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  1. I spent a whole day looking around, and then went back there the next day. It is a brilliant place run by friendly enthusiasts. Bob
  2. If you were to use an electro magnet under the base board or other convenient place you could control the tipping of each wagon. Using a fixed magnet would result in every wagon tipping as it passed by regardless of it being full or empty or direction of travel. Bob
  3. That Garratt looks so good on that incline. I like the way the 37 is looking on in envy! Bob
  4. What track are you using Giles? Bob
  5. Thanks Giles. I have used Silver solder in my engineering career, but never considered it in modeling. Bob
  6. Giles can you let me know where to get the Silver Solder paste as featured in you video please. Also does it work well on brass? Bob
  7. Great. Thanks for the help Mike. Bob
  8. Hi Mike. I've just re-read this thread again. Can you tell me how you fix the plastic overlays to the Lite ply, and where did you get the laser cut factory doors you use on Primrose Hill. Cheers Bob
  9. I love it! Keep it up Mike! Bob ps this is the Mk11 . ​(It's miniaturised)
  10. You keep posting what you like Mike. It's both entertaining and inspirational, so keep up the good work! Bob
  11. Oh go on lets see the 37. Please Bob
  12. Amazing! those pictures are so believable, not just for the excellent loco but the whole ambience of the layout. Bob
  13. Ok. Thanks for the reply, I think I'll have a go at the Laurie Griffin one and be ware of the frames Bob
  14. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but why did you decide to scratch build. Would it not have been easier to build the one available from Laurie Griffin? Bob ps I think you are doing a stunning job of the scratch build.
  15. Can anyone tell me if the G W R 2-8-0 28xx class locos where ever seen on the S&D? Regards Bob
  16. I hope you will keep on posting here, I like your work. It has shown that you can achieve an awful lot of layout in a small space. Bob
  17. How about a combined NG Std G layout? Could be a light railway and you could use some of your Std G locos. PS love the tram loco, that colour really suits it. (what colour is it ?) Bob
  18. Bob110

    Dock Green

    Thanks again Chaz. I'll see if I can find a copy of that book. Regards Bob
  19. Bob110

    Dock Green

    Thanks Chaz. I particularly like the Sulzer type 2 and EE type1 locos. Do you happen to know what the steam equivilent would be on the Eastern Region? Bob
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