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  1. The Committee of the Erith Model Railway Society have decided with regret to CANCEL our Longfield Exhibition scheduled to take place over the weekend of 30th & 31st January 2021. Given that the pandemic remains and the situations seems to be changing almost on a daily basis, we feel that we have little choice but to cancel now. Our intention is to hold our next show on the weekend of 29th & 30th January 2022.
  2. I have a 28xx Class (catalogue number R2917) that has the Lion mark on the outer sleeve. It is also on the back of the outer sleeve of the London Olympics 1948 Train Pack.
  3. W M Collectables has quite a number of interesting items from yesteryear from looking at his stand at exhibitions over the years and are a regular trader at my club's (Erith MRS) shows for many years. Andrew is a interesting person, as his father served in the Free Polish Legion in WWII and understandably did not want to return to Poland, which as we all know became a Soviet satellite state, after the war.
  4. Francis Webb of the London & North Western Railway. He is listed in Stephen Pile's 1980 book The Book of Heroic Failures as 'The Worst Locomotive Designer'. Pile writes that a book (which he does not mention the title of) lists Webb in the index as: 'Webb, Francis - his incompetence'. Many people did not understand what he saw in the 2-(2-2)-0 designs such as the Experiment Class. D.E. Marsh of the LBSCR is also up there in my opinion, especially for designing the I1 Class which I believe had a pejorative nickname.
  5. The Hornby Large Prairie thread can be found here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/140665-Hornby-new-tooling-large-prairie/ As far as I am aware it was never locked in the first place, but as this is a duplicate thread this one can.
  6. Another favourite in my archive is this one taken in the queue to get into the last Open Day at Old Oak Common in September 2017.
  7. Here is a comparison photo of the Hornby Rolvenden model with the Dapol/Rails Bodiam model.
  8. RH&DR No.5 Hercules entering Dymchurch station, New Romney bound, back in July 2010.
  9. Erith MRS Chairman Alan Bone has asked me to let it be known that the Robertsbridge Exhibition (which he is involved in the organisation of), due to take place on the weekend of the 23rd & 24th May has been cancelled. The entry for this show on UK Model Shop Directory already lists it as cancelled.
  10. In light of the Government's announcements on Monday 16th March 2020, the Committee of the Erith MRS have decided to make the following announcements: With immediate effect the club rooms will be closed with club nights cancelled for the foreseeable future. The situation will be reviewed at the end of April and an update will be provided. The decision to re-open the club will be based on whatever guidance is available at the time, taking into consideration the wider public health situation. Also, the club's upcoming Annual General Meeting has been postponed.
  11. And here is another comparison photo.
  12. I have. Well actually it is my brother's. The new one is on the right. The one on the left is the old tooling in the same livery.
  13. The Ashford MRC's website consists of that flyer and err.... that's it. Even the exhibition entry on UK Model Shop Directory lacks the names of any layouts, traders, societies and other exhibitors.
  14. After some discussion the Wilmington Model Railway Exhibition committee have decided that we will have to cancel this year's (2020) exhibition. With the guidelines as they are on social distancing and the controls we would have to put in place, we feel that we cannot run a safe exhibition for exhibitors, traders, volunteers and the public. And we also appreciate clubs have not been able to meet to discuss who may attend the exhibition and to do any layout maintenance. We are aiming to run the 2021 exhibition on the 9th October 2021, and if you are interested in attending with your layout or trade stand, please let us know and we will carry over your details to next year's exhibition.
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