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  1. Nah it just needs a loco to pull it……….. Anybody got plans for Clan Line………. Keith
  2. That would have been a later version I think they where CJ3. Keith
  3. Also the number of phone boxes. Is that a BR artic on the left as well possibly a Karrier Bantam. Keith
  4. One was used on a farm in Anglesey by two brothers. When one said to the other what will you do when you need to get another one . He said I hope I can get one but then we could make one ah a Rover for the Land and a legend was born out of a willys…….. Keith
  5. How about a Gatex colour scheme would be more appropriate……. On my dream layout of Gatwick North I could have one sitting as a thunderbird just in case………. Keith
  6. Holborn Viaduct seams to be the northern point until the former dc lines from Euston and the North London line where converted in the 70,s. Keith
  7. Ok so Gordon has been made a passed cleaner so can fire on a few shunting turns but a long way to the top link. But he is on the way. Keeping the fingers crossed. Keith
  8. Quick dominos……….. Keith
  9. I would imagine Wayne may be a bit busy at the moment. I believe he has slips and diamonds in planning and previously he has said late summer around August. Also he has the 00sf B7 in line next. And after all that there is a smaller point as well again in the three different gauges with matching diamonds. It’s a lot to look forward too. i should imagine he is taking a well earned break-in his caravan this weekend so that he can crack on in the weeks to come. Keith
  10. Keep on going Gordon. I need more updates on your track work just so I can drool over the screen............ Keith
  11. Hi John, just to say great set of videos. How long did it take you to film part 5 seeing as at the time you must have been single handed. I would also second Howard’s views above about the appearance of the track work. In video 5 I have to say that unless you knew it was EM some of the close ups could have been 0 gauge. Your layout also illustrates how good rtr stock now is and that EM works. With the advent of Wayne Kinneys new EM kits I am being very drawn to the gauge it just looks that little bit better. I am now looking forward to see further developments in the near future.
  12. Ok simplistically is it against what a union is about. A union running a commercial company pay negotiations would be very interesting. Keith
  13. Wayne I believe has a cross over in planning so these issue will all be taken care of. His N gauge range has one already. Keith
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