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  1. On the most detailed drawing we have the flooring. third and smoking have an iron plate. Those could be made, but will it be seen? the first non smoking had....tiles.....carpet I could do that as a paper coloured in. Simple but what colours? worth it? I would need 5. It would be a couple of days of diversion. I know most are saying put people in, they would be more visible, just two per carriage would be another 14 to paint up. Not sure I have that many seated people richard
  2. Not when you consider that some can build a br maroon carriage in 3 days including painting, or under a week at least. richard Home made. I found a design of mug. Printed it on paper to scale and then glued it around a plastic rod. The coffee pot/ tea pot is round plastic rod of various sizes. Cemented to each other. They are more impressionist than perfect, but should give the illusion looking through the carriage window. Others go further. Clive models the bacon in the frying pan. richard
  3. The detailing begins. the prints are real ones. the bar has a mug, teapot and real gcr postcards, the map is the gcr one plus pictures. too far for something hidden inside a carriage? what else could I do. The filing cabinet in the station has an open draw with papers in it. this might explain why my builds take a long time. richard
  4. I agree with all of your points especially this one. I would also suggest looking back at Spanish flu. It took a couple of years of uncertainty after it and then there was the roaring twenties, which for many years has been attributed to coming out of Ww1 but because of COVID has been reassessed as more of a response to the enforced social distancing imposed. Therefore exhibitions could be few and quieter for 2021/2022 but by 2023 will be running again. For me the change will be in what is there. More diesel and electric layouts, less br steam as memories of those prepared to exhibit are from
  5. Compartments taped off for the white uppers to the compartment dividers. Ready for painting. then pictures mirrors and seats to paint. have also printed my first transfers for the solebars let’s see if they work otherwise it is plan E for how to get the detail wanted. richard
  6. The last interior has been built. it is much narrower than the Others because of the way the d&s body goes together. If the roof had been made to come off then it could have been wider. However, then I would be chasing the gap between ends and roof. you pays your money and you take your choices. Now to paint and fit with a bunch of paintings and mirrors. I am drawing the line at luggage racks richard
  7. Always the better solution, no matter how painful it is in the short term.
  8. Almost good enough to place and leave perhaps cover the skin with brick sheet. richard
  9. If you dig a bit it is amazing how many were sighted on the GCLE. There is a photo of Edward Thompson at Nottingham Victoria in lner livery en route to marylebone for naming. If you want to change the numbers but not the name. richard
  10. That has given me inspiration to tackle my B9. well done good modeling richard
  11. Careful, you are making it sound very tempting. Once travel restrictions are removed you might find yourself inundated with requests. richard
  12. Different height docks, not seen that modeled before. makes sense though. richard
  13. I got a bottle of wine when I left. I must have worked in the wrong place. richard
  14. Most drawings miss out the under frame detail and bogie detail which complicates building models. richard
  15. The seat colours really stand out in that light. richard
  16. Good to know, though part of me feels if I am going to put them in I should have a go at making some as buying them seems a bit like cheating on the bar as it is all off cuts of plastic so far. Have I got any clear sprue to cut a glass or two from? richard
  17. The buffet car. went to town on the bar, but no turned beer bottles....yet. the plasticard has got dimpled where a bit of cement was used. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it does. richard
  18. The second set. perhaps the end of may is optimistic for making them all. Then this time of year is always busy at work. This year especially. richard
  19. When ours conked out I replaced it with a push along mower. No engine to go wrong, and no noise, plus exercise. A good choice though my wife thought I was barmy. She now admits it cuts the grass better. In fairness we have a postage stamp to cut. I doubt it is a solution for those who have bigger gardens. richard
  20. Did the gauge measure the wheels or the track spacing? Either could be an issue. Or plastic burrs caught in between the rail and the check rail.
  21. Thank you. I have the book so will look into it, though red or ruddy brown through a window unlit might be difficult to tell apart. this stirs up the water a bit. If there was a change I wonder if it came about when Robinson took over. richard
  22. Slowly moving forward. I decided to cut windows from a single sheet. That after putting in the compartments on the wrong side of the carriage. There was me thinking I had been so meticulous with it. I must delve into colours. Seats blue first red third ( I think) corridors dark wood and inside the compartments the same, but Manxman has me thinking I need to check the white upper panels. Just on firsts? one down in a week six to go. So done by the end of may? richard
  23. Thanks for the numbers. I have the exact figures for each part of the compartment and they are within a smidge of what you are quoting. The derailing was for different reasons. A back to back had slipped/ bogie not quite squared. One was catching on the brake cylinder and one on the underframe/ solebars. I think they are all addresses now. richard
  24. This has given me an idea. I was going to cut out the windows but you seem to be doing it by using different pieces to make the down struts around the windows. no interiors yet in mine, but glazing here for their portraits. richard
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