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    Scottish region mid '70's to mid '90's. Ex-Midland and GC lines. Swiss railways - and SM32 in the garden.

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  1. I believe this was the original purpose of the Campbelltown & Macrihanish Light Railway?
  2. I think there are several Tarbe(r)ts - including another one further down Kintyre. It just means a gap/low point through a range of hills. Useful for rail routes, of course.
  3. Thanks for your comments! The fishing boat isn't the card kit - I used the Scalescenes printout as a template to make it from plasticard. There's a post on it on the blog https://trainsandtrad.wordpress.com/2020/06/16/something-distinctly-fishy/ and I've just written up an article which I hope will appear in RM in due course. I have one of the Artitec ones pending building - it looks good, nice castings, but lousy instructions - and it's a lot smaller than the Scalescenes one. I don't post on MRweb simply because I've followed too many people for whom it became a lead weight around their nec
  4. Hi, I wonder whether you might be interested in my current project. We seem to share influences. Not a lot of GNSR modellers out here... https://trainsandtrad.wordpress.com/category/gnsr-in-4mm-scale/
  5. Any use? I assume the class 22 sounded very different, though....
  6. It can't be so long ago, as the colour light signal gantry is standing (well, at least one of them is...) and the track layout is pretty much as now. Unfortunately it almost perfectly duplicates one I took myself, though this is clearer. Editor of CM said that Peco would love me forever if I can persuade anyone to model that yard!!!
  7. Peter, Wikipedia doesn't actually have many really good pictures of a resolution needed to publish. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I would certainly be interested in any you were able to take, there is no immediate hurry for them, though CM does already have the article. Some general views of the station, one of the outside of the station building and if possible one of the river bridge would be really helpful. Obviously there would be a payment in it....
  8. Many thanks for those suggestions - will explore them all, Apologies for the delayed reply - things suddenly got very busy round here....
  9. Good afternoon all... I haven't posted here for a good while - have been 'away' from railways for the best part of a year while dealing with various health issues.... Glad to say there is a bit of modelling being done again at last.... I'm preparing an article for Continental Modeller on Capdenac Gare. Unfortunately, when I visited a couple of years ago, my camera was playing up, and I ended up with only a few usable pictures. Just wondering if anyone has any of either present or past at the station and environs, of a suitable resolution for publication. Or whether any of the France-dw
  10. May I offer some thoughts and observations? Beautiful work Andy. https://trainsandtrad.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/home-made-photographic-back-scenes/ Ian S.
  11. Hi, I've been enjoying your work for a little while now... ;-) Just wondered whether you have tried Redutex? I've recently started using it and it strikes me it would be very good for that stonework. regards Ian
  12. Thanks! I'll let you into the secrets - two better than the third... 1) No kids 2) Don't watch T.V. 3) Signed off work for three months and needing *something* to do to fill the time... :-( Ian
  13. Good evening all, just a short progress check on the latest building construction, for anyone interested... Link to my blog in the footer as usual. Best Ian
  14. Welcome to a *very* small club! Thanks for your kind comment. Best wishes Ian
  15. Hello all, only small news this time - but a quite big effect! Link in the footer as usual. Best wishes and happy modelling Ian
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