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  1. they blend nicely into the scene as if they were always meant to be there. Out of the 32 how many did you use?
  2. how much help? none, he is far too independent and determinded to master things on his own.
  3. The latest building on the layout. In fairness it was built by my 4 year old son who insisted it was time he built buildings like Dad, it is his first scratch build and he only had the off cuts box to work from and i was not giving him a scalpel. He thinks it looks good here and it should now be glued down i told him we should see if it looks best there before we glue it down.
  4. Yes John would have. The garrett is an impressive machine though it is floppy before going on the track so handling it was interesting. I did like the lighs which lit up when moving. Thanks Thom for bringing them. They did not run on the GC as far as i know but they did cross over it. As for Hogwarts castle, it is on a diversionary route as there was engineering work on the ECML. Prototypically definately happened. Richard
  5. The obvious ones here would be matchboard stock of the GCR which would look great here and lasted well into the BR era, they would go with th D11, J11 and the london extension station buildings, but have yet to appear. You have almost the same issue with LNER days with lack of catering stock etc. I for one am happy to keep on making them.
  6. Always sage advice thank you. ......and so to burning, will need to give this some thought as i live in a building which does not allow naked flames, fake burning will need to be done. I have a smoke wash i could put on but will need to find a picture or two of burnt banks to get it to look right. Richard
  7. more bushes added again from cast off from my first ever layout. Then they were rather unconvincing horsehair hedges, but take a pair of scissors to it and planting it around it gives small bushes, i might paint little flowers on some if the mood takes me to change from all green. I do have an issue with the bank not looking real, it is missing something. But what? Rocks? more plants? definately will be cutting back the bushes comng down from the tree to the tracks, it just does not look right. Richard
  8. Thanks for the kind encouragement, more progress has been made and i will post once i have stopped feeling the need to plant shrubs. Also opened a 6 wheel barake to start work on. Richard
  9. i have just nticed how obvious the rear angle shows of the B5 that the layout is OO.
  10. thanks for all the likes, it helps gives me a second opinion on the layouts progress. Next up is the load for the rail and timber wagon, the rails are a scale two and a half feet short but who will know?....drat i have just told you. Then the goods yard has been worked on. To start with the entrance, gate, fence and scrub. I am finding the camera gets distracte from the latest bit worked on and creates a whole picture, but then isn't that the purpose of the scenery? lastly my next bit to play around with........fences on the embankment. They are not fitted but are being trialled to see if they look organic, for realism. I seem to be on a role at the moment.
  11. Would love to come but it is my duty weekend. I will ask around for cover and might see you there. Besides i still need to fix your Beyer Garrett.
  12. So to playing trains, i am pleased with the affect. I know it is an unworked on Bachmann J11, but it will in time g through the works and detailled, but the basic loco and lining are first rate. Also tried some new photographic angles. It is coming together. Only one untouched area : the goods yard which i will make a start on now. Then ballasting and signalling to go Oh and then little details.....stock....telegraph poles... does the list ever end? No? great!....... more modeling to do.
  13. my aim was to get the trees to look natural, no even spaces, not in a line etc. I hope it came off. I also started work on geting the weighbridge bedded in too. It prompted me to see how it ould look in the end.
  14. I got an afternoon without the kids, it is amazing what can be achieved. First up is some foresting, including some trees from my first layout from 20 years ago. They were ging to be thrown out, but a tweek here and there and some serious refoliageing and they seemed good enough to fit to the layout. The results of planting to follow
  15. This is good news, how do we go about ordering a power bogie? - through DJM or kernow? I am scratch building a GCR railmotor , but the power bogie is defeating me. Many thanks Richard
  16. It is on the dart castings site, but it is under the shire scences brand, this means it is etched brass not white metal. it looks lighter but every angle and all depth needs to be formed by the builder, the wheels are in two bits, the axles are three folds to get the shape. It is worth soldering and cleaning up for strength for the best results. Stlll needs its horse. I have just got hold of transfer paper so may re do the name to make it look better. Richard
  17. Three latest things progressing the layout forward. First up two POW wich are moving some aggrigate for road building. The underframes will need to be weathered slightly but i will leave them quite tidy in contrast to the coal wagons once they have all been through the works. Then the ballast bins, but how to place them? One facing each track - yes. but next to each other medium distance apart or a long way apart? Lastly the reason everything has been so slow, the couplings which are being made up. All 80 of them. Just keep saying to yourself......there is a point to the couplings, there is a point to the couplings.......there is a point to the couplings Richard
  18. Le silence est grand et le reste est ferblese. (Silence is great, and the rest is nothing) as the french would say I will go with wood ballast bins. finished article on here soon along with another couple POW Being slowed down by having to make up 80 couplings, With 11 actions per couping to make it, it is slow and monotonous work..............but boy does it look good when hands free uncoupling can be done. Richard
  19. Okay on to ballast bins, and throwing this one out there, were GCR ballast bins in GCR days concreate or timber built? Richard
  20. yes Clive, i had found a picture of the chippenham wagons, but they were out of area so they could not be a wagon, but an 'orse and cart was possible. Richard
  21. Bob parkhurst - now i remember, yes it was a hoot. And now for the latest project, the coal cart. It has the empty sacks, spade, hammer and bucket from prototype photos, the chains underneath were also added, in true modellers form. No idea what they do but they are on the photos. The driver seemed to be in either that position or ridding on the front swivel carriage. He still needs reigns and a whip........and of course the horse. I am thinking cart horse, (thanks for the advice), Things take a while to get to the states. SWMBO kindly got me the cart for christmas, but not a horse to go with it. As for the name.... Like the Cluro castings factory, it is named after a friend who has assisted in the project, for which i am most grateful. I feel a couple of ballast bins coming on next. Richard
  22. Welcome back from the dark side, Darth Spider, will you be returning to your light side name?
  23. Forgive my ignorance but who is bob parkhurst? The man driving on the bridge is driving a 1914 car does that count?
  24. So what was the weathering colour on fish vans, was it white like cattle vans due to the use of lime or .....? lord flasheart, a constable.....any other requests, i am feeling in a generous mood.
  25. supurb resource thanks for bringing it to our attention
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