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  1. Number 85 Merlin getting ready for the weekends RPSI tours
  2. Thanks for that jhb. As the coaches where the cheap £4 ones from the mag I just used up some number decals and an old green tin of paint from the spares box just to give a rough representation of the real thing. Can any one tell me what the red letter on the loco cab sides stands for.
  3. I picked up some of the coaches recently that came with the 1st edition of Model Railway Village Magazine and also a couple of Bachmann Midland Class 4F's. I decided to repaint them into UTA/GNR liveries and also weather them. All decals are by Railtec. Enjoy the pictures.
  4. New 1:76 Dublin Bus Models (Wright Eclipse Gemini) by Brian Collins Enterprises. A great addition to any Irish Layout
  5. It looks like a small tug or shunter for hauling coaches etc into the workshop
  6. A little video for you guys of 077 and 8113. Best watched in 360p. Enjoy
  7. I decided to have a go at painting the new grey 071 livery. I went for 077 the reason was that 077 never entered service with newly painted bogies as they were swapped out at the last minute for a refurbished set which were not painted grey. So this in itself made for an interesting model all new and shiny but with weathered bogies. Working closely with Railtec we have the decals just right even down to the faint grey lines in the logo. Big thanks to Steve at Railtec for all his hard work and as always his high standard of decals.
  8. New to Ballykay this week is 8113 which had to be weathered of course. I now have 111 Great Northern, 112 Northern Counties, and 8113 Belfast & Co Down which is great as many a happy hour were spent behind them.
  9. Alan Adavoyle is largely based on the Dundalk to Newry/Poyntzpass stretch of the Dublin/Belfast line. One of the bridges is modeled on the Egyptian arch at Newry. Also the now disused station at Jonesborough was called Adavoyle and I assume this is where the layout takes its name from. I had the pleasure of getting a guided tour of the layout by some of the members of the SDMRC where it is now housed. As for the grass been greener on my Ballykay layout and in Northern Ireland it might have something to do with all the rain we get here and 3 days of summer
  10. I recently attended the Bangor Show on one mission just to see the Fabulous Bleach Green layout. A big thank you to Colm and the guys for talking me through the layout and running certain trains I wanted to see. Enjoy the video. Best viewed at 360p
  11. Thanks Ernie a great source of information for those of us painting and weathering
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