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  1. With regard to the moment. Could you fit in a counter weight at the end of the rod. Keith
  2. I lived close to the line at Salford’s and my school(Redstone) backed on to the Quarry Line. Then I worked at Gatport Airwick on the aviation side but my office overlooked the north end of the station. So I had the best of both worlds aircraft and trains........heaven Keith
  3. Ah Graham you are teasing us on a new project what might it be. Keith
  4. Maybe up Norff they called them King George’s or Cunarders. Keith i’ve got my hat and coat
  5. I will just sit here and drool over both. One day I will pluck up the courage to have a go at track building the sight of flowing curves just makes it look right. Keith
  6. Nice garden room for further expansion........... i’m getting my hat and coat....... Keith
  7. I think it was part of one of the proposal to expand the port to rival the likes of Holyhead. Backing for the Festiniog railway was mainly from Ireland and the idea was to be able to shorten the route from London to Dublin. I am sure there are better experts on the Festiniog on here who can answer this better. Keith Ps. for correctness I am using the original spelling of the name as per the setting up act nowadays the welsh spelling is used of Ffestininog
  8. Another option that was also proposed would be to St David’s. Eventually this was abandoned and replaced by a bus service from Haverfordwest. There was also a proposal for a narrow gauge railway from Whitland to Pendine as well. Keith, formally living in Pembrokeshire now in Glos
  9. There are a couple of issues that prevented Felton being used. 1. Logic- Logic would say that Felton is ideal co-located next to a major motorway complex and close to mainline railways. But logic never is used as a sound argument. 2. Nimbyisum - No mater where you want to build a railway/motorway/airport it will not be wanted and not only at the will of the locals but also at the will of the political parties. Look at Heathrow runway 3 it has been needed for at least 20 years but will it ever happen......... 3. Filton is/was owned by BAE/EADS. They ran the a
  10. It looks on video on the lunch time news that there is temporary road cover down already. Hope all the other crew and passengers are now safe. Keith
  11. I would love to see the ABM range appear sometime. I tried to contact Alan but to no avail. I know he lived in Yate not far from me but so far no luck. Keith
  12. You could call it Parkside Ratio or Ratio Parkside....... produced by Peco Keith
  13. Every time I look in on the webcams it reminds me of my first two visits to the Ffestiniog. These happened in August 1964 and 65. In 65 we where a group of 10 of adults and children. So the guard said wait we will put on a special carriage for us. So the new van No1 was put on the front of the train and off we went to TYB behind Linda. A trip never to be forgotten. Keith
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