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  1. Correct After mailing the SAME address again I received an APOLOGY from the that although they had discussed the proposal the had admitted they had failed to acknowledge. SMARTARSE you SSEL OPINIONATED BASTARD NOW BAN ME< ###### YOURSELF.Beeman.
  2. A 'thankyou' for emailing to them the Councillors email address , and 'opening a door' for them would have been sufficient, any results pending. Your idea of civility and good manners does not concur with mine. Still some people can't help it. Beeman.
  3. Andy Y, I had been in contact with them by email previously and made the suggestion pre my contact with the councillor, to which they replied and were interested.actually stating a 2nd camera could be contemplated. neither was my mail to them returned as not sent,No jumping to conclusions here. Beeman,
  4. A few months back I suggested to the 'owners' that this was not in the best position. I then contacted a member of Dawlish Town Council with a suggestion of a possible shared financial input from the Council toward the cam, The idea being to promote Dawlish along with the original reasons for the cam,especially If it were mounted somewhere near Coryton Cove. The railway would be a much better view along with the Dawlish Seafront, the Classic photo position for many views.. The Councillor asked me to advise the 'owners' to contact him direct with a view to discussing my suggestions. That I did do. So far the 'owners' have not had the decency or civility to reply to me after asking them to advise me of any successful negotiations regarding. This would be in a far better position and viewpoint if an amicable arrangement could be made to both parties. I have no gain from this whatsoever other than to see it positioned where it would be better than at present. Which I feel is very poor siting along with the quality.One only has to look at some of the other cams to compare. Beeman.
  5. We all wait for our retirement from 'the Daily grind', but its surprising when it arrives how QUICKLY the years seem to go by. The old adage of 'I don't know how I found time to go to work' seems often true. Good Luck and ENJOY . Beeman.
  6. Re Gordon A's reply, a similar comment i put on Utube referred to that fact, seen similar a number of times on various sites, some USA,where stepper motors and no doubt involved electronics still do not achieve stopping accuracy, possibly due to the circuitry ?. I posted a circuit and article some time back http://www.rmweb.co....e__fromsearch__ I still have this in use, nothing could not be simpler and it WORKS, no need for stepper motors etc, the great advantage of it slowing before the stop position, and could be ideal for traversers etc. .I latterly used similar circuit on my VSU. Vids of the T/T in operation on Utube. Looks a good and well engineered job by BL, particularly as he used a toothed belt for the drive.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=830g93jADoo&feature=related Which is the Best method to use, on a large diameter disc/pulley, but the stopping he has achieved not good. why bother with costly steppers and electronics when a suitable gearbox/motor drive is available for around a couple of squid, and expertise in electronics not required.?. Beeman.
  7. Try this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ahoFHDQZgI
  8. Agreed, but as retired and time my own, satisfaction is obtained by succeeding if/where possible. But is not the whole of our hobby not cost effective when one takes in the number of hours spent and the 'value' of that achieved, unless one happens to be a 'professional' layout builder or repairs /weathering etc.?. In most cases the interest and satisfaction in ones efforts/achievements being the reward. Beeman.
  9. Can anyone help with this query, Anyone know what the number/type of the surface mounted O/P 'transistors' are on Bachman 36-553 and 554 decoders. They have code numbers on them due to small size rather than the full No., 030s on the 553 and 037m & 037w on the 554. Having blown one or two through installation 'errors'. Have managed to transfer one to repair another, so wondered whether the component itself could be bought from electronics component suppliers etc.,. I found when the damaged component was removed after a decoder was shorting, the short disappeared and would work in one direction only,proving that the removed item was the culprit and u/s. This decoder, one 'direction' was used for a windmill. In another, managed to repair to OK working. Thanks in advance. Beeman.
  10. Re a paint job, noticed the Shine and reflection on the vids, and why have they sheeted it over for dispatch ?. It appears the Yanks have done the paint job, With their attitude don't think they would send over a 'washed out' looking loco.I wondered when/why this loco got its name, ?. I understand England had little knowledge of Eisenhower prior to him coming to England, apparently a desk bound logistics soldier, eventually made Supreme Allied Commander in 1943, well after the USA entered the European war. Just found the answer, Originally named 'Golden Shuttle' ,?.then changed to D.D.E. in Sept 1945,after it was over. Will be a wonderful sight to see six out of the 34 passed into BR service but one must question could the money this will cost not have been spent more wisely on preservation.?. The second question is, would the money stated as being raised by donations, be forthcoming, if used for routine preservation ?. Beeman.
  11. Ironically was advised as to where I could purchase actual LED's from as against stripping down the flickering tea lights, Turned out to be same supplier. 'ZINGE INDUSTRIES' received and ok brighter than the original 3mm tealights, suitable resistor will reduce if needed. Thanks Beeman.
  12. To clarify,The 3mm led's were taken out of the tea lights and used to simulate a flickering firebox in OO locos. the later 5mm require MORE space so not as easy to fit in the restricted space usually available. And as said they do not seem available to buy on their own. Beeman.
  13. Anyone recently purchased the flickering tealights that have the 3mm led's in them. they were this size a while back from Poundland but most now seem to be 5 mm, so more space needed. Tried Poundland yesterday to find current stock is 5mm. Anyone purchased from Ebay, many available, have asked sellers but no suitable replies. anyone help odd that non of the Led sellers list either. Beeman.
  14. Anyone fitted a Seuthe smoke unit to a N2, and how was it done, Beeman.
  15. Wonder if anyone can advise on this. When aged around 14, reckon 52/53. God !. some 60 years back, I went with some other pupil/boys to Tamworth spotting. I recollect vaguely getting off the bus and walking , eventually along a field track toward some bridges, think called a truss type. Situated in the field were some black painted 'shacks' which emitted a most foul and vile smell. Possibly something to do with animal rendering. I recollect 'climbing' up between the girder work of the bridges looking head on down the track. Bit unerving seeing a Steamer comoing toward you at high speed. Seeing this post I decided to survey Google Earth to see if I could locate the spot. The only one which looks as if it was is on the pic. Be interested if anyone can enlighten. Beeman.
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