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  1. I use single ended 3mm S&W's on my 00 layout and once the loop and couplings are painted black they are very unobtrusive, to the eye at least.. and have found the advantage of these couplings compared to others , having tried most of them over the years, is their relative simplicity and ease of tweaking to local conditions - usually a bend of either the loop or bar to do a slight adjustment. I also add a last magnetic 3 link chain to the dropper for remote uncoupling. Couple of pics showing them.
  2. It isn't opening ATM on the link further up the page but I'm getting it by Googling the site. Here is another link that opened just now. https://www.popupdesigns.co.uk/product-category/railway-scale-models/
  3. Didn't work for me this morning, so phoned Pop Up this afternoon. Andy said the site was down a few days ago for a while but apparently sorted now. He opened up both home and railway pages while on the phone with me to check all was OK. I have just tried opening it from the link above and in a fresh search, and both work, including the railway section. Using Firefox and DuckDuckgo. HTH.
  4. Yes, and a far better journey experience. There were some on the HR main line in the eighties, and a delight to travel in compared to the SO's.
  5. I had one of those as an interim, and it it a good rendition of the provendor store if not too fussed about location, but for my purposes I had to to it the hard way...
  6. Built one years ago as the basic kit, and remember struggling with it then. Some five years back did another, based on the Thurso one, using two kits, and was a frustrating experience, getting all the panel pieces in the right order and matching up. After it was done, I decided that it would have been better to scratchbuild the superstructure and use the kits as a source of parts such as the pillars and roof ridges. Certainly a prototype that could do with another look at as a kit as they were widely scattered and of varying sizes. Here is mine after all that - the pillars were indeed another sore point and ended up being sunk into place to hide discrepancies. The LMS shed beside it was from scratch and a lot easier...
  7. Yes, mine is 4mm. I chickened out of any 2mm thoughts a long time ago.....Best of luck....
  8. Built one when it came out, more or less OOB, if I recall, adding a shelter for the coaler as per the Wick and Oban examples. Don't recall many problems with the kit, but it was a couple of decades ago. I've still got it and can take a look to see if I did use any add ons, but don't recall doing so.
  9. A member of the HRS is doing a 3D print of this, IIR.
  10. TBH, I know nothing about this type of controller, but Lone Star is something from the past. I am unashamedly retro with DC, using H&M 30000 and Walkabouts as my go to's along with an 80's Orbit and a Morley for the few coreless locos I have, but surely a club can stretch to a more modern controller. Gaugemaster provide a good selection of options, alongside others.
  11. I have used these sheets - for a random embossing pattern they work really well, but fade to a bilious shade of green very quickly. I tried various exposure tests using varnish and UV sprays but all failed. A pity as it was an excellent product - seems to have vanished from ebay now - I do have a couple of sheets left, along with some others of differing finishes but don't want to waste time on using them. What I did with your sheet was scan it and intend to try printing it out on a light fast print printer using 90lb water colour paper to see if I can replicate a pseudo embossed effect, and if that doesn't work do it on a normal, heavier, paper. One of many things waiting their turn in the queue, but I can send you a sheet to experiment with or else my scans - I played around with colours but haven't done anything with them yet. PM me if this is of any use. I don't think it is worth going to the bother of using them as they although.
  12. Here is a link to my blog entry re Tracklay. The photos have vanished but I have added those I could find at the bottom, which should explain things.
  13. Back up disaster a couple of years ago.. they are all gone bar those few individuals who reloaded lost images, I'm afraid.
  14. Link wouldn't open I'm afraid - seems you have to be a member to view it.
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