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  1. How inaccurate is the old Hornby B12. I have a spare Kays O4 boiler, which with a little shortening would match a B12/1 boiler. I was wondering if it were possible to to fit this boiler to a Hornby B12/3 footplate make a B12/1 loco? Any ideas? Malcolm
  2. Also a good morning here in Surrey I use Plastic Weld, which is stronger than other solvents that I've used. It will stick most/all plastics that I've tried. If Plastic Weld doesn't work, I resort to Superglue. Malcolm
  3. P.S. One small point: Looking at 145 Squadron's brilliant interiors, I notice that one (3rd class?) has 2+1 seating with two coupes, each with six seats . I have never seen a Pullman seating plan with six-seater coupes. Was this a post-war modification? I have always assumed that the coupes were only fitted to 1+1 interiors, and had four seats. Malcolm
  4. Good morning all I have very limited knowledge of R-T-R items, as the vast majority of my models are kit built. I did buy a job lot of eight Railroad Pullmans for £5 each, and set about converting them following Penguin of Doom's methods posted on this site. I wrongly assumed that all Hornby Pullmans had the same bogies. I shall retreat to my railway room (spare bedroom), and continue working on my Queen of Scots set. Malcolm
  5. Evenin' all I am currently building an eight coach Queen of Scots set based on Hornby Pullmans. I am using Keen systems bogies, as the Hornby bogies are not Pullman bogies. A more expensive solution would be to use MJT bogies. Malcolm
  6. Evenin' all I bought a job at auction a couple of years ago. It included a Midland 3F tender loco which I intend fitting with a home made extended smokebox to produce a J41. I think London Road models do a Midland 3F tender loco. Malcolm
  7. Good morning all I like the MJT articulation units. If used with MJT bogies, one gets tri-angulation on all carriages in the set, with resultant good running over bumps etc. I have no connection with MJT, other than a satisfied customer. Malcolm
  8. Thanks for the info. Hornby should re-introduce the 12 wheel pullmans as they seem to be wanted and fetch good prices. Malcolm
  9. Good? morning all Do Hornby produce a Pullman Brake with the sliding door as fitted to many of the wooden bodies brake cars? Malcolm
  10. Good morning all The range of Coffman clamps are available from Branchlines. It's one of the most useful tools in my toolbox. It's great for building carriages, wagons, and tenders etc. Malcolm
  11. Good morning all from deepest Surrey, I recently found a thread by Penguin of Doom on fitting Comet sides to Hornby Railroad Pullmans. I have wondered about this for a while, and Penguin’s thread encouraged me to try. I picked up a number of Railroad Pullman from a certain auction site, and a set of eight sides from Wizard models. Then it was the cutting disc in the Dremel and away we go. The only hic-cup was fitting the first pair of sides the wrong way around. I had to prise them off and soak the sides in nail varnish remover to remove the Evostick. I have finished the first stage of the "Queen of "Scots" rake: Top is a Brake 3rd Parlour, then 3rd Kitchen, 3rd Parlour, 1st Kitchen, and 1st Parlour. There are three more 3rd class cars, the same as the top three. The eagle eyed will notice that the 3rd Kitchen space is larger than the 1st kitchen space. This was not because 3rd class passenger had bigger appetites, but a 3rd class Kitchen catered for 102 passengers, and a 1st class Kitchen only catered for 44 passengers. I wish to construct my own interiors from Southern Pride products, and Penguin’s use of Keen Systems upgrades is impressive, so both these have been ordered. While waiting for these to arrive, I decided to build a loco to haul the rake. I found that the “Hush-Hush” loco worked the “Queen of Scots” in 1930, so have started the SEF kit, which has sat in my roundtuit cupboard for a while Malcolm
  12. Thanks for the info. 34E; I had wrongly assumed that 1st class had curtains. Tony; I found Coupe News very interesting, I will read more when I get time Malcolm
  13. I am building a rake of pre-war Queen of Scots pullman. I am wondering whether 3rd class pullmans had curtains? Every picture I have of post-war pullmans show the 3rd class cars had curtains, but I haven't found a pre-war pic of a 3rd class car with curtains. Has anyone any ideas or info? Malcolm
  14. Branchlines supply screws and brushes for Mashima motors. Malcolm
  15. Evenin' all Gordon Highlander (D40) had 8'9" coupled wheelbase with 5'6" bogie wheelbase Malcolm
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