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  1. Or mount all your couplings higher, mine go through the bufferbeam, this stps them fowling the bogie on all stock, wagons are set this way too, it sounds unsightly but it is really not to the eye at normal viewing distances. The issue then becomes on r-t-r wagons as some have a false lower floor, but it is easier to cut this away than muck around on the bogie stock. It also makes mounting the wire very easy as it is secured through holes in the buffer beam rather than stuck below it Richard
  2. I thought i would include some locos and stock in a drip feed as i resize old photos and build new stock. First up some locos. I have to explain that i intend to run in 4 era from pre grouping, grouping, BR and preservation. I also have a thing for proposed locos two of which appear here. First up the crosti standard 5 which would have been the next batch built. It is more than an extra smokebox door as the boiler taper ges the other way to fit the chimney on the side, it is a DJH top with a Bachmann chasis and a tender from elsewhere. It has left bits to do the standard 2-8-0. The standa
  3. great pics more of the D9 please it looks great.
  4. Thank you for the kind comments and video advic on the street scene. Clive do not play down your help on two fronts, firstly it is the union rule with British workmen that one must be stood drinking tea at all times and secondly without you there would be no posts on this thread. Richard
  5. i built one a number of years back and scratch built the missing bits, i have not seen the new mould does it have the chequer plate on the running plate? i did not fit it to mine as i did not see it in photos but then had corespondance from a gentleman who had worked upon GT3 in its brief life. If i can offer any help on colours etc i am happy to help as best i can. Richard
  6. some much later pics showing how the bridge has been filled out and the road surfaced. I was wondering what street furniture there was in 1910 to bring it to life? And anyone who says a bus, especially double decker,......... What i am looking for is signs, road markings or bollards etc. I have also tried to get things right on the inside, including this fogman's hut which has all the internal bracing. Not that it will be seen as it will be tipped up. Note to how the signal box has been finished too. Half the ballasting has been done but i find everything else more interesting to
  7. photo worked i will try here for some more I like all buildings to have an interior, this is the signal box This is a start i hope to have more once i can resize the pictures from my newer camera so that i can put up shots from the last 4 years
  8. first photo from the early stage of building, it is of the scratchbuilt station.
  9. the bunker is the big change going from the sloping side rails to fewer and straight ones, photos should clearly show that up.
  10. My first question is how do you get photos in here from a camera? The only way i can make them appear is to take the photos then screen shot and then pasted into word before being copied across. A most labourious process. then the system will not let them be uploaded. Help Richard
  11. I am starting a post on my layout as friends back in the UK wanted to see its progress and i am finding without a club i need a sounding board for my ideas and problems and RMweb is a great place to do this. My layout is set on the GCR London extension and is mainly sratchbuilt for the buildings and the stock is mostly kit built. It could not be done without the help in the UK before it came out to the States of three great friends, Andy Bell, Clive Mortimore and The now sadly deceased John Cluro. This post is short just to get it up and running there will be photos to follow. I look
  12. we are off for a week but i will get back to after thanksgiving
  13. That is excellent, i will find out tolerances of the machine from the book of words, i should off said that i was in the states, though my brother lives in Sydney, hence the posting issue.
  14. just found the thread, love what you are doing, fury sounds really interesting, would be great to get hold of one if it ever reaches the printing stage. Out of interest i have a 3 d printer here to save postage would you be open to sending the file? Richard
  15. for those who can not make warley could we have an unvailing of what the new kit is on RM web after warley so that we too can think about purchasing it? Richard Based in the USA - otherwise i would have made the effort to go to warley.
  16. the coaches look nice but i do not remember the blood and custards being painted up in that way, and the custard was more yellowy than white. Richard
  17. i really like the weathering you have achieved on those last two pieces. I dead to think how much space the 3 9Fs will take up once completed. richard
  18. 18+ lego now that is something i have not seen, is that because it is sold in plain pagaging on the top shelf due to the nature of its content? Richard
  19. There are the other issues for getting kids to join model railway clubs, which are, the time that most meet is late for any other than older teens to be allowed to consider on a week night, you also need supportive parents, most, like mine, will see it as a fad and hope you will grow out of it. I was given such little encouragement that i was never given a train set even though it was top of my christmas list for years. Also parents might be reticent to drop off their kid with a bunch of men who ware strangers to them, the only alternative is Dad staying and if he is not interested then he is
  20. I was lucky enough Monday to get to see Angloshire in the flesh. It is as well done as the photos suggest on here. However the best bit has almost been overlooked, how it is stored. The system is ingenious, the wheels and stacking system make for a practical and simple way to move it. Thanks for a great evening Richard
  21. great to see another GC loco being commissioned. It would be lovely if someone would commission some coaches to go with it. Richard
  22. The key to interest is firstly having things running be it terminus, goods yard or through station in a believable way, so the right sort of stck i there and it does not do unrealistic moves, the time between each period of action can be cut out. This is more possible the less dead sections there are, (going back to the original premiss of the topic) the length of the layout also plays into the dead section issues, if it is too long it has too long away from any punter even if it does have a train moving in my experiance at exhibitions too long is about 40ft. Secondly interest wanes if the lay
  23. The time taken to park a train in the fiddle yard is why the front operators need to work in concert at exhibitions so that one is bringing their train on scene while the other is taking their last train off. After all exhibiting is showmanship. People leave when nothing is moving on the front.
  24. I am young-er than most who build kits, and I agree with LNWR modeler, support the suppliers, I model the GC and have build some of the excellent kits made by Bill. There is no way I could do them to the same standard and so would resist any undercutting of their money supply which would make him feel it was not worth while. As pointed out 3d printing is great but it is not a panacea. kit designers thank you, Richard
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