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  1. GAUGE 1 NORTH 2020 will be held on 18th July at the Bakewell Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1AH, organised by the Gauge 1 Yorkshire Group. Live steam, battery electric, radio control and manual operation will be in action on the 60' x 30' exhibition Ridings layout constructed by group members. Ridings features a 4 track mainline with Engine shed, dockside tippler and goods shed modules. Many buildings are 3D printed. There will also be a competition, demonstrations and traders, so this is the venue to stock up on parts for Gauge 1 goods, passenger and locomotive models. Further details of traders and layouts will be posted when finalised at www.gauge1north.ork.uk Update 04/05/2020. Due to corona virus epidemic restrictions, it has been decided to cancel Gauge 1 North for 2020. We hope to hold the event at our usual venue on 2021.
  2. Hi Stubby, I'd like the Power of the 40's, Diesel Hydraulics in the 60's and 70's, and Farewell to the Westerns if still available please. John
  3. I'd be interested in 'The North London Railway' by Michael Robbins please.
  4. Michael, I was thinking about the various EMU/DMU cab fronts you make. John
  5. Michael, Thank you for the link. The site looks good with plenty of illustrations. Do you have any photos of your EMU parts please? Regards John
  6. Thanks Michael, working fine now. John
  7. Hi Michael, I have tried to open your list but I get a message saying I do not have permission to open it. John
  8. I understand Roy James used PECO code 124 Bullhead track on the original section of his layout, but has since used PECO flat bottom rail track on the remainder. He advises removing check rails on points and this allows locos and stock to run through without any problem. I agree with Welsh Wizard in that it is great to see coarse scale ( I prefer the description standard scale as there is nothing coarse about modern offerings) getting a mention. Ian, if you buy the Royal Scot you may find yourself getting into standard scale Gauge 0 as I did. I have a BL Mogul and Peckett and they are both good engines if you want locos that run well. John
  9. Ace Trains London have been developing a live steam A4 for some time and the prototype is shown on their website. There is also mention of a streamlined Coronation. Not sure when these will be available as they have been in development for some time and they have a lot of other projects they are getting ready for production. Regards John
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