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  1. Indeed,Mike.Far nearer to the truth than one might think. For many years ,my late mother in law ran the village shop in Blaenrhondda and could tell tales of black market deals with certain Brecon farmers. Such as transporting an illegally slaughtered pig for sale to certain in the know of her customers and being stopped enroute by the local bobby. On being asked what she and her husband had in the back of the car,she replied “ Well what do you think ? A dead pig of course “ .Thinking it was a joke,the bemused officer let them pass. Who knows,he and his family may unwittingly later have been recipients of some prime pork ?

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  2. On 30/12/2020 at 17:15, gwrrob said:

    A few more featuring 5391.




    One for @Ian Hargrave as I know he remembers well the sepia prints that used to adorn coach compartments, in the good old days.





    Thank you for the nod,Robin.It is much appreciated.GWR horsehair was what it was.But your photography raises the image of that now long forgotten era giving us an authentic flavour of post war England. Many thanks from us all and best for 2021


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  3. 10 hours ago, CEINEWYDD said:

    Must say I enjoyed both of the volumes by John Hodge.  Only error I could see is that he misidentified the single line apparatus at the Blaenrhondda end of the tunnel as postal apparatus. 


    As indeed, I enjoyed the wedding all those years ago.  Happy innocent days.

    Well this thread is full of surprising coincidence is it not ? Your nom de plume gives you away but there,given your addiction to kit building and S.Wales railways,I shouldn’t have been that surprised. Nothing like keeping things in the family.  Never actually went through the tunnel but occasionally hitched a ride on a Bridgend bound bubble car from Treherbert as far as Blaenrhondda station which was far easier and quicker if coming up the valley than walking and waiting for a Rhondda bus,though one train a dayformed of two 3 car units did in fact terminate at Blaenrhondda when coming up from Queen Street.  PM on way. Ian.




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  4. 8 hours ago, Oldddudders said:

    Bamford is the B in JCB these days. 

     That’ll be Anthony .To differentiate between the original firm now long defunct situated in the town of Uttoxeter which dealt with agricultural machinery etc.and its offspring once locally known as “Joey’s” founded in Rocester nearby and vital to both the local and national economy with two huge factory emporiums,artificial ornamental lakes ,helipad etc..If JCB stocks are high,then the good times are here......an indicator to the health and wealth of the nation.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Ed-farms said:


    Yes! I have stayed there for a week - we went for my dad's birthday last year - it has 5 bedrooms (2 with en suite) and sleeps 10 people. Lovely big open rooms including a fantastic kitchen and pool table. I cannot recommended it enough

    Oh my goodness.How the world turns through 55 years. Must take another look at our wedding photos taken outside what was St.Alban’s Church. Apart from the bubble cars on their way to the tunnel,there were the newly delivered 37’s working the short but steep branch to Blaenrhondda Colliery also but a faded memory 

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  6. On 25/12/2020 at 17:28, Andy Kirkham said:

    This replica plaque was on display at Treherbert station in 2016, all ready for when the tunnel is reopened.


     Parodied as the “run and shove behind “ .The nearest station on the Rhondda end was in fact Blaenrhondda and the tunnel end was at Blaencwm. My wife is  local girl and we were married in St,Alban’s church next to that station three years before the line closed. The church like the line succumbed to the inevitable and is now converted into “superior  holiday accommodation “ . Any takers ?


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  7. 6 minutes ago, gwrrob said:


    Not a hope in my opinion. Thinking more about it I can't see any new GWR loco being announced by Hornby next week. However, like Ian, I think the Hawksworth County is ripe for a new version, from someone.

      Someone indeed Robin. And now that Rapido have thrown their  hat into the GW ring with the 16XX and 15XX and appear to be taking a serious interest in UK centred models ,then perhaps they might take up the cause.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Mallard60022 said:

    Blimey, a County on 13 up Hemerdon must have been a sight. 

    I said it worked forward but have no memory or record  of a pilot and given the load with all seats taken there surely must have been one. Counties were then handling the heavy holiday expresses with distinction it must be said and mine came up from Cornwall which has a switchback main lne without assistance.

    One other point....and a confession...re:my original post.My age was then 17 not15 .Lying about one’s age....tut tut,whatever next ? Only joking.

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  9. 45 minutes ago, toboldlygo said:


    Would not a mild re-tool of their Star & Hall or a brand new Saint be preferable?

      No,non,nein,niet,nay.IMHO,their current  Hawksworth County ( yes I mean GWR/WR,1000 —1029 ) needs binning to be replaced by ,shall we say, something better representative of the prototype...and because it’s the so called Festive Season....I am being deferentially kind here.

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  10. 2 hours ago, gwrrob said:


    Having received this book today off the darling wife I can heartily agree and recommend. Interesting to see both Kingsbridge and Bodmin North featured with lovely larger than seen before colour photos .

    Your wife has impeccable taste Robin. Given lockdown and other circumstances I’ve spent a good part of today reading through this,though I haven’t reached the end yet. Life is full,of surprises and  this book has revealed for me one amazing coincidence which is that on the 15th August 1959  Peter Gray and the 15 Year old me were in the same place on the Liskeard -Looe branch line.That year our summer August holiday was spent in Looe which ,being so accessible to Plymouth via  that branch line,was too good an opportunity to miss for spotting on a summer Saturday. Hence my Ian Allan LocoLog records both 4559  & 4565 ( 83E) on that day. My train from Liskeard to Plymouth on that day was a Perranporth to Paddington holiday train which was County hauled and which worked on from North Road without change....all 13 coaches of it. There was more steam than diesel,though the Riviera was by then a premier Warship turn which divested its dining car at Plymouth and then took the rest of the train forward to Penzance. But on that Saturday it was a case of anything goes.. Enjoy the book 

    Would have been nice to have met him.Nevertheless the coincidence is a nice surprise 





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  11. If you model the SR post 1945 a possibility for Bachmann production with the new tooling coaches. could be the N15X  which could be seen at Waterloo on semi fast workings to Basingstoke and points West most days late 1940’s/early 1950’s.

