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  1. 13 hours ago, Ian Hargrave said:

    It is indeed and likewise I’m going to catch up.Looks good.

    Priceless. Brideshead Revisited for the fairer sex.Incredible production & great soundtrack.On a note of pure nostalgia,the last surviving Mitford girl was the much loved Debo, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, who died only a few years ago. 

  2. I have the previous release fitted with the said Brassmasters kit.I certainly wouldn’t want to replicate the part in question in plasticard. I suppose omitting that hideous front coupling to allow a prototypical appearance would arouse howls of protest and designing and producing for inclusion an accurate alternative would result in the inevitable shock/horror price gripe. A pity as it appears apart from that to be nicely rendered.




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  3. 14 hours ago, Hilux5972 said:

    Top marks to Bachmann for sorting the front end underneath the smokebox. Definitely looked totally wrong before. 

    Well....nearly there anyway.Presumably in order to incorporate the front coupling socket,the signature front end of the 6959 class ....and by that I mean the front of the frame underneath the buffer beam.....isn’t included. Well,I notice it anyway.Maybe it’s absence doesn’t bother others.But sorry that spoils a good model for me.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Captain Kernow said:

    Wot ho!


    What an imaginative and clever use of the structure. Is this the Mitford drama? Might just have to check it out on catch-up after all!


    It is indeed and likewise I’m going to catch up.Looks good.

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  5. 14 hours ago, Ian Hargrave said:

    From tomorrow,LNER reconnects with both Aberdeen and Inverness...obviously on bi mode. What excellent news just in time for the tourist season...COVID-19 permitting. Bravo to all who made this possible.

      The 12:00 KX -Inverness isn’t quite what it seems. 800112 to Edinburgh and800107 onwards. Repositioning move or being cautious ?

  6. 4 hours ago, TomScrut said:

    How come a deal wasn't struck for GWR or LNER to run TPE/HT 802s? There's at least 1 TPE 802 gadding up and down the WCML on what I presume are mileage accumulation runs and at least 1 HT on driver training. Surely the current situation would mean they should do the right thing and help GWR out?


    Or could the trains be not suitable for passenger carrying yet OK to drive otherwise in terms of the cracking issue? Either from a public liability perspective or from the train not having a payload.

    From tomorrow,LNER reconnects with both Aberdeen and Inverness...obviously on bi mode. What excellent news just in time for the tourist season...COVID-19 permitting. Bravo to all who made this possible.

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  7. 15 minutes ago, Siberian Snooper said:

    All this brings forward the need to get electrification extended to Bristol as at least the 387s could provide some sort of through service to Paddington, with or without guards/conductors/train managers and permit travel from the southwest to London with only a change at Bristol. Which is much better than the 2 changes currently required at Bristol and Swindon.



    There are a number of through Paddington-Plymouth direct services using IET units today btw, The South Wales mainline has a much improved service using them too. RTT also shows the service extended to PZ . 

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  8. 46 minutes ago, boxbrownie said:

    Looks like I have to register, oh well I’ll guess.....it’s not raining here anyway :D

    GCHQ/ CIA monitoring for security clearan:jester:ce .Mine is in process. Actually,we really have had a good deal of informative and authoritative posts on this forum tbh...for which as a complete engineering dummy I thank individual rail professionals/veterans for shining light on a difficult and complex subject area. I struggle to keep up but I’m slowly getting there. Knowledge,as is said,is power.Many thanks,each and all.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Ron Ron Ron said:


    Do we know how many units were found to have the cracking, or evidence of an onset of cracking?


    800's and 802's or just the latter?

    GWR & LNER?

    Other TOC's (or OA) units?



    Short answer....no. I would think TOC’s /Hitachi would treat that as classified information. Note the press release was short on details but rather better on optimism.

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  10. 1 minute ago, Calidore said:

    Heading back through King’s Cross, 91110 just came to a stand on platform 1 (thought I’d seen a 91 here for the last time long ago!). There do seem to be a fair few LNER units available — 801210/215/216 all in attendance.

