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  1. So, to bring the T3 to a close some arty type pics to hide my poor photography skills!!
  2. Time for a little catch up on the Rover
  3. The painting and lining was done to his usual high standard by Warren Haywood. Couldn't recommend his work enough!!!
  4. Finally some pics of the finished loco!
  5. Sadly my eye sees little things stand out like a sore thumb!! They are very tricky and due to their nature of having the beading makes getting a nice bend difficult!!
  6. A little more work done. Not happy with the splashers at the rear so will redo them.
  7. Something a little different for the next build!! I’ll try to keep updates coming as I go!!
  8. None at all Kevin. Delight to build. Slight modification on the inside valve gear to make it easily removable as opposed to being trapped. The only area to be careful of is the splashers as they are very frail, so care in soldering to make sure they don't warp. Other than that, look forward to seeing yours!!
  9. If it was mine I wouldn't!!
  10. The early Drummond green livery still with brass beading to the splashers
  11. So the T3 is now ready for paint, so a few pics before going away!!
  12. Thank you Grahame. It's quite surprising how much effort is needed to photograph models and parts to a standard that is worth posting, so people that do post regularly have my respect! Two more locos on the go now, a SR King Arthur and GWR broad gauge Rover. Pictures when I can!!!
  13. So, apologies if you were expecting lots updates but I have found it takes a lot of effort which I would rather spend on building! lol! So here is some pics of the T3 now.
  14. Not sure about that Castle, but not having CSI 2 next to CSI 1 would drive me mad
  15. Thank you Grahame Yes, it will be on display at Brizzle for those wishing to see it
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