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  1. Please read what i wrote. I said that your comment reads like that. All Gareth said was that three teams out qualifying RB is hopeful of some variety. Not that they’ve caught up. It does suggest things are closer than last year, but we’ve already seen that anyway. If you don’t think your response is patronising we’ve little hope, but trying to explain it is fruitless. Better to talk about racing.
  2. That reads like you think McLaren/Ferarri/Merc have built a car tailored for Monaco. Given they haven’t I have to agree with Gareth that Red Bull struggling, even on an anomalous circuit is a good thing for variety. Gold star for being quite so patronising in your response too! As for the race it does reinforce the notion that tyre changes under red flag shouldn’t be allowed (or shouldn’t count toward your mandatory use of two tyre types perhaps). Pleased for Charles though.
  3. A lot (all?) were previously made by Hycote, who still do a decent range. Their cans are often smaller, but very similar in use, with decent nozzles.
  4. I don't think you're being 'shot down', but I think the reaction you're getting is, in part, because you have a weirdly staunch viewpoint. People shouldn't dress up as Victorians unless they're being beaten, and killed in industrial accidents, and this is a "Disneyfication" because there are more people than there were 100 years ago. The word "recreation" seems to have come from you here?
  5. Yes I can’t fault the versatility of Templot in being able to adjust all of the parameters. You do end up with very thin ‘webs’ if you want to match to something like Easitrac, but it’s totally doable, and of course thinner parts are also more flexible. I found that the default settings added a ‘step’ betwixt web and timber too, I forget which setting it was, but I removed it for printing in the smaller scale. I didn’t print it flat on the bed for various reasons, and I would do the same again. I’ve also built a few of the Finetrax FB turnouts, which use the same ‘pegged chair’ construction as the older Easitrac ones. It’s pretty laborious. An FV15 has 200 ‘chairs’ to fit. They’re a nice halfway house between ready-to-lay track, but I think the lack of flexibility, given the effort involved, means they’re not materially easier than just building on PCB. With FB track I’m less concerned by the aesthetic of the clips anyway, as they’re so small to scale. But I wholly respect anyone who is more exacting than me!
  6. That was rather my conclusion Bob. I'm a big fan of printing stuff, but I'm just not sure it's overly advantageous in 2mm to print it, and it certainly complicates things in some respects. I get the impression the cost benefit is far more pronounced in the larger scales.
  7. Most home (resin) printers are MSLA, which is "masked" SLA - rather than a laser 'tracing' each layer they use an LCD screen to cure an entire layer at a time with UV light. FDM definitely has its place. It's stronger, more useful for functional prints, but the detail is compromised versus resin for sure. Personally, I rarely use my FDM printer for anything railway related. You're totally right about different resins though, and the ability to compensate for shrinkage, which is something which is becoming increasingly well understood.
  8. No, of course you're not going to do it with the most basic resins, and Wayne's products, being commercial, need a level of resilience which likely surpasses what a user would accept. Even printing in a good quality ABS-like resin (Siraya etc) you can roll a printed base up. I've got one on my desk here that's been there for 3 months, unpainted, and it's still fine. Here's the one I knocked up quickly (and I mean quickly - so apologies for the dodgy soldering!). I'm in two minds about whether it's actual particularly beneficial. For me, where printing is really valuable, is in repetition and the ability to churn out identical parts repeatedly, and that's pretty moot for track. It's fun to play with though!
  9. I dispute that "we" have reached that conclusion. I have printed a base in resin successfully, as one piece with chairs. I would say it would be extremely viable (if not more desirable) in 2mm FS, in N I found the flanges tended to foul the chairs slightly (but it was marginal). 3D printing will always be used as a bit of a collective term, it's unrealistic to assume that everyone will start saying "Templot can output files for 3D printing where bases and filing jigs are designed for FDM and chairs are designed primarily for MSLA printing". You don't need to correct everyone. I'd also highlight Wayne Kinney's Finetrax bases which are printed on a resin printer.
  10. Curing with the supports in place will help that, but not something I'm a fan of due to the risk of breaking bits off when removing supports.
  11. Fusion360 for me. As another Autodesk software it'll probably feel familiar. However, the ability to create via typed commands is much more bespoke. I confess I've never looked at that, but I suspect it's outside the realm of many of the products mentioned.
  12. Had somehow missed this thread, but good to read through it; it’s a lovely looking layout! I totally understand your tribulations with Finetrax point work. Whilst I have a stalled project where I’ve used some of their (original ‘pegged’) turnouts, I’ve been progressing another layout doing as Woodenhead suggested - 2mm SA components to build copper clad point work to N gauge standards, in my case combined with Easitrac 2mm plain track. Shalln’t spam your thread with photos, I ought start my own! I do enjoy playing with track, so don’t mind poring over a particular turnout, but it can be frustrating. One of the big annoyances I’ve yet to overcome is how to lay the code 40 track nice and smoothly. It’s so flexible it just wants to wiggle subtly the whole time, which totally compromises the look! The lure of Peco is strong at times and given it’s not the bit you enjoy that sounds like a great decision. I also sympathise on the Megapoints/servo stuff. I had loads of problems with spontaneous twitching damaging bits. I settled on using 1mm earth cable (out of twin and earth, the other wires providing the bus), because it has next to no elasticity, a sudden twitch just distorts the wire, without ripping a delicate turnout to pieces! I’ve opted for MTB MP1 motors on the new project, but have reused a few servos as I had so many (only on Peco points in the fiddle yard, mind!). I was setting them up this afternoon, and the irritations of several years ago came flooding back, plus ça change!
  13. Great watching this develop. Really like the use of the code 60 to nest inside the code 83. Even operating in code 40 filing rails is really, really dull!
  14. Meh, you’ve got space, make them longer 🤪
  15. Cars are light. 8-10 sets isn’t uncommon. You do get shorter rakes though. 10 sets here: I’ve got 4 sets of the Etched Pixels ones from years back half finished. Torn now…
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