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  1. Perhaps quicker than covering each rail head in masking tape though. looking good richard
  2. The little pieces made. hand brake, fire iron supports, lamp brackets, and screw reverser. That has the tread wound in and needs its body made. It won’t be 100% accurate but it will be tucked inside the cab. I might fit some cab doors, then it feels like the chassis needs looking at. I might just use the one from my own L&Y tank and then play around with this one when I look to convert that one. The motor does not fit easily into this one and it is too far down the track for serious butchery. richard
  3. Thanks this gives much food for thought. I might go the other way and press a mounding onto another firebox then cast off that. Let’s see how that goes. I have been watching your D7 build with interest. If you ever do castings off it there would certainly be one interested person here. Richard
  4. Really starting to come together. hand rail, safety valves and bunker rails fitted. evert time I look and say, “ I am going to need X” I look in the little bag of parts and find it had kindly been left in there when the project was handed over to me. i know for the next stage I will need to build bits: hand brake ( one or two?) fireirons holders x2, a screw reverser and water tank filer lids (oval) - any one got ideas on how to make a good oval 6mm by 3mm by 1mm, I am all ears. how about how to make the blisters on the top edge of the firebox, I need 4 two per side - ideas? richard
  5. Bunker rails made Not that the originals, ( in front) were bad, far from it, they were excellent. However they were an LNER fitting and so had to be replaced by the coal rails. they are just placed for the photo. I will need to drill holes to seat them properly. richard
  6. If you want an early short bunker version you could get away without adjusting the running plate length. That will be what I might try for my other one. Then the conversion may be much simpler. I must look into it when I have finished all the modifications on this one. not me who thought of the n5 connection, that was green Howard’s inspired connection. richard
  7. Much trial and error. trying to work from drawings and then apply to a model being converted. finally got to this. the bunker is too wide by 1 mm which throws the back of the cab out by the same amount. So have added side pieces to the correct width one made. This means the cab sides angle out by half a mm each side from front to back. This looks like it can be hidden by the overhang of the roof. Otherwise a new roof will need to be made. I have painted the cab floor with humbrol 110 and washes to get the wood effect. etched overlays applied with three types of glue. Gorilla, super and two part epoxy in different parts to see which holds up the best. Like I said, trail and error. When I build the next I will have found every pitfall. richard
  8. Certainly more restrained than some offerings on here.
  9. Cab rear made N5 sides cleaned up and side tank fronts fitted. Small Hand rails fitted. steps next, then to solder all the brass together before nailing it on to the plastic body. that order is important otherwise we end up with a puddle of black plastic. must make sure all soldering is done before marrying it all up together. richard
  10. The carriages look great. I am not knowledgeable enough on LNER stock to say if there is an error. on other fronts. I have got this far. I think I can see how it will all go together. The cab is going to get enclosed as that seems the only way I can get enough support to the cab rear. Though I may play around with an inner cage and have the roof as an insert. We will see how that goes. am enjoying the challenge. thanks richard
  11. At last something I can relate to. The music just goes straight over my head. These look great and look very neat even in unpainted state…………..maybe because they are all one colour? richard
  12. I have had a 15 year sentence, the parole board says it is a long time until I get a review. I do get to model as my leisure activity so being in the chain gang can work for some.
  13. Sorry to hear about Gordon. the top layer should stay as a snow scene. richard
  14. Yes it is. I am going to see how much scratch building is going to be needed. Perhaps not much will be left of the original. We shall see. It should be fun trying though. richard
  15. It is done. Transfers and weathering complete. Hopefully it looks in a workaday condition. Next up. Turning this…. into a gcr 2-4-2 thanks, the green Howard’s. let’s see how it goes. richard
  16. And so it begins. from this…. to a gcr 2-4-2. I will see if I can do it justice. thank you for giving me the chance to do so. richard
  17. It is great to see the build but your health is far more important. richard
  18. That is coming along very well. I am doing a side project in n scale and I am finding it too small for my eyes. It makes this all the more impressive. Richard
  19. More pregrouping . GCR Parker London extension stock finally finished. About 7 months work to get them built. have shown on my thread but I know it is not as well visited as here. only 6 more sets of carriages to build to complete the layout passenger stock. richard
  20. This won as a really quick project. Put transfers on a Southern Pacific AC12 it is N scale the transfers are tiny, however, the most difficult task is reading the white transfers on the sky blue background. how do people read these to make sure that the right one is being cut out? richard
  21. When I get a chance to go to club. That most likely will be late July when I get some time off work. richard
  22. And they are finished both sides there is a strange feeling when I make the decision that a project is done. It is almost a sense of loss that I no longer have the project to work on. I wonder if others feel the same way. I feel adrift until I settle on the next big project. I try a couple of short or simple projects usually to refocus myself. this time I have the next lined up converting a L&Y 2-4-2 into the GCR equivalent kindly from “green Howard’s” ( many thanks) I hope to do it justice and hope my plan for it works, otherwise it will be trip down a rabbit hole long project. I might do a guaranteed short project putting transfers on a southern pacific cab forward first. let’s see which I pick up first later in the week. richard
  23. It will be fully moving robotic passengers, perhaps talking as well. richard
  24. Buffet carriage done. four to go. I lined two of the brown strips tonight so I must be getting faster. richard
  25. Wheel lining bow pen compass using the centre of the wheel or in 4mm I use curved lining provided by transfer sheets. valence most likely lined. Am a gcr not gnr person so happy to stand corrected.…….good luck. richard
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