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  1. Hi Rob, Really nice work on the VBA - nice to see someone else springing some stock. To be honest I’d not use Bill Bedford springing units anymore now the Stenson Models ones are available from Phil/Colin. The new ones from Stenson Models go together ridiculously well and are really easy to fit - I can’t recommend them enough. I have linked the castings and the units below: https://www.stensonmodels.co.uk/product/vba-10-leaf-springs-with-hood-style-axle-box-4mm-for-Bachmann-model-sm95d/ https://www.stensonmodels.co.uk/product/suspension-unit-4mm-br-w-iron-for-Bachmann-wagons-cc02s-11/ From recollection everything you need including bearings come in the packs, and the cast axle boxes slot really nicely over the outside of the bearing. There are also some really other goodies for all sorts of wagons as well as loads of underframe parts, so well worth a look! Here’s one of the VGAs I converted earlier in the year - it runs beautifully and is sprung very easily! (Needs the underframe spraying black and weathering!) Hope that helps! Will
  2. Thanks John! Pretty much complete now: It has gone together very nicely! Just got the cosmetic bits to add as well as the tie bars. Such a good kit and goes together really nicely. Just got 15 to go for the layout… Kind regards, Will
  3. Thanks Dave much appreciated. I do indeed - but I haven’t been on in a while; thanks for your tip I’ll give it a look! Thanks Will much appreciated! I think that might be a bit much for these I’ll be honest Kind regards, Will
  4. A bit more this lunchtime on the test point; I’ve cut the copper clad with the dremel, and then filled using Revell filler: The filler was applied as carefully as I could using a cocktail stick. I then left it to dry and sanded off using a nail file as can be seen. It’s much easier to do this now as you can use the file flat against the copper clad to get a perfect fill - and avoid the awful look of cuts in the sleepers later down the line. Ready for baseplates and rail now! Kind regards, Will
  5. Hi Scott, The PDFs you mention can be found in the website here: https://www.cavalexmodels.com/information Just click the image of the train formation guide and it should open as a PDF in a new tab. Hope that helps! Kind regards, Will
  6. Thanks Rob - very kind although you’ll have to reserve judgement if it looks like a modern depot till I have something to show! I’m trying to be as in keeping with the prototype as I possibly can - so Google earth has been a god send. If you look at where the footbridge is on the left, that was the bridge that ran through the middle of the stabling sidings of the depot, see picture embedded from Flickr below: I may be wrong, but I believe the area is now Orient Way carriage sidings which GA use to store their units and the ROG thunderbird uses. Kind regards, Will
  7. I’ve made a start on the first of Colin Craig’s flat bottom P4 points this evening - kindly sold to me by Nick Lee. All of the copper clad sleepers are down and ready to have the cuts made for insulation. I will make the insulation cuts and fill them before soldering on the rails as it makes it so much easier to fill and sand back whilst it’s still just the sleepers. My plan is to make this up as a test point for a programming track to practice getting the method correct before starting on the points for the layout, which will then be used for programming my locos and eventually testing automation. I’ve used the 08 for a size comparison - bearing in mind this is the smallest sized point I’ve got on the layout. Kind regards, Will
  8. Stunning work as usual Jerry! The barbie 90 is particularly nice! Kind regards, Will
  9. Some great prototype inspiration in this video below at 23:47 - class 60 on Bardons followed by a 58 and another 60: Kind regards, Will
  10. Thanks Mick! Size wise and subject - DL has been a massive inspiration for this project! Thanks for the info Paul. Yes I think 2007 is correct Thanks Mark much appreciated. A lot of thought has gone into this one. Fryers Lane was a big inspiration to go down the finescale route when I saw it at showcase, but I’ve regretted not going straight to P4. EM was a great learning project for me, so hoping to build something very reliable in P4 off the back of the learnings done in EM. Thanks Guy - why a coincidence that is! 076, 091 and 095 are planned in the fleet from the Boxenby modern fleet Thanks Will. Yes it certainly will. I haven’t got complete kits but Colin has really helped me with the templates and I will be using his components. I’m planning on 3D printing the common crossings in steel to save myself the time, and everything else will be filed from the EM Gauge stores flat bottom rail. That’s the plan at least… Thanks for everyone’s interest so far! Kind regards, Will
