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  1. Hello everyone, So, my secondment at work has come to an end and working from home is now but a memory, however, my main role as a guard has resumed onboard the trains which is something I have missed, but not so much the late finishes and very early starts with the shifts! However, the modelling makes up for it and keeps me occupied during days off and in between shifts as well as the new house. Recently has seen the release of Bachmann's class 121 bubble car and what a beauty it is! Now, I'm not a diesel fan really but I do like the older first generation DMUs, e
  2. Totally amazing detail here, love it! Wonderful scenes and everything just oozes atmosphere. Those bracket signals are just beautiful too! Well done!
  3. Hi Will, Superb progress here so far and the control panel looks neat! Chris
  4. Good afternoon everyone, Given the current circumstances with the worldwide virus, I've been working from home and, as such, this gives me plenty of time in between work duties to catch up with bits and pieces of modelling and also to take snaps as and when. So to while away the time on a summer's afternoon on the layout, here are a few photographs and no doubt more will be posted as the days and weeks progress: Fireman, Harry Strapley, keeps a close eye on the ground signal waiting for the road out of the yard and back down the branch with the afternoon freight.
  5. Hi Les, Just had a catch up with your layout and photos. Wonderful! Keep up the superb work and your enjoyment. Chris :)
  6. Amazing! I was exactly the same. I haven't looked back since and have heaps of spare time on my hands now outside of work. Plenty of time for modelling!
  7. Thanks Scott. Making the move has been ideal. At the moment I am on secondment at Swindon doing training. I may even bump into you at Paddington sometime for a catch up when I'm back as a guard?!
  8. Afternoon everyone, Not much has gone on in terms of change here at BP over the last few months since the house purchase and move. A couple of locomotives surplus to requirements have been sold to slim down the stockpile slightly. I'm working on putting together and painting the remaining point rodding for the yard though. Here we see 9794 simmering at the platform waiting to head back down the branch with a couple of empty cattle wagons: I'm looking to also make a few additions to the allotments as well and see what else can be grown...wat
  9. This looks a super compact layout here, Will. I’ll be following with interest. Keep up the good work, mate Chris
  10. Thanks William. It's great to be back and reconnect with everyone. All the best, Chris
  11. A lovely looking mink van there, Jules. Please post a photo when it's all finished and looking spick and span! All the best, Chris
  12. Thanks John. It's good to be back
  13. Afternoon everyone, It's nice to be back on here and thank you to Nick and St Enodoc for their kind comments. Here's a quick shot of 1470 simmering in the loop as the fireman keeps an eye out on the ground signal. Signalman Alf must be taking his time in pulling those levers. Chris
  14. Hello everyone, Well, it's been such a long time since this thread was added to and so much has happened since January 2018! Where to begin? Well, firstly, I no longer live in Devon. I took the decision to move down from Wigan to Totnes in late 2017 and found that, although South Devon is lovely, it wasn't feeding my overall happiness. Yes, I had the lovely scenery and pretty towns, villages and beaches etc nearby but it wasn't doing anything for me. So, after some more exciting news which will follow in the next paragraph, I viewed a new house in Taunton, made an offer
  15. Ah well, give me a shout if you're ever down in the area and if you pop down to the South Devon Railway, Andy Chris
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