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  1. On 14/10/2021 at 15:26, Compound2632 said:


    That would be an inappropriately cavalier attitude to historical modelling! Surely a locomotive named after the Lord Protector could be nothing other than black:




    [Embedded link to Warwickshire Railways lnwrrm924.jpg.]

    But which Cromwell ….Oliver or Thomas. ?.  Lucknow is less equivocal. My family has form there in that my paternal great grandmother was apparently born there during the siege,she being the wife of a serving NCO in a cavalry regiment. I suppose I should really stand by brand loyalty and order the namesake. This seems to be shaping as one of the better offerings from what seems to be a rather jaded crop of new releases I think. Dilemma though in that the black LMS version holds much appeal too. Methinks a brighter star rises.

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  2. 1 hour ago, adb968008 said:

    I think an A4 maybe a mistake.. too early in the range, and there is equal detailed rtr metal competition too in the market.


    I think they need to keep them Dublo models as “must haves” for now, i’d push an A4 further back and bring up something more of a life extension on whats been done in plastic, something like a Castle or an 8F, maybe a King… indeed a cheeky one would be a new original Scot.


    In my mind LNER is being over sold, the A4 is oversold, and the Dublo brand is a longer term winner, so dont mix.





    Oh really?  Despite the fact that both No.7 and D of A “train sets “ were first out of the blocks postwar. A mistake?  Mix what and with what ingredients because the current marketing is blatantly skewed towards nostalgia ? Presumably you refer to Dapol’s market entry which simply doesn’t come close in any respect.  LNER oversold ? As you say,in your head . There maybe some who might not agree.

    Sorry I don’t buy this at all.

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  3. 25 minutes ago, MikeParkin65 said:

    I recall that when I bought my 72008 it was the first loco I'd paid more than £100 for - in fact I think it was more expensive than the Britannia it was of course based on. Very disappointed with images and reports of the new edition though maybe it will look better in the plastic as it were. Got a trip out to places with model shops planned for the weekend so will see if I can be tempted .......  

    Every time I see the green running plate it kills off any temptation 

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  4. 18 minutes ago, jonnyuk said:

    i know the model is plastic, but its looks really plastic in the video, dare i say cheap. Not really explaining my self but hopefully you get what i mean.

    Which is what it’s not in monetary terms. Almost double in price to the 2009 edition when first released.However it’s a model that’s been on many must have lists for quite some time so naturally allowances are being made. Some discreet weathering will help no doubt.

  5. 12 hours ago, RFS said:

    I started watching the recording of the first episode tonight. My hearing is no longer perfect (I'm 76 now!) and was gutted that there are no subtitles on this series, made worse by loud background music. I  know there have been problems with subtitling on Channel 4 for nearly 3 weeks now, but it looks like the whole of this series will not have them.  Gave up after about 15 minutes.

    A common problem with media sound .You are not alone.But this is not Channel 4 .It’s Yesterday surely  ?  Try if it’s at all possible watching with the aid of a pair of headphones. I watched the programme this way from hospital using a set of iPhone bog standard issue plugged into my iPad.  

     Question: do you have a pair of hearing aids ? Sounds a daft question but many choose to avoid it 

  6. 7 hours ago, GWR-fan said:

    It is in our nature to tinker with new toys,  but why does it seem that the more expensive the locomotive the more fettling needed.  At almost GBP200.00,  the "18000" will be the most expensive "OO" scale locomotive that I have purchased and it does dishearten me the number of issues raised with the new model.  While I have the ability to disassemble and rectify most issues found,  the thought that comes to mind is why should I have to.


    I am not simply referring to minor cosmetic issues like say a missing lamp iron as on a recent Hornby issue or a dislodged whistle,  but surely power pickup is something which the factory should correct before dispatch.  How could a heavy,  long locomotive with eight wheel pickup stall over a crossing.  I had enough issues with six recently received Hornby B2 Pecketts to satisfy my need to do anymore tinkering on new purchases and now I fear another purchase is enroute and quite possibly will require some rectification.  I have no issue correcting faults on known faulty pre-owned purchases,  but when one is buying new then the expectations are much higher.


    I have no problem with the R4 minimum limit on the "18000" but surely the manufacturer should have highlighted that.  The cynic in me suggests that such information would have certainly curtailed possible sales.  I had thought of pre-ordering a class "18100",  however,  with a price of GBP225.00 and possible running issues,   I will pass on it even though acquiring another quirky gas turbine powered WR locomotive did interest me. 