  11. A very nice announcement - I think a 37/7 is too tempting to resist! Look forward to seeing the sample of the /7 and some /5s in the future 37/5s won’t be possible from any 37/7 as the bodyside steps/windows were plated over. One for Fran to confirm but I think all 37/7s would be ok as they all have riveted roofs? Nose grilles may vary though depending on era - see pic below from Flickr compared with 714’s nose grilles: Kind regards, Will
  12. Looking at Google earth on the time travel tool, my assumption was that the yard and depot were demolished entirely for the new Eurostar depot. Not sure if I’m correct but looks like the site as a whole (EWS depot and the yard) were both cleared and rebuilt? I think nowadays the site where the depot was is Orient Way carriage Sidings? Kind regards, Will
  13. Thank you very much. I believe it was taken over by Eurostar as it was no longer required by EWS although happy to be proven wrong! There are a few shots of the demolition of the site on Flickr, like the below: Kind regards, Will
  14. Afternoon all, After I sold my EM layout 'Mott's Lane', I have taken a break from layout building primarily due to not having a proper space for a layout. I've taken my time since and have decided that my next project will be a scale model of the former EWS depot in East London at Temple Mills. The layout will be 16ft in length by 3.5ft wide, split into four boards. I have ordered a cabin from Dunster house to house the layout - which is arriving on Friday. I'm looking for a long term project which will provide sufficient operational interest - which I think Temple Mills provides. The prototype: Given the EWS depot was so short lived (2001-2007 I believe) and it isn't around today, research has been quite a struggle. Flickr and Google earth have been life savers, with a combination of the two allowing me to design the track plan and the shed. I have embedded a few shots from Flickr below to give a feel for the prototype and what I am trying to achieve. All credit goes to the original posters from Flickr - please click the photos to see the original post One of the most interesting aspect of the prototype is that all of the track work it is flat bottom, and relatively new. My plan is to use Colin Craig's components and concrete sleepers from the ScaleFour society stores. Track plan: The design of the layout has been completed in Templot over a few evenings. Overall I'm very happy with how this has come out and I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks in the flesh once printed on A0. My plan is to get it etched into the baseboards then I can build the majority of the track in situ. As can be seen below I imported the screenshot from Google earth into Templot to trace: My plan is to use the Templot sleeper spacing for flat bottom concrete sleeper track combined with Colin Craig's point templates, which I've measured the prototype off of Google Earth. I intend to 3D print the common crossings in steel, and make the points from soldered copper clad construction. The plain concrete sleepers will be exactoscale concrete sleepers. Depot building: I have designed the depot building using Inkscape (a free alternative to Illustrator), scaling/counting the bricks across the front of the building. This was then checked with the measurements from Google Earth. As you can see below the main elevations have all been drawn: I'm hoping to get these cut over the next few weeks so then I can build a mock up of the building to see how it all goes together. I have also designed internal walls, internal bracing and the roof, so hopefully it all goes together like one big kit. My idea is that this will then slot into the concrete hardstanding, which will hopefully be very solid, and act as a locater, so then it is easy to take the shed on and off. Stock: The main stock on the layout is going to be a mix of 08s, 37s, 60s, and 66s, which is perfect for modelling interests. My primary era for the layout is going to be 2003 to 2006, which should provide a nice variety of stock, both in the depot and the mainlines behind. I have made a start on most of the 37s for the layout, which can be found on my workbench. The paid I'm currently working on can be seen above - 37516/517; both in Loadhaul. These use the Bachmann 37510 release in DRS as donors, combined with Penbits bogies as well as a host of Shawplan/Pete Harvey etches. I'm also planning some departmental stock for the layout, namely; 901001 (ex 101), 950001, mentor and a variety of other test trains/engineers stock to work from the yard. I'll update the thread with stock and layout updates as I go. The log cabin for the layout gets delivered on Friday, so as soon as that is up I can get the boards sorted with Tim and get cracking. Thanks for reading - more to come soon hopefully! Any recommendations or comments would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Will