    LNER have ECML online timetables for today & tomorrow. The situation appears much improved .No service as yet to Aberdeen or Inverness though. The bi mode Azuma seems a rare bird.Presumably they are a more complex unit to access for examination and possible repair.The inference one might take from this and the situation on the GWR is that the faults are mainly with those units bi modally configured but there is little hard evidence as yet to support this.Full marks to LNER for the way it’s providing up to date information on its website 

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  11. 5 minutes ago, Oldddudders said:

    Having read the joint statement, this is as clear as Brown Windsor soup. Every train that has left the depot since it went live has been inspected by appropriate engineers and deemed safe to run. Last week there were concerns by those engineers, quite rightly voiced, and almost no trains left the depot. Now there are plans to do what? What has changed? The safety criteria? Have the engineers been told to shut up - there's too much money at stake? 


    Somebody somewhere has climbed down. I do not like the sound of that. 


    Doctor Pangloss...”All is for the best in this best of all possible worlds”. ( Voltaire “Candide” )

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  12. No actually not .Short distance through the Rhondda Tunnel to what in those days was known as Aberavon,now better known as Port Talbot and a mere few miles to Neath and onwards in Welsh clumsy rail links via the Neath & Brecon line which is...excuse the indulgence...within my withered memory towards the Mid Wales railway spine that ran ( If you were ever lucky enough to actually to visual proof of its existence) from Three Cocks junction via,Rhayader) to Moat Lane on the Cambrian main line.All downhill from there. You have to ask yourself why bother ? 
    Spend your holiday recovering from the journey and building strength for the rigours of the return journey only to eagerly anticipate next year. The A 470 is no substitute but not nearly as much fun.


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  13. It would be an uplift for the Scottish tourist industry just emerging from lockdown around the Highland Mainline if they could get the service restored ASAP. Scot rail  struggles to cope with overcrowding on its mainline timetable.What a shame..one of the great rail experiences denied the travelling public...who come from all over the world.Maybe not now for overseas tourists but an opportunity for UK staycation rail enthusiasts .

  14. 1 hour ago, The Stationmaster said:

    Right sir - get what you an out of this, using the 1938 times.


    Builth Wells 14.35. x 14.41

    Builth Road  14x44. 14V46


    Note V reads -

    Builth Road GWR Jcn  14.50. 14.55

    LMS No 2 Signalbox.  15.00. 15.02

    Llandrindod Wells        15.14

    GW Engine works through to Llandrindod Wells


    The allowances are little different for the return train which tends to suggest that the train might well have been propelled over the connecting line between the two companies at Builth Road.  Presumably the engine returned to Builth Road in order to turn prior to working back southwards.  alternatively a local engine might have been attached on teh other end of teh train for the move over the connecting line but there is nothing to indicate that in the STT.


    Incidentally another interesting thing in the 1938 STT is that is shows the Tteherbert - Aberystwyth train running via the Mid Wales Line and Moat Lane.




    The routing of this train in its early stages had me scratching my cranium for a bit.....but I think it would be via the tunnel & R&SB to the S W mainline thence to Neath to connect with the branch to Brecon & onwards via Three Cocks to Moat Lane. .?


  15. 21 minutes ago, MarshLane said:

    Last figures I had, which were yesterday so could have changed now is that there were four five-car 800 bi-modes available, all the rest were five and nine car Class 801 pure electrics.


    There is one set out today, working Newport - Reading.  It should have been two, but I gather one hit a deer last night and required repair - the loss of the second unit was nothing to do with the crack issue.

    Notice that the 9 car units are now working to both Glasgow and Stirling. But still nothing to either Inverness or Aberdeen which of course need bimode.Hang on though ,is Stirling under the wires then ? Edit : yes it is !

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  16. 48 minutes ago, number6 said:

    Has that earlier GWR manager WNXX quote ended up at The Guardian or any other mainstream news outlet yet? It entirely fits the current exposure of lots of snouts in troughs. Is there a direct link to the original article somewhere? 


    The mainstream press doesn’t seem particularly interested in it atm. Wait a while for things to fester and things might change. Caution with it though because the article contains some potentially libellous text which it is unwise to repeat however strongly feelings are running and however much one is in tune with it.

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