    A thoughtful and incisive post.  A good idea to copy it to Rails who will be interested to read it

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  7. Thank you Ray for a long hard look at both first and second generation Hornby Clans. There is as we know a marked difference in livery and lining  shade evident .

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  8. Although something else has emerged  now from the back of my mind.  1953 was a special year. Well if like me you remember it…still a few around….was Coronation year.  After her event her Maj.toured the UK by Royal Train and some unusual places were traversed by the train,The Vale of Neath line Castle hauled for one ( Think it was Canton’s 5080 Defiant ). So then could it be that such a journey was planned to West Cornwall involving these two branches. ?

    The Helston Branch was near to FAA Culdrose for instance and St, Ives very photo opportunish .I don’t believe these journeys ever occurred but maybe they were planned just in case ? A thought 



  9. Just now, Kris said:

    There are also listed in the 1953 STT. It was seeing this that raised the question of whether they were ever used. They were also listed as being allowed over the Helston Branch. 

    That seems even more strange.  August of that year was when I saw the down Riviera arrive at St.Ives behind a pair of Small Praries. Appropriately enough the ensemble was viewed from the beach. I wonder if these recordings were just paper transfers to satisfy WR accounting. 

  10. 40 minutes ago, Henry 84F said:


    Sorry for getting your hopes up! Turns out it was the post-pres 70013 image from a few posts back. That will teach me to not read back far enough. And it seems we're back to square one with the running plate debate...

    Which is unlikely to reach a definitive conclusion unless documentation is found.Contemporary online photographic collection serves to demonstrate a shortage of colour image ( unsurprisingly as it didn’t become widespread until the late 1950’s )and the general overall filthy state of the class under which colour as such was unrecognisable.





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  11. 37 minutes ago, bluesparkdave said:

    Thanks for the reply confirming this as being the case in 1958. Would anything have changed between 1958 - 60? I'm not completely sure when red nameplates were introduced, but I think it was later than 1960?

    In fact red backed nameplates were around from the early 1950’s. 

  12. 10 hours ago, MikeParkin65 said:

    Really enjoyed the first episode - a relaxed programme that showed the enthusiasm of the team. 

    I had problems with the channel’s iPlayer last night but I’ll try again later. What I did see looked interesting. I notice thankfully that nothing negative has appeared here. A shame it was found necessary to advise forum members to keep off such but it’s understandable and thus far appears to have had the desired effect.



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  13. 4 hours ago, robmcg said:


    It is lined on the boiler and running plate...




    my guess is BR green

    Thanks for that. Which makes it a running certainty that it’s green.

  14. 23 hours ago, robmcg said:


    When you enlarge it, there is a distinct change in tone between boiler and firebox, thus I think it is green.  Isn't film odd! 


    edit, Oops hilux beat me to it. 

    This is a curiosity. What draws me back from any conclusion that it might like Britannia 70000 have been outshopped in black is the fact that it appears as only  partially lined …tender and cab but nowhere else. Although one perhaps could conclude that the photo has been subject to a touch up.It could be almost any shade but the lining would naturally lead to the conclusion the shade is green. Somewhere there might be records of the paint shop at Crewe for that year but slim chance of any evidence surfacing.

  15. 15 hours ago, toboldlygo said:


    While your under, do you want a 5 pole motor with fly-wheel to replace the knackered X.04 and a full repaint in Railmatch's Post 1928 GWR Loco Green and post-war Lettering? :read::jester:

    No. My existing motor is scheduled for repair…or rewinding…..so TheWorks inform me . Thanks for the offer though 

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  16. 1 hour ago, gwrrob said:


    Now that is worrying and maybe Rails should have put a notice on their ordering page to advise / pre-warn  customers.

    And this is an issue that has in fact occurred previously with Heljan as I recall. Those of you who  have a DP 2  diesel might recall problems with relatively low slung bogies fouling bodywork on curves ? 


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  17. 19 hours ago, boxbrownie said:

    It might be the lighting, they are not quite the same finish (gloss/Matt/semi Matt) which doesn’t help the comparison.

    TBH,the examples on Dapol’s website have it seems identical chimneys. I would like to be convinced otherwise but I think this is what will appear out of the box.

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  18. 11 hours ago, Silver Sidelines said:

    For the record Clan Stewart R3996 and Clan Buchanan R2846 - using an elderly Cannon SX110.  Two different interpretations of the position of the lining on the cylinders.  I would also suggest that the lining to the running board is finer on the older model - it is certainly a different colour.





    An interesting and telling image. The l/h  Clan having the stamp of authenticity 


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