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  1. These would have been top unloading example of this is Rowfant. The fuel would be high octane Petrol. Keith
  2. Ah the Up train is on the Down line or is it the Down train is on the Up line............ Have a nice warm cup of tea...... Keith
  3. Having gone through 3 moves since buying the kit I have managed to mislay the instructions. Is there anyone who may have a set that they could scan for me. Many thanks Keith
  4. Driving down the A38 yesterday as I passed over Grovesend tunnel I had a brief view of a swarm of orange suited workers busy on the quarry headshut. I think I saw thermite welding going on. Just wondering what is happening....... Keith
  5. Nearholmer are you taking advice from Mrs Trellis of North Wales by any chance. Keith
  6. Just a thought but do you seal the wood at all. It may be that moisture could get in but sealing could help. Keith
  7. I think they will stay with 4mm but make all models available with EM wheels. They then do a deal with Peco/EM soc to produce a full range of trackwork. Just imagine EM set track....... Keith Ps but also wishing for more Southern EMUs
  8. The opening shots are also used in an Advert for a Railway Holiday company. Something like Great Train Holidays. Keith
  9. At least I got it a bit right with the Waverley route. Keith
  10. How about the Waverley route so some of that Eastern region stock can get a run. Or just move a bit further north and do Beattock........ Here is the Night Mail crossing the border......etc etc. Keith
  11. All you need is a good Thump(er)........... Happy new year to you Andy hope now you get moved down ere as soon as. Keith
  12. I will follow with interest. How about an electrified platform with LB&SCR South London line stock. Along with Midland GNR the GWR also ran services down Sarff. Keith
  13. Also added to the list is my local station. Cam and Dursley opened in 1994 located 400yds to the north of Coaley Junction station. It has a large free car park that is well used and local buses connect with most stopping trains. Recently and ongoing there are now large scale house building going on around the station, Keith
  14. I have cast my vote but one of the entrants was missing. I can not see the LMS shunter 1831 so can you put me down for one vote for it as well. Keith
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