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  1. Got your PM - it's all yours and I'll be in touch about posting, etc.
  2. I've got a 16mm (32mm gauge) Corris Rly bogie coach going spare. I think it is scratchbuilt or possibly a batch built item (Archangel ?) - it's wooden and neatly made if a bit basic (no interior fittings, etc) and I've fitted it with new metal bogies. I bought it on a whim some years and it's completely & utterly surplus to my requirements. It can be collected from Ludlow, otherwise it will cost about £10 to post.
  3. The rot of stripped pine pastoralism and all things Artsy Craftsy cottagey had started to take hold by then (compare 'House & Garden' in say 1972-3 with any copy after the mid-1970s) - I grew up in the 1960s with full-on Danish modernism and my parents were always a bit sniffy about Habitat, preferring Elizabeth David and Divertimenti when we used to go on holiday in Chester.
  4. That is pretty much the material reference point in my life and all my hobbies, interests & home comforts are aligned with and can be met by what was available then. Most of my leisure shopping for my main hobbies (railway modelling, old-school military modelling and wargaming, analogue hi-fi) involves searching for NOS or re-usable stuff from 40-45 years ago !
  5. I initially thought this was a scratchbuild - excellent work, Linny ! To my northern eyes, it certainly looks very southern and could be straight from the pages of Vivian Thompson's Period Railway Modelling: Buildings.
  6. As per the old Wills / SEF twin cylinder gas tank kit IIRC
  7. Unboxing ? I remember unbagging the Panther kit after buying it for 1/6 in Woolworths when I was about 8 years old and being quite disturbed by the artwork with the burning ambulance, which contributed to a life-long loathing of Nazi Germany (perhaps that was Roy Cross' intention ?!).
  8. Definitely the best article in this month's RM.
  9. Two other uses for plastic kit sprue from 'old-school' aircraft and AFV modelling: softening it over a candle flame and then pulling it to make 'stretched sprue' in various thicknesses to use as fine plastic wire and rod. chopping it up and dissolving it in one of the milder solvents to make DIY filler (use a small 'Tiptree' jam pot with a screw lid). Both of these techniques can be a bit risky so you need to take some sensible precautions (stretching the sprue outside and avoiding breathing in the solvent or DIY filler).
  10. Now that there have been some sensible suggestions, I can offer the last two words on the topic of LNWR & MR stations - Carlisle Citadel !
  11. Wagon = thar knows wot wagon is, soft lad Van = big wagon wit roof on top CCT = big van wit doors on t'end
  12. If 'Python' is carrying a new motor car, this suggests a late pre-grouping source of traffic that could be seen anywhere in the country, as automobile manufacturing seems to have been a national industry from its inception.
  13. Going from the photograph in question, I'm presuming 1918-1925 or thereabouts [I bought a tin of Humbrol 98 chocolate especially for the 'Python'].
  14. Tell me about ! My clinical placements in York in the early 1990s always seemed to coincide with the 'campaign' as I think the seasonal processing of sugar beet was called.
  15. I was just painting the GWR 'Python' CCT for the 4mm M&CR when I had a thought about why one was photographed in what looks like a post-WW1 M&CR train. The 'Python' is travelling alone without an accompanying horse box and it dawned on me that it might be conveying a new motor car from Oxford, Birmingham etc. Any thoughts ?
  16. The French would probably insist on making an inventory of the silverware before our ambassador left (perfidious albion and all that).
  17. Regarding soldering zinc, it can be done (I used Carr 'Black Label' flux for steel), but it's complete pig to do and you run the risk of actually melting the zinc itself as I found out trying to solder up some etched zinc coach side and ends. I know it's somewhat heathen when it comes to assembling metal, but using Araldite and screws is probably the best way to proceed - the copper coating approach sounds interesting but it seems like an awful lot of faff to me.
  18. Decimal points, eh ? Aren't they forrin ? It's fractions from now onwards.
  19. I would expect that there are long-established traditional Gloom Mongers in both Castle Aching and Ankh Morpork. Probably branches of the same business - Archibold Thruttock (deceased) & Son (also deceased). The Castle Aching branch of the business is run by the widowed daughter, Prunella Thruttock (not looking good).
  20. Breaking news as Hornby scrap their entire OO range and retool for production in S scale in Margate, whilst from next Thursday, all new products from Dapol will be in gauge 1 (that's 3/8" , not forrin 10mm).
  21. I've always fancied flying an aeroplane but those pesky professional elitists who call themselves "pilots" maintain a strict closed shop. They always give some lame excuse about knowing what they're doing and having extensive training and experience - all a load of guff to keep the ordinary folks from having a go. And as for those so-called "doctors" doing surgery - I mean, I've got a proper medical scalpel and 'O' level biology, how hard can it be ?!
  22. And hence via dialectical absurdism to the Marxist- Groucho standpoint - "Gentlemen, these are my principles. And if you don't like them, well, I've got some others"
  23. I allude more to the sewers of the human psyche rather than those of Severn Trent Water.
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