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  1. Think the dome is just a trick of the light...similar effect on the bottom of the chimney and cab front. Craig.
  2. How about the LBSCR E4 in Stroudley Improved Engine Green. I for one would love one. Craig.
  3. Delighted to see LBSCR 4 wheel coaches are now in the list....means my bodged up K,s kits may now be replaced by something worth running! Also balloon stock....marvellous. Congratulations on a great and sometimes probably very frustrating job. Craig.
  4. Whoops, Cheque already gone made out to EB Models...will send another one on Thursday morning with the right name on it. Sorry again, Craig.
  5. Dear Ian, Thanks for info will send a cheque for a set of 4mmm loco transfers tomorrow. Many thanks, Craig.
  6. Dear Ian, Left an email on your website a few days ago.....would love some 4mm loco transfers...any idea of delivery date and price. Cheers, Craig.
  7. This has just got to be the announcement of a D1 ,B4 and a Gladstone all in IEG to go with the E1.
  8. Ah...Portslade...the romantic hotspot of the Sussex Riviera...only topped by Fishersgate.
  9. Whoopee dooh...An E1 at last! Two for me please...Stroudley IEG and Goods Green. A very happy bunny.
  10. In a similar vein , given a bottomless pocket and enough space the LBSCR west coast route from Brighton to Portsmouth circa 1900/1905. Lots of gleaming Stroudley and Billinton locos pulling horrible old carriage stock with the occasional goods train for light relief. Ah.......if only!
  11. Voyles in Llanelli pretty good....they are on the Trostre Estate 01554.749200
  12. Viz a viz the Belle and rough riding. As a regular patron in the years leading up to it's sad withdrawal I can assure you that the ride was akin to a cross channel ferry in a Force 10! Nearly enough to throw you and your G&T across the carriage. Happy days! Apologies about mentioning the E word.
  13. Sorry chaps but this is the first edition of MRJ that I have ever parted my hard earned cash on. This was solely on the promise of the cover picture of a Terrier. Glad I did...Plumpton Green is an inspiration to me as a keen but not very talented modeller of the LBSCR in the Victorian/Edwardian period. I also find for my efforts that 00 is ok...obviously not as good on the eye as P4 etc. but a combination of eyesight,lack of talent and money means I can bodge and hack around with things and still get a tremendous amount of satisfaction and fun which for some of us is enough from this great hobby.To the Barry Lucks of this world please keep up the great work which is a kick up the backside for people like me to get on with it.
  14. I would love a LBSCR E1/D1 or even a modern Terrier. Whilst still frothing at the mouth how about a C2X or anything at all in LBSCR livery. Ever expectant pre-grouping weirdo.
  15. I agree. Using Setrack components for unprototypical curves is a lot less hassle than chopping flexitrack.I always end up making a complete hash of things mainly due to poor eyesight . Cheers, Craig.
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