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  1. Thanks for letting me know. I think they are now being sold on eBay for about £10.
  2. I wonder if anyone could help with comments on these two books by Amberley Publishing. I've seen them advertised but only know limited information about them. Britain's Railways in Transitions 1965-1975 by John Evans & BR Blue one The 1970s and 1980s by Andrew Cole. Are the photos contained within them in colour? I understand they are paperback publications and also wondered what the quality is like. Unfortunately I've not been able to see them 'live' so could do with a bit of advice before I may purchase. Any help appreciated. Tony
  3. Does anyone on here know if the photos in this book are in colour? It looks an interesting book but I have not seen one 'up close' so thought I may ask the question on here. I know most book these days use colour photos but wanted to check before I purchases a copy. Thanks in advance Tony
  4. Sadly no, I can't seem to find any! We have two HO and two N and one HOe but trying to find a small O gauge one seems to be beyond me. No one has offered one and we'd have to have a smallish one otherwise we'd have to have fewer layouts. The O gauge show is in Newport the week before , so maybe I'll find a local one for next year. (And they're no having any N , HOe or HO so it balances out!) We have 15 layouts planned for £3 entry, plus some demos and 2 traders (Plus Tallyllyn, and club sales stand). Not sure how I am going to fit them all in yet. Tony
  5. Apart from the photos, I found it to be a very informative read too. The operational side of the LMR is interesting. And I didn't know BR wanted to abolish the WR and split it between the SR and LMR!! But then I was only about 9 at the time, but I'd never heard that information before.
  6. That looks good. Hopefully the ones on the other regions will follow swiftly.
  7. I'm organising it Ian so come and say hello. I even have to miss a Cardiff City game that day, because we book the hall a year in advance....before the fixtures come out. Tony
  8. Yes . come along to ours in Llantwit Fardre Huw. the bus stops at the top of the hill and a gentle walk down about 400 yards. Mind you its sadly uphill on the way back to the bus stop! Tony
  9. Rhondda MRC's Thomas The Tank Engine layout has been added. Tony
  10. Yes let's have another preTOPS British one Brian! Tony
  11. Yeah, it's not that far. try the WAG express!! Cheers Baz, the whichever layout is smaller!
  12. Weyfoird in N gauge by Keith & Peter Matthews has been added to the list. PG Models N gauge military vehicles in pewter has been added as a demonstrator. Member of MAFVA.
  13. Weyford in N gauge has been added to the list of layout. PG Models N gauge military vehicles display and for sale. Member of MAFVA.
  14. I had a thoroughly good day out helping Graham Mann on Wokinghurst. Despite the fact some young child managed to run his hands over the track and break some of the 3rd Rail!! it got fixed though. My main learning experience for when offering to help at an exhibition is to help on a micro layout not a 20 foot long thing that saps the strength. It was good to chat to so many people. And also to advise that Brian Tucker's excellent Burrard Inlet Canadian loco shed can be seen again at the Pontypridd Show in April. As can Rob Gunstone's (of Mutton fame) other layout Sheep Lane. Wokinghurst will also be there with more detail added by then, and Baz & Josh from Crossley Scrap will be coming with Shepcote Lane. Shepcote Lane is worth the entry fee alone just to see the working wagon tipple. Shameless plug over. There was a great atmosphere at the show, and the centre part , which was not at the previous two shows, added even more layouts. But it was quite a jam at sometime when the hall was packed. Looking forward to next year. Tony
  15. This year's event will take place on Saturday 21 April at our usual venue, Newtown Llantwit Community Centre, Crown Hill, Llantwit Fardre, CF38 2NA. Admission £3 all classes (up to two children free with paying adult). Exhibitors are as follows: Layouts Sheep Lane OO Somerset & Dorset Rob Gunstone Tawford OO Modern Image Station Jason Jones (Barry MRC) 79A OO Steam Shed in the Snow John Gooding Burrard Inlet HO Canadian Shed Scene Brian Tucker (Pontypridd MRC Member) Forest Gate Parkway OO MI Privatisation era Graham Mann (Pontypridd MRC Member) Bagley OO S&D/BR(W) Steam/Diesel Nigel Broad Hornby Dublo Playtime OO Hornby Dublo Chris Cheney Much Snoreing N Cityscape Ed Farms American Coal HO US freight Richard Flannigan (Western Valley MRS) Crossley Scrapyard OO BR Sector Baz Jones (Western Valley MRS) Gunpoint HO US Diesels/Steam Reg Owens (Pontypridd MRC Member) Jedbach Hoe Austrian narrow gauge Bill Thomas (Pontypridd MRC member) Weyford N gauge Hants/Dorset Keith & Peter Matthews Thomas The Tank Engine OO Rhondda MRC Trade Lord and Butler (incl 'Dirty Boy Weathering' Cardiff MIB Models (incl 3D models + demo layout) Porthcawl Tallyllyn Preservation Society Club sales stand Demonstrations Project22Society Stand to promote the rebuilding of a NBL Class 22 locomotive. Narrow Gauge Kit building Jim Edwards /Pontypridd MRC PG Models N gauge military vehicles Refreshments Limited refreshments available on the day, Bacon Rolls, sandwiches, tea , coffee etc. All exhibits subject to change (the curse of the cancellation!) 15 layouts, 4 demonstration/Society stands and 3 Trade Stands for £3 I think offers good value. I will post some links from RMWeb to some of the listed layouts later. And add some photos for some others. Any questions please ask. Tony
  16. Based on the positive comments I've just ordered this book.
  17. I was down the shop earlier today and he relieved me of a fair sum. I did shock him when I asked "Do you take cash?"!
  18. Not wishing to be pedantic Brian, but just helpful in that Graham Mann's new layout now has the name 'Wokinghurst' and Brian Tucker's latest Canadian venture is now titled "Burrard Inlet". Both are our show in April too. I think Graham's original title was Effing Hill, but I suggested a change!
  19. Me too Brian, I'm an unpaid labourer for the day.
  20. What's the magazine content like this month? I only ask as I haven't ventured out to look yet. Tony
  21. I took advantage of the sale and the 2 Seventies Diesel and Electric books arrived today, 2 days after ordering. Very please with the service direct from Strathwood. Not yet had a chance to look at the books but I expect them to be of the usual high quality.
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