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  1. 3 hours ago, jonnyuk said:

    i do agree with some of what was said but....and he demonstrated it, all his other loco's navigated that curve fine, the loco in question failed every time. It also made it's way round every other part of his layout which was laid just as "bad".
    If a manufacturer designs a loco to run only on faultlessly laid track work on a flat base board i have no issue with that, simply state it in the product information and let the customer decide (i don't think that was your point but hopefully you get what i mean).

    I think I can say with some degree of certainty that Dapol’s designer did not factor in carpet running on dodgy track when he designed the Rails Terrier and I assume reasonably secure running conditions as a given in a quality model.Dare I ask how many forum members run their precious models in similar fashion ?  FWIW I have two Rails Terriers neither of which has suffered a derailment.In fact the only kind of issues in that direction that occur are occasionally with a baseboard join affecting the pony truck of four coupled locos which is easily corrected. 

    Sorry but Sam would be credible if he ran his models in far better conditions than we see from his YouTube videos.Having the nerve to sit in judgement in this manner is not to my taste I’m afraid.



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  2. 53 minutes ago, Legend said:

    I do wonder if those that were sent for review were all inspected for faults prior to despatch . Lets face it , you would have to be spectacularly stupid to send items for review that were defective, so if it were me I'd check before despatch knowing it was going to a wider audience.  That said ,I know Jenny bought at least one by herself  . Sams was bought as a normal customer, so they would not have been aware it was for review .  It does seem there are good ones out there , and some that are not so good, but the numbers reporting back on here suggest the issues are not just the occasional defect.  A pity because if you look at Boxhill that Edwardian has posted it looks a stunning model .

    To be realistic,Sam is no normal customer and no more normal is his modus operandi in testing .TBH,of you’re going to sit in judgement on a model as he does,taking no prisoners in the process,then at least allow the product the decency of properly laid and secured track...for which it was presumably designed and manufactured to hopefully exact tolerances. The claim other models didn’t bite the carpet is frankly an argument which is difficult to sustain and unfair.Sam would be IMHO credible if he tested on properly laid track on a baseboard .

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  3. Thanks Rob.To prove my point,please look at the rendering of the cab,firebox,chimney and overall lack of presence in conveying the somewhat brutish strength of the boiler. In the third decade of the 21stC we can surely do better.

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  4. 44 minutes ago, The Johnster said:

    Is the current County lacking in scale or detail; I thought this loco was ‘up to the mark’. 

    They were liked at Canton as Saint replacements, ideally suited to the banks of the North to West road and the downline work.  


    In dire need of retooling.Nowhere near current standard. Why it hasn’t been done is inexplicable.This and the Saint should be on someone’s list of “to do”.

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  5. 59 minutes ago, The Johnster said:

    If the GW is out of the spotlight, it’s because the coverage of anything that ran after after about 1950 is more or less complete, at least as far as locos are concerned.  The Saint is probably the only major class not represented by a current or announced RTR model to modern standards, and one would not expect there to be much call for the 81xx or Collett 31xx.  And there isn’t much else. Of the big 4, the GW is still more completely ‘covered’ than the other 3, with only the pregrouping absorbed and constituent locos left out. 

    Some of these were fairly numerous; TVR A class for instance, but geographical spread is against them in the RTR market and they don’t have the ‘pretty little Victorian loco that lasted a long time’ cachet of Adams Radials or Beattie Well tanks, esoterica which survived for specific jobs in very limited areas in very small numbers. 

    There is a problem as well for the ‘run anything from any period’ layout owner in that ‘all GW locos look the same’, and once he/she has 3 or 4 there isn’t enough variety to keep them buying.  We know better, but I’m sure this looms large in the thinking of marketing departments, and these are the people who probably have the most influence on what gets produced. 


    In GW terms there is also the Hawksworth County to be represented in the catalogue to current standards.An initially   unfashionable but ultimately successful workhorse I think.

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  6. 17 hours ago, brianusa said:

    I loved these things, perhaps because of their difference and a non British look, despite their ancestry.  Saw a few at Laira as we didn't get far in those days.  Got an NE region ABC so I could underline them but there wasn't very many to be seen!:(


    You could always hear them coming before they clanked ponderously into view.A common sight on the South Wales main line from the 1940’s into the early 1960’s. To get the real WD feeling you do of course need sound.:o

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  7. 1 hour ago, LBSC123 said:

    Last week so finally got round to ordering W9 Fishbourne. It arrived today and is a superb model superficially, in my opinion, it looks to be slightly finer than the Hornby offering, although both are excellent models 

    Unfortunately the running plate on mine is bent at the rear leaving a gap between the bunker and running plate, so back to Rails it goes.... oh well! 



    Just had another close look at my BR black version. Looked closely for banana running plate.No sign.I must be lucky then.

  8. Tested BR Hayling Island/IOW .Looks good bit stiff out of box but exhibits none of the symptoms or gremlins Sam’s Terrier did .
    Stalled at low speed over one crossover so had to increase current. Suspect this will,gradually improve with more running but plague of flies in the loft forced me to spray & then bring proceeding toward close until the exterminating angel has done its work.Not however until I gave Hornby’s Brighton Works Collectors model

    a run. It has a far superior out of the box performance and wasn’t fazed in any way. It is of course heavier which explains why this atm is the case. We shall see.Neither model is cosmetically flawed . The firebox glow works well on dc.only btw.


    Both examples please me.

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  9. 4 hours ago, truffy said:

    That still doesn’t help the customer if they don’t know where they are in the queue. Quietly thinking they’re good. Either way it’s a crap shoot, and it looks good on neither the retailer nor Hornby. Primarily the latter. 

    On balance I’d apportion 50%/50% in the blame game.


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  10. 17 hours ago, Legend said:

    Wish I knew what was going on here. There’s the Rails /Hornby fall out and now Hattons seems to be having issues with pre orders . The thing is that this is not the first time . Remember the Rocket where Hattons had to tell people they weren’t getting their pre orders , that they didn’t get the allocation they wanted .   It undermines people’s confidence in pre ordering goods . It seems there’s no certainty pre ordering with Hattons means you will get your model. Not good .  Also the initial email saying models were not being produced leaves a bad taste , as clearly they were and it’s that Hattons oversold it’s allocation.  

    Nothing under the sun is new.Neither is this situation.Over ordering/ under fulfilling has been  phenomenon for the past decade.Hattons modus operandi in dealing with it used ( maybe still is ? ) to be/ to claim that it was “no longer available “ etc. We have to live with it .Cynical ? Moi ?:diablo_mini:



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  11. You have seen the Terrier run on Sam’s carpet track and Jenny’s layout.In both cases with trailing load.Sam has many followers and on the basis of what we see is unafraid of making judgement calls.He is,in the virtual reality world of YouTube,known as I believe an “influencer” and the model rail retail  world is happy to indulge both him and indeed Jenny when they consider it suits.


        Jenny is a member of this forum.Sam is not. There is a place for both . Judge for yourself.




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  12. 4 minutes ago, WILLIAM said:

    Given the various comments since I posted this I am beginning to think that, although explicit, the emails from Hattons are incorrectly worded and what they really wanted to say is they have pre--sold their allocatioon and will not be able to get anymore of these particular items. I've emailed them asking for confirmation.

    This has indeed happened as you say before. Have you checked the Hornby website? Kernow did a special of this a couple of years ago btw.

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