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  1. When I lived in Pembrokeshire the train was hardly used. If I needed to go east then it was quicker to drive to Port Talbot parkway. For a period I used Southampton to Cardiff then my Wife would pick me up a drive home in about 1hr 30. I did not even bother to see how long it would take by train(I lived a couple of minutes walk from Kilgetty station). Keith
  2. Yes it is possible to avoid it. There are several ways mind you it is interesting to drive round/through just wish I had a bumper car. Keith
  3. Just found this clip on youtube: You can see labels on the handles hope that helps. Keith
  4. Something in the depths of my mind says brown address tags on Handel's. I may be totally wrong. Keith
  5. Wasn't a variation used on the last train from Barnstaple to Lynton in 1935. Keith
  6. Can I get a ticket for the excursion to Belfast..........
  7. Is that a tumble home I see on both coaches. I believe the sides should be flat for the two ex Hastings coaches. Keith
  8. Its all my fault anyway................. Keith I will get my hat and coat Ps still want a 3R
  9. The centre coach is from a 6L really you need one from a 6S. Keith
  10. For the former EPB vehical either Bachmann or using parts from Replica railways combination of a 64ft suburban coach and their MLV cab parts. Keith
  11. I won't one....... It looks worse than my 3D. Do you only have the DMBS or is the rest hidden away. Keith
  12. Bit too young for steam sheds but did go to Two in the 1960's. Nine Elms and Redhill need I say more......... Keith
  13. Can offer a quick thought. If you are having to go too court it might be sensible to close this thread down. Keith
  14. Yesterday I noticed a person walking about on Cam and Dursley station. She was wearing high via and was taking notes looking at the waiting shelters etc. Keith
  15. I cannot comment on the Midland in the West Riding but I do like you layout a lot as well as Bradfield Gloucester road. Even your layout being bare boards looks great. Another Video please.............. Keith
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