  15. The 40 looks very nice indeed! Interesting to see how others tackle fitting the screens. Have you filed back the front of the plastic windscreen so then the etch fits in correctly? Also interested to see you didn’t take a razor saw to the body as I found my windows sat far too high unless I used the saw to get the windows to sit low into the bonnet. the mention of cutting the corners off of the etches is one I’d echo, makes things much easier! Here are my two tractors 516/517 currently having the chassis sorted out I found it a right pain to get the etches to sit at the correct height, but once in it makes such a difference to the look of the loco! Kind regards, Will
  16. Awesome work Will - the station building and canopies are stunners! Kind regards, Will
  17. Thanks Rob that’s very kind. There’s some great inspiration out there so I’m not sure they’ll be ultimate - they’ll be as good as I can get them though! There’s a great MRJ article on 37 detailing which is well worth the purchase - and a great blog here: https://westhalton.wordpress.com/locomotives/class-37/ Kind regards, Will
  18. More super detailing Bachmann 37s (516/517) this week - both are now fitted with Penbits sprung bogies, Shawplan/PHDesigns etches and new buffers. Trying to do the pair as a batch so then I can paint them at the same time given the liveries are nigh on identical, and I have the transfers for both ready to go. The bodies are pretty much ready for the first coat of primer, just a few finishing touches required before I get the airbrush out. Under-frames still need a lot of scratch building around the tanks, and bogie detailing on 516. A lot of work has gone into this pair but hopefully the results will be worth it! Kind regards, Will
  19. Thanks Will much appreciated. They’re certainly challenging but they’re much nicer than the originals. I’ve found soldering them up really helps. I’ve got another load coming so I might try and do a how to video on YouTube or something. Thanks Jerry much appreciated! Glad to see Squirrel rail is keeping you busy. Thoroughly deserved given the quality of your work! Kind regards, Will
  20. Very nice Peter! Enjoyed catching up on your last few posts. The 47 looks superb. Hope you’re well! Kind regards, Will
  21. Also completed - and PM sent. Kind regards, Will
  22. Absolutely loved reading this thread Jon @43179 - the 37s have been particularly inspirational to my P4 tractors I’m tarting up. Have you made any further progress on any stock or your superb layout? I think I remember seeing it with my dad at Scaleforum, I forget the year. Absolutely superb modelling! Hopefully you’re still progressing with some P4 bits as your modelling is top class! Kind regards, Will
  23. After losing my mojo for a bit following the sale of Motts Lane, @MRDBLUE17 has helped my mid 2000s tractor addiction by trading two 37s for two redundant DMUs that I wasn’t going to use. 37510 has been stripped to become 37517. The latest shot of my progress: I realised that on 114 and 516 that the Shawplan windows were too high up, so 114 has donate it’s Penbits bogies to 517 so then I can crack on more quickly. In terms of progress on 37517, I’ve done the following: - Fitted etched Shawplan windscreens and filled the join - Soldered up the roof fan from Shawplan - Lanarkshire models buffers fitted - Moulded fuel tanks opened out - Bodyside windows filled (in order for the Loadhaul logo to go over it) - Hurst etched sandite filler ports added - Penbits bogies with 3D printed brake cylinders added - Secondman grilles cut out ready for etched replacements - Shawplan brake levers soldered to brake chains and fitted using .33mm nickel silver wire drilled into the plastic chassis - Etched Lamp Brackets and snowploughs fitted from @Pete Harvey’s superb range I need to finish assembling Pete’s steps, and add a few small details to the bogies then they are complete. I’ll then move onto detailing the area around the fuel tanks, which is looking very open following the removal of a lot of plastic! Following this the bodyshell, underframe and bogies needs a coat of primer and then I can asses what needs tidying up before moving onto painting. Thanks as always for reading. Kind regards, Will
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