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  1. It's raining!!!!

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    2. Hroth


      Dampness from overnight drizzle. It rained yesterday, and evaporated almost immediately.

    3. PhilEakins


      Didn't last long ...

    4. MickD


      Lucky you!!

  2. What really worries me is that I had one of the 'train enthusiasts' model of camera ...
  3. Good episode of Endeavour last night - what railway was used though?

  4. Good episode of Endeavour last night - what railway was used though?

  5. The expert on this subject is Mike Walshaw, the builder of the Lulworth Camp layout (some pictures here). I'll email him and see if he is happy to help. Phil
  6. Not quite so - the signalman is able to accept an assurance from a guard or shunter that the train is complete in circumstances where the whole train has not passed the box when leaving the block section. A good example is when passing trains at a station on a single line railway. The bobby will likely only see the back of one of the trains, relying on the assurance for the completeness of the other before asking the road for its advance section. Another is where a train is shunted clear of the line without passing the box.
  7. I've got that mag - PM me with how you want me to send the scans? Phil
  8. The Friends of the NRM started to publish a series of comprehensive books on the 'History and Development of Railway Signalling in the British Isles'. The first volume, 'Broad Survey' by Stanley Hall (ISBN 1 872 826 12 1), was published in 2000. The second volume, containing essays on Absolute Block and Single Line working, followed in 2001. Unfortunately the leading author then died and so the series progressed no further. Volume two would probably not be of much interest Simon - but it might be worth you looking at the structure adopted by Hall in volume one.
  9. Yes, Peter's still around - attends local shows with his wares and is in the process of opening a shop in Swanage. Phil
  10. Yes - I think that was what I wrote, albeit less concisely ... A truly fascinating aspect of the history of railway operation, and one which dates back to the Boer War when a similar embarkation process, faultlessly executed at Southampton, served as the blueprint for 1914. I did enjoy that research. Got a good mark too! P.
  11. I think The Stationmaster is a rather too dismissive of Wilson's role before the mobilisation of 1914. I wrote a paper on that mobilisation during the PG Dip in Railway Studies (University of York) in which I considered the work Wilson did. Obviously I can't reproduce the whole thing here but among the opening paragraphs were: I concluded: The July 1911 memorandum mentioned was a promise to deliver troops to France in the event of a German invasion. Couldn't have been done as the Government(s) of the day had completely forbade planning contact between the army and the railways (represented latterly by the REC) before 1911. It was Wilson that kick started the process with the successes described. Sorry to be long winded, but Wilson is not just a historical footnote. [Edited for clarity]
  12. Is off to hear Colin Divall give a talk on the political implications of the Beeching Report tonight.

    1. nickwood


      Bit late for a report published in the 60's isn't it?

    2. Phil Copleston

      Phil Copleston

      Never too late for a bit of 'reshaping' ;-)

  13. Is off to hear Colin Divall give a talk on the political implications of the Beeching Report tonight.

  14. There is an IT saying - "the co-operation to be expected from a computer is in inverse proportion to the desperation of the user!"
  15. Unfortunately it appear that that the support structures feature (amongst others) will disappear with the expiry of the trial 30 days from installation. One of the most useful things that it brings to the 3D table. I'm presently looking at Meshmixer (from the same Autodesk stable) which is open source for the whole package, including custom support. I've tried both - and Meshmixer has my vote.
  16. OK - I'll start it off. I've got a self build Vector V3 printer as a result of a number of months of part work purchase and bad language! It works fine, and there is an active on-line community devoted to it. Anybody else wants to exchange experiences? Phil
  17. I've not had direct experience of the machine - but looking around the Web it seems to be a highly proprietary closed system (think Apple Mac vs. IBM PC). It is designed around only the 'approved' filament - and that seems only to be PLA. Oh, and it's only sold in half kilos when one kilo is pretty much standard, I recently bought a kilo of 1.75 filament from a reputable dealer for £30.00 including carriage. As supplied printing ABS will be highly problematic, no heated print bed, for a start, and the hot end is constrained to 230C which might be a tad low. Anyway I can't see an approved ABS filament on sale. It seems that there are people looking at hacking the machine and are running up against the proprietary firmware - which means that Dremel are the only source of upgrades and bug fixes! I think it's a repeat of the ink jet printer marketing ploy - sell the hardware cheap (and it's not that cheap) and cash in on selling the materials needed. Have a look around the 'net Dennis, there area lot of community based projects which might provide what you want, affordably.
  18. Two essays submitted - Beer o'clock

  19. Two essays submitted - Beer o'clock!

  20. Two essays submitted - Beer o'clock!

  21. Yep, same for me. E-mailed Hatchette and got a reply from customer services cancelling all future binders within two days.
  22. It has to be said that Hatchette are listening and positively responding to problems. All to the good. Phil
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