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  1. Hi Linny, If you fancy a cheat I've got a Wessex Wagons limited edition version of this wagon FJ Bonner/Toogood I wouldn't mind parting with. It's in almost new condition,reasonable box made by Dapol in 2006.number 48 of a run of 208. Always up for a swap...I model LBSCR circa 1905 West Sussex/East Hampshire coastal area. If interested send an E....not that sort ta! Cheers, Craig.
  2. Probably a very long shot but I would love to see the LBSCR E4 in Improved Engine Green and/or Stroudley Goods Green.
  3. Still l;ove my paper mags....I buy BRM and MR as and when they hold something of interest to me...but do subsribe to The Toddler as it is invariably a good read.
  4. Pretty bad here too....same as above keeps showing.....Error 522. Happy New Year All. Craig.
  5. Got my copy this morning from Asda Llanelli...also came with How to build a model railway vol 7....worth a look.
  6. LBSCR D1 Tank in Stroudley Improved Engine Green .....Marsh Umber.....SR...and BR liveries.....for about £120?....I'd be up for a couple! [On my new meds today...sorry]
  7. Another lecture from the BBC in political corectness......I'll stick to the reruns of Robot Wars...far more scary.....far more real!
  8. Great news on the LBSCR liveries...I'm up for a couple of six wheel full brakes and a brace of six wheel passenger brakes ......should sit nicely with my other bodge...I mean remodelled six wheelers. Craig.
  9. Another thumbs up from me...really enjoyable.
  10. Hi Tim, Best option is train from Llanelli to Swansea. Bus service as you have found out finishes about 18.30 from L to S. Train service very good. Bike,feet or taxi best bet from station to Felinfoel. Welcome to the area...bus transport during daylight hours is really good...just don't try to go anywhere after dark or on Sunday! If on foot try out the Double Dragon from Felinfoel Brewery....it's very therapeutic. Cheers,Craig in Kidwelly.
  11. Further to the above.. No 54 ran as La France for only nine days in August 1905 when it worked the Royal Specials and other trains in connection with the Entente Cordial;e celebrations and the French Atlantic Fleet's courtesy visit to Portsmouth. Sourced from Locomotives of the LBSCR..Vol. 3.
  12. Hi No Decorum, I meant full LBSCR livery not LBSC named engine livery. Too old and not enough eyesight to reletter and number myself.
  13. I'd buy an H1 in LBSCR livery like a shot! An E4 in IEG would be rather nice too. Top marks Bachmann for supporting Beachy Head.
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