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  1. Ah we get to see the man behind the scene. Watch out these videos will be watched and watched and watched…….. Bring them on my play finger is poised ready to look. Keith
  2. I have to say this is one of the best layouts about. It summed up the saying “less is more”. I was looking forward to seeing your plans for extensions but I totally agree that if by keeping the layout it hurts then it must move on. Thank you Tom for letting us all follow your modelling experience. At least we have your other layout to drool over. Keith
  3. Totally agree with you Wayne. It is very refreshing to see the thought process that you as a small manufacturer has to go through as well. I am looking forward to the new points, crossings and slips etc. Keith
  4. Ah the Pembrokeshire coast express. It was my wake up call on summer Saturdays. It was an all stopper from Pembroke Dock to Whitland. I lived in Kilgetty with a view of the line just north of the station. It was great to hear an HST getting to grips with the grade up past my place. Dare I say heaven to the sound of a couple of Valenteers working hard…… Keith
  5. It’s a pity it’s not in EM Edge hill was a great looking layout. But I look forward to this version as well. Keith
  6. Looks spot on to me Wayne. How close are you to the slips as well. Keith
  7. Bring them on Wayne they will look fantastic. I have just got to learn to solder properly…….. Keith
  8. Looks great if you want to throw that one away I am ready to catch! Keith
  9. It’s the wrong loco….. You need to get a model of Locomotion No 1(Active)……. Keith
  10. Ah but don’t forget underneath the bus is accompanied by a bar. So eventually the bus will end up on the floor…….. However Phil it is all looking good and hope to see the full layout soon. Any local shows planned yet. Keith
  11. Well done Wayne the crossing looks great and very clever on the connection. I am already working out how to assemble one….. How are the diamonds and slips coming on? Keith
  12. Just caught up on this thread great layout. Now pedant mode on…………sorry………. Your RT needs some changes the grey band should be a cream band and the advert for Delta Airlines needs removing. These two items date the bus to the early 1980’s. Delta did not start operating to the UK until at least 1980. Pedant mode off………..sorry. Keith getting my hat and coat
  13. Just get some minic motorway and cover over the railway that would bring the layout up to date……… Also getting my hat and coat Keith who worked as a junior engineer on the Godstone to county boarder section of the M25……….. ps you need to get an H class what about Dutton Green as well.
  14. Hi Jack well done on joining the EMGS something I did this year again. It’s the introduction of Wayne’s kits for points that was the clincher for me. I test build one and they are very easy to do and look great. I will be looking forward to see how you get on with converting your locos. A blow by blow account will be fine hint if you could do the M7 and H class that will be good for me…… Keith
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