCB with its integrated decoder in the models. cheers Ben A.
  6. Hi all, We won't be doing unpowered sets. I think the only reason they are ever suggested is because it is thought they might be cheaper. But that is a myth. When modern features like lights, PCBs, decoder sockets etc are considered the only real difference is a $5 electric motor, and that saving is so paltry it's frankly not worth the extra admin and design time. cheers Ben A.
  7. Just be glad he didn't say Cavalorrhoids... cheers Ben A.
  8. Hi all, We haven't finalised exactly which variants we will be offering. Strathclyde PTE red/black and Scotrail Saltire are definites for the 320, and Network Southeast and London Midland for the 321. In N we were able to produce carmine and cream 320s thanks to the AMRSS, and the Silverlink 321s thanks to a successful expressions of interest exercise. Before the models go up for pre-order we will be considering realistic options for other variants while keeping in mind that we do not want to over-produce. Shelves of unsold models help neither retailers nor Revolution. cheers Ben A.
  9. Hi there, If you’re visiting Model Rail Scotland this weekend Martin Stewart’s Tulloch Bridge in 4mm is well worth seeking out for inspiration. cheers Ben A.
  10. Hi all, We’ll confirm pricing and liveries once we open the order book in due course. cheers Ben A.
  11. Hi there, That isn’t the case. cheers Ben A.
  12. Hello all, We have received a sample of 59101 in its new Heidelberg Materials livery for final approval. This limited run model is among the 59/1 versions expected here in the next 4 weeks. DCC Silent and DCC Sound versions can be pre-ordered from the Revolution website, though I think there are only a couple of DCC Sound versions still available. Of course upgrading to sound is straightforward as the sound project is available from Legomanbiffo and the models all have a factory fitted decoder. We'd like to thank Heidelberg Materials and the team at Freightliner for allowing us to measure and record the real thing on its first day in traffic last December. We also have pre-mapped ESU Lokpilot E24 Nano decoders availableto pre-order for those who prefer their digital models to be seen and not heard... The 59/0 variants are all here and we are going to do our best to start shipping these next week, however please bear with us as we have Model Rail Scotland next weekend too. cheers Ben A.
  13. Which part of the argument do you dislike? The need for the railway to stay relevant and satisfy the needs of disabled passengers? Or the observation that tastes change, and that buildings considered unappealing in the 1870s may now be considered beautiful? Do we accept that it is necessary to offer facilities that enable those with mobility issues to use the railway? If so, then to my mind the solution here fulfils the brief in a functional and aesthetically harmonious way. cheers Ben A.
  14. Hello all, I had a look at the images in the link and I like the look of it. Sympathetically designed but with a clear purpose and obviously a necessity if the railway is to maintain its place in the 21st century and not be tied to the 19th. I suspect that when the railway was built there were some who complained about the aesthetics of the original station building that we now admire. cheers Ben A.
  15. Hi there, Thanks for posting. Always good to read of new railheads being brought into service for freight. cheers Ben A.
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