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  1. 19 new members 2 obituaries (sic) 5 resignations (2 ill health) 36 memberships lapsed
  2. Hi Tony, Given your knowledge of the limited nature of infrastructure changes in the 40's and 50's, have you ever been tempted towards an alternate pre-war set of stock for LB? That would enable you to model the products of Messrs Ivatt and Howlden in non-black liveries. The only Thompson rebuilds would be B12s and D16s, which somehow look very Gresleyish and you could build one of Danny Pinnock's dynanometer car kits and recreate a famous event which took place the other side of the garden fence.......
  3. Mr Jinks speaking of Pixie and Dixie. The other two cartoons in a programme of three were Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear.
  4. Don't know - front end looks like a Sprite but the back looks too long. I can help with the vehicle on the left - a Bedford Utilabrake (12 seater). I learned to drive and took my test in my Dad's one. Had to reverse around a corner on the driver's side and got away with opening the sliding door and pushing it back so I could see the curb all the way round! It had a front bench seat and curtains all round - very useful when taking a young lady for a drive.....
  5. Have gone back into this link this morning with no problems. I've not had the message displayed by my virus checker before but will note details if it recurs.
  6. Beware - when I clicked on this link, my virus checker detected an attack!
  7. Very pleased to see this initiative and note that it is aimed at "the average modeller". Didn't somebody else once headline that?
  8. I have every sympathy with those who have been involved in clearing up after accidents and recognise the need for increased awareness and restrictions upon access. However, these also should also be applied with common sense or they bring the regime into disrepute. At Kings Cross last week, when the N2 and coach were parked on platform 8 allowing unaccompanied access, KX staff in orange jackets were instructing viewers and photographers between the loco and the stop block to stand behind the yellow line on the platform. We were all too polite to ask why.
  9. Does this thread not make assumptions regarding that the number of people interested in model railwayana, and able to afford it, continues at the same level? In view of concerns about the age profile of our hobby, I wonder if models will not follow books in terms of a declining market and value.
  10. I looked at this also but am a little daunted by the apparent complexity and soldering required (I have been "a beginner" for the last 60 years!). I have built two of the Diagram 3D bogie coaches, figuring that if I could build cardboard building kits, I could build the coach bodies. One runs on Gresley bogies, whilst the other runs on MJT compensated bogies with 8' Fox cosmetic overlays - minimal soldering required and successfully accomplished. I also used cut-down MJT trussing (but would make my own in future), with brass rod for gas cylinders and interiors, teaking (and toilet windo
  11. Do the NGS open days include the railway room?
  12. There are also the Diagram 3D laser cut body kits, which make up quite nicely but require separate sourcing of underframe, etc. There was a thead on these last year, started by Mike Trice.
  13. Then there are the diesel classes.... Western Bypass, Western Hotel, Western Screenplay, Wettern Windy.... and for the warships Troutbridge, Black Pig, Flying Dustman, Boaty McBoatface.... But surely nothing could surpass the Southern's "Howard of Effingham"?
  14. Roy Castle, Hassle Castle Henry Hall, Gottem Hall, Long Hall, Sodom Hall, Blessem Hall Grantley Manor, Friendly Manor, Agressive Manor Lon Grange Daily Star, Lone (Loan?) Star Saint Ivel
  15. One of the things we developed when I was working was a rapidly-inflatable naval decoy (rubber duck). We were looking for further applications for the technology but were defeated by a visitor from London Transport who wanted us to develop for tube train use a large airbag covered with some form of human flypaper.....
  16. There are some superb etched, cast and moulded kits available today, but somehow this form of construction feels "just right".
  17. Arrived at the Cross about 10.25 yesterday wearing my CrisP duck, which I turned upside down as a sign of distress! Being early, got to stand next to the barrier so had a good view of proceedings. Even this close, heard only about half of the first two speeches and none of the Grandson's. Strange how guys in prominent positions have no idea of how to address a crowd! The statue itself is excellent and the sculptress spoke well. Good also to see the N2 (carrying express headlamps) and the restaurant car, complete with plastic duck in the kitchen. Enjoyed "cabbing" the N2 with the heat
  18. When I was growing up in Hornsey, there was a shop on a corner site on Topsfield Parade which housed a display model railway (closed many years ago and became a launderette - don't know what it is now). Basically a tail-chaser, I can remember very little about it except that it had an underground station under the main baseboard and whenever I visited, I asked for the train to be run. It was many years before I learned of the Ever Ready trains and I guess that the display model was one of these. Does anyone else remember this railway?
  19. Photo feature of Sandy, particularly ground signalling, in this month's British Railways Illustrated .
  20. My understanding was that, in the latter days of the LNER, the Board authorised the construction of 22 main line diesel locomotives as a large-scale experimental development. Do we know when and by whom these were cancelled?
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