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  1. Thanks for those photos it all looks very good. Especially photo 1 this clearly shows the difference in gauge. We normally only see a small section of track for comparison this really shows the difference. This one photo is making my decision to fully consider using EM gauge for my first layout just a bit clearer. Keith
  2. Yes Port Talbot you can see the building on Google earth. The real location was a port office at Fishguard. Keith
  3. Hi Patrick, with in the gauge specific there is 7mm, 3mm, S gauge etc etc. I see no reason why it is not expanded to cover the finer scales of 4mm so EM and P4 much as there are other forums that cover older systems such as 00 3rail. To my mind having the depth of information specific to EM in one place would be a good idea. Also great to here the test track is in place any more videos yet. Keith
  4. Can I make a suggestion that the mods may wish to consider. Why not set up a new sub-forum in scale specific for EM. This could then have several topics such as Trackwork, RTR conversions and the various standards. To me this would be the sensible thing to do. I am still in the do I don’t I camp. But it would be great to have a one stop forum to look at and ask the questions like can X manufacturers wheels be pulled can you get a conversion for Y loco etc. Much in the same way there is a 2mm fs which has a topic any questions and what is on my workbench. Let us leave this forum for just views
  5. Both Fishguard and Pembroke Dock do not handle containers the ferry service at both ports is ro-ro. There is a rail service to Pembroke Dock but not directly connected to the ferry service. Both Fishguard and PD seam to service Southern Ireland with a lot of lorries coming from Nolan’s of New Ross there is also a tie up with local firm Mansel Davies. Keith
  6. Thanks Patrick, also any of us as soon as we get hold of these could produce a suitable video. Maybe I will have to start the Ham fisted modeller channel. I am still thinking about EM as I only have a few items of stock to deal with....... Keith
  7. Patrick I agree with you on the question of the future of track standards. I see EM emerging to replace 00 but it will take the major manufacturers to start the offer of alternative wheelsets. Maybe Peco could offer this through its rolling stock partners as a bit of a kick to the big three as they are doing already with track. I must admit I am going through the tussle of 00 or EM. I was brought up looking at Buckingham by Peter Denny and Sid Stubbs large layout with envy but now it maybe possible to consider. Keith
  8. In this day and age maybe Wayne and Patrick could combine and produce a YouTube video. Also no doubt it will be high lighted in the instructions. Maybe a reference to rmweb as well. Wayne you are doing a cracking job I think you should treat this thread as the devil’s advocate I am sure all on here are willing you and these kits to be a great success I am for one. Keith
  9. No matter what Wayne it still looks a cracking point. Any hints on dates yet. Keith
  10. Or what about a small 3D printed cap that covers the bottom of the rail. This could be glued to the end of the blades then as the rail expands or shrinks it moves with the blade. I no its non prototype but for us mortals that have trouble building turnouts it might be a saver. Keith
  11. You could send me one to practise as well.............he he he......... Keith the ham-fisted modeller 00sf just a hint
  12. John and Martin in the case of curving in 00. I am considering doing 00sf would you suggest for the single curved turnout that I potentially use an 00 kit. Keith
  13. I knew we are getting more like America. Mid freight helper and a tail loco as well. Keith
  14. Can I say green with envy.... It looks great and I can’t wait to see the 00sf version. It’s been well worth the wait since Tuesday when Margate showed there wares. On past performance Wayne’s products will be here and in use long before the latest major manufacture gets its 2021 releases. Keith
  15. There I was sitting on my computer at 09:45 ten o clock came and went 10:30 still nothing from Brighton. All that happened was some mob in Margate had some new models........... So here I am still waiting for what to me will be the most important announcement of the year. Wayne I am ready and waiting like a coiled spring. Keith ps if you have time could you nip upto Rowfant and do a couple of measurements for me................ only joking........
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