  12. 3 hours ago, gwrrob said:

    Asking for a friend obviously but are those delightful looking Bachmann Bulleid coaches of any use West of Exeter on route familiarisation turns.;)

    3/4 coach sets worked via Okehampton usually Robin on Waterlo-Exeter-Plymouth Friary turns. Locomotive “familiarisation “via S.Devon  turns were IIRC with GW/WR stock with a Bulleid WC/BB or other. Unless of course on diversion if the SR line was out of action.There.....I’ve spoiled Christmas :wub:   Sorry.

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  13. 3 hours ago, The Stationmaster said:

    Fortunately. (some might say unfortunately - it's my wallet that says fortunately) their route availability over the WR was somewhat restricted but it looks to be a very nicely done model and is a credit to everyone involved.  Bachmann are to be congratulated on the amount of detail variation they have been able to achieve.



    Working “off piste” as it were,did they not work into Banbury via the GC ? They were IIRC loaned to the SR when the MN’s developed problems in the 1950’s 

  14. Part of my essential reading since the mid 1960’s. No more intriguing  literary page turners. I feel part of me is lost.RIP.....finally....George Smiley and many,many more.

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  15. 2 hours ago, TheSignalEngineer said:

    I think all are hit and miss at the moment. I had a consignment ordered early last week which was to be delivered by DHL next day service. There was still no sign of it in tracking over the weekend  although the firm said it had been dispatched and I had received a DHL message saying we've got you parcel. Then had a DHL message on Monday to say it was out for delivery followed by another three hours later saying it was delayed. It was shown as delivered at 0859 on Tuesday, it was in the porch when I got home, although I later had another message giving me a delivery slot due in the afternoon. Have they given a job to Failing Grayling or is he just working for the Felixstowe crowd?

    This is familiar.I have recently had three less than perfect experiences with DHL parcels ordered from two retailers in Germany ,all supposedly “tracked”. After negotiating the labyrinthine website I discovered the latest....delivered yesterday.... was “on hold”at East Midlands after arrival from Düsseldorf on Monday. It was left propped against the wall at the side of the porch door.No attempt was made to alert me it had arrived.....I just happened to be on the lookout and saw it immediately. Last month the first parcel was left outside the porch....again no attempt to attract attention.The second parcel’s arrival was announced by a card in the letterbox. I was upstairs at the time.No consignment or tracking number on it just a couple of telephone numbers for redelivery.Fortunately the gent at the DHL end was constructively helpful and I was emailed the following morning announcing it was on its way.It arrived and was put where I asked ....inside the porch door. Other carriers deliveries have not been similarly troublesome.Well not as yet so I mustn’t tempt fate.

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  16. On 25/09/2020 at 19:13, BokStein said:


    The main precept behind long distance, high speed train travel is that the journey city centre to city centre should be 4 hours or less. By train this can be direct with no changes of transport. By plane, it includes:


    City centre to airport (change transport)

    arrival at airport to departure (change transport)

    flight time

    arrival at airport to leaving airport (change transport)

    airport to city centre. (change transport)


    ISTR that the Air France check-in desk for flights from Bruxelles to Paris was at Bruxelles Midi station; you were going by TGV!

    Taking your point re: 4 hours city centre to city centre,one of Europe’s most interesting rail journeys...the Allgaubahn Munich to Zurich route via Lindau virtually hits that target from Sunday next with the introduction of six services per day In each direction of high speed SBB operated ETR high speed tilting electric units .End of the veteran Br 218 diesels.

  17. 5 minutes ago, Pinehill said:

    Not running old equipment here Ian just the latest feedback controller from Gaugemaster! The problem for many of us is the introduction (I no not why) of coreless motors in the models from the biggest supplier! If they are going that way then I am sure your Caley will be coreless!

     AFIK Bachmann appear to be the only manufacturer embracing this type of motor other than the late unlamented  DJM.I think you are confusing me with Legend in the matter of the Caley. Have you considered contacting both Gaugemaster and Bachmann on the issue ?

    You might get a resolution.

  18. 1 hour ago, Legend said:

    Good information here . Thanks to PMP for doing the testing . As I said my concern is for the Caley 812 , although I’m not sure what type of motor will be used on it .


    I do think this deserves more prominence than it’s getting . As PMP points out running on a trainset controller it runs like a bag of spanner’s , but the larger Hornby HM2000 controller is also a feedback controller , so I can imagine this could be a fairly common set up with people expanding their layouts . 

    Thanks to Ian too .  I have a Gaugemaster DS controller  so glad he has found a “d” not to have any issues .

    One other message I am getting strongly here and it is that maybe it’s time some of us upgraded our electronics and invested in a new controller......or have I misread the situation ?  Why run a third decade 21st C model on equipment that in some cases is 40/50 years old ? 







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  19. I have used  a Gaugemaster D controller with coreless motors...including Faulhaber... for over twenty years with no problems . But I was advised then (1998) NOT to use my feedback controller with such because perceived wisdom then was that it would cause burn out. Whether or not this still applies with current ( excuse the unintended pun ) technology I cannot say. It might be useful if an all encompassing standard were published stating guidelines.

    How many times have we had this conversation ? And it still keeps on going.


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