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  1. I got to know John through toy trains before he started the business. At the time he was working in a bank in London. If I was working in London I would sometimes travel home on the same train as John. Me being me had not put two and two together, I also knew John's wife Christine, when I was doing my nurse training. She was a wonderful midwife, much respected by all who worked with her. She delivered my son Alex. Anyhow I bumped into the pair of them in Chelmsford town centre, realised two people called Dutfield together might be related. I said hello to them both, both said hello back to me then with a surprised and curious look on their faces "How do you know Clive?" John was a very clam and delightful person to know. He was also a very clever businessman who, in his words, didn't sell things but had customers who bought things. John was a lay preacher, he would talk about some the services he presided over but never push his beliefs on people. I recall how proud he was when he was first invited to lead a service in Chelmsford Cathedral. RIP my friend.
  2. Hi Trestrol I suspect there were quite a few pre-grouping barrows and trolleys on the former LNER system and it would be great if I could find more information about them, well GNR ones mainly. I have some information of pre grouping designs of railways that formed the LMS so I might have a couple of L&YR ones that have survived the test of time. In searching around last night, after being informed that the LNER platform trolley was in fact called a Scotch Barrow, I was able to find this on LNER Encyclopedia. There is another thread regarding LNER platform trolleys with a photo of a some Scotch Barrows at Liverpool Street. Anyone any idea why it is a Scotch Barrow? I would imagine the origin of the Scotch part of the name is as mysterious as it is to Scotch Eggs.
  3. No Clive you are not allowed to say how nice it is of the staff to let Gilbert have a walk around the asylum grounds on his own. The photo is of one of the pagodas that were in the grounds of the former hospital that was on the site close to where Gilbert resides.
  4. Hi Everone Does anyone have information or drawings on standard GNR and/or LNER platform trolleys. My layout , Sheffield Exchange is a imagined joint terminus of the L&YR and GNR set in the 1960s. The LMS seemed to have supplied similar stations, Leeds Central and Bradford Exchange with their standard trolleys based on a MR design which I have drawings of so I can build those. Both locations also seem to have a few non LMS or even L&YR trolleys which I take to be GNR or LNER designs. It would be nice to have some variety not all MR types.
  5. Hi Robin They are not anchor mounted oil tanks but saddle mounted ones. There are some livery and detail errors, the worse being the Shell Motor Spirit silver tank with red stripe, a limited pre WW2 livery with post WW2 platforms and ladders. These wagons were built for the transport of aviation fuel during WW2 so none should be in pre WW2 colours. Pre WW2 built wagons with silver tanks were painted grey as not to be targets for the Luftwaffe. I did try to talk to the chap who developed these at Ally Pally but he did not want to engage with me. Otherwise the models are very good representation, one just needs to do some research as to which configuration of platforms and ladders (if fitted) the oil company of your choice should have.
  6. By the time I started "serious" trainspotting they had been transferred to the (great) Western Region.
  7. The road coming down to the gods yard was in place before the bridge was built. Maybe.
  8. Whoops I hadn't taken into account the depth of the girder, so I had to lower it slightly, plus I also hadn't give it enough clearance for a van to go under. I have also cut out the portal so others and I can get a better idea of what I intend. It looks busy with nothing going on.
  9. Hi Peter I am going open out another portal in the bridge so the road goes under the bridge at a slightly higher level than the railway. I have no idea where it goes from there as I won't be able to see it, but I assume it attaches to a road in the distance at a higher level. If the road on the bridge connects with it somewhere, I haven't a clue.
  10. I was not 100% happy with the ramp down to the goods yard from the GNR bridge, too steep. I thought how about the last bit of the bridge be opened up and become a road entrance to the goods yard. While on the dog walk I had another thought as I didn't know what to do with the gap between the bridge and the good shed. How about a ramp that isn't so steep and still open up the last bit of the bridge. More difficult to write than the pictures will show. The steep ramp. No ramp , just imagine there is a portal in the bridge. The not so steep ramp.
  11. I helped my friend Simon with his Horncastle layout at the lovely Immingham exhibition yesterday. Now I wasn't going to buy anything. I saw a AEC Renown bus that could pass as a Shieffield Transport AEC Bridgemaster when repainted at a very good price. Then this saw me and begged me to take it to a new home. It hadn't run for some time so needed a good service. I don't think it had been used much, so I think the old Railway Modeller end line of a review is fitting "it will improve with running in" It looked luverly pulling a rake of coaches.
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