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  1. That is a good thought, thanks, I will look into it. Some of the cliffs will have to be lowered a bit but that can be done. It is the bit above the tunnel that bothers me and your idea might work.
  2. Just a quick update, after I glued the various rocks in place it turned out that I can't place the shelf back below the desk. To do so I have to tilt it and then the rocks in the middle part of the layout are fouling the desktop, even though their height would allow them to fit underneath once the shelf is in place. Even the little tunnel is barely low enough and I won't be able to build much landscape over it, which makes it a bit pointless. So I have dismantled the rocks again, and will have a good think on how to proceed. Perhaps lower rocks and a cutting is still worth doing, a
  3. Right, there has been a change in the sequencing. Brighter minds than mine might have spotted a problem with laying the track after the landscaping is complete - including a tunnel! So I now have decided to lay the track first, then do the ballasting at least in the tunnel area, and then continue with the landscaping. I could have just laid a short piece of track where the tunnel goes, and that probably would have been wiser, but once those navvies get going it is hard to stop them! So I ended up laying it all. I had to totally murder the Peco track to go round a 6" curve (which ac
  4. I spent a happy few hours messing about with foam and plaster casts, and the landscape is beginning to appear. The back left area is more or less what I have in mind. Everything is still loose, obviously once things have been glued down I will need to apply sculptamold and more plaster to finalise the shapes and fill all the gaps and holes. I've thrown on some tracks just for effect. The tunnel is a quick mock-up for fitting and the building is a print from the internet - what it mainly shows is that I need a new printer! The Indians have already set up camp and some b
  5. A bit more progress today. First I cut the trackbed from 2 mm cork and glued it to the baseboard, followed by a coat of light brown wall paint. Then I had fun messing about with moulds and plaster, not done that before: Great fun! Just to see the results I placed some rocks randomly on the layout: The overall idea is to have a little station at the front, plus one or two small houses. Behind that would be a cliff designed to hide part of the tracks at the rear left. There will be further cliffs along the back.
  6. SInce you are not supposed to park wagons on the points (at least I think those are the rules), you could design it with the points under the bridge and the sidings sticking out on either side. If you keep the bridge removable you'd still have access for cleaning/maintenance. This might also make the feeder track long enough for the loco + 3 wagons and still stay clear of the point that feeds the platform.
  7. You could also move the entire Inglenook to the left by extending the feeder track, and build it as part of your on-scene section. You could then make a partition to separate the shunting yard from the station fiddle yard behind it.
  8. This is looking good again! Can you show it to us with some motive power on it?
  9. I like your plan and the general setting. The only thing I would question is having the Inglnook sidings underneath the bridge. You will need to do a lot of coupling and uncoupling during the shunting, that may be a bit of a problem if the tracks are not easily accessible? Could you move the bridge further to the left, or place it at a more slanted angle?
  10. Today the trackwork has arrived, so I did a quick test to see if the engine wil run over the short radius Peco Insulfrog without stalling: I'm glad to say that there is no problem at all Here is a quick video to show that. This shows the background, made from a piece of harboard and some blue paint: I have reversed it now so that the paint won't get damaged during the build. I'm now waiting for the cork for the trackbed, once that has arrived I can start laying the track
  11. Thanks Jeff, I will give that a try. I still have a large pot of beige latex wall paint that I have used to undercoat the bare baseboard of my fixed layout, I think this may work well for the desert soil.
  12. Some more progress today. I had a think about the trackwork and decided I don't want to use the Jouef track that came with the train. It doesn't look quite right and I have some doubts about the quality, so I will go for Peco 009 track instead - I just hope I can persuade it to bend into a 6" curve! This also opens the possibility of adding a point to the layout, like this: Seeing how smooth this little loco is I am willing to give the short Setrack insulfrog point a try. I will test it first though to make there is no stalling. If there is, the point may go, or I coul
  13. Brilliant! Or, if it all fails, the Control, Alt & Delete Railroad.
  14. Not New York, but I will see if I can fit a mesa with a native Indian on the lookout!
  15. With my Paris 1889 layout finished, it is time for the next adventure! Sitting at my computer desk one evening I noticed, almost for the first time, that it comes with a retractable keyboard shelf that I don't use... This has a respectable size of 58x40 cm (23x16"), surely big enough for a model railway layout! It is so big that I'm not even sure it still qualifies for this subforum! The main limitation is going to be the headroom: to be retractable I can't have anything on there higher than about 8 cm (3 1/4").
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