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  1. This is looking superb Mike - I love the 2nd and 3rd shots in your post yesterday. Perfect looking tarmac, and that cable trunking in the 3rd shot is brilliant. Keep up the great work
  2. Hi there - yes the project is still on the go, it's hit a red signal so to speak, as I've had a slight rethink about the casting and have decided to remodel the coaches in CAD to print in one piece. This will make the casting process a lot easier and more accurate. For the time being I'm having to wait until funds allow me to re-order these parts from Shapeways before I can re-tool. As for the SWR livery - yes it's a nice idea, but to be honest the main reason for producing a 700 in the first place is to go on my Sevenoaks layout, hence it would need to be in the Thameslink livery I'm not too worried about having a 6 instead of 8 coach train - there are plenty of things on my layout that are compromises and not precisely true to life, so one more won't bother me too much! Thank you for the thought though
  3. Good grief - that's about £2,500 worth of class 60 isn't it?
  4. The weathering is looking great Mike - I like the variation of tones you've got on the 47 bogie frames, harder than it looks!
  5. Looking superb as ever David, I am really in awe (and envious) of that Electrostar!
  6. Great to hear your good news Mike, I don't know Dave but best wishes and looking forward to seeing more updates on the layout when you're ready
  7. Wow thank you very much, really nice to receive such comments Glad it's inspired you, let me know what train you decide to embark on!
  8. That shopping trolley is exquisite! In n-gauge, that's some seriously impressive micro-modelling! Love the attention to detail with all of these pics.
  9. Ha ha! Well it doesn't look too bad to me, but I know what it's like when you're not happy with something and it bugs you so much you just have to do it again - we are all our own worst critics, that's the problem! Looking forward to seeing version 2
  10. Nothing wrong with that cabinet Mike, it looks fine to me. I saw that photo a couple of days ago but only noticed the cabinet today after reading Giz's reply. The fact that I didn't notice it before means you did a good job - if there was anything seriously amiss with it, it would draw the eye immediately but as it is, I think it blends in nicely with the others. Galvanised steel is a really interesting material to model - it has that strange mottled effect created by all the different 'flakes' of metal reflecting light slightly differently and at different wavelengths. I think from a distance (or the lineside viewer's perspective), I've found aluminium spray finish with a very fine dusting of flat grey to take the sparkle off has worked quite well in the past. You could even try a thin 'wash' of dark grey over the aluminium, which would dull it down and also pick out the raised detail?
  11. Interesting info, thanks once again On the layout I have gone with concrete platform edging along the whole length of the platforms which was a bit lazy I admit, as there is clearly some variation and some brickwork remaining from the original station! SEV is very much 'alive' in the sense that it is a station that continuously evolves and changes - this makes it a challenging subject from a modeling point of view, but I think generally the layout will end up being a representation of it as it was throughout the 1990s and 2000s. The focus is very much on capturing the essence and atmosphere of the place, rather than getting every detail exactly right (I would never achieve the latter as I'm nowhere near patient or proficient enough!)
  12. Thanks Freightman - very interesting info. I have noticed the smooth cladding on the footbridge the last few times I've been through the station. It does give it a much more modern (if bland) look. Since the corrugated steel cladding was very much a characteristic of SEV for several decades, I'll be sticking with that
  13. Thanks a lot Mike, that's really kind of you. Really enjoying the progress on Oak Road btw, it's looking great!
  14. Hi JDW - I think I know what you mean - as per the attached drawing? It sounds like it could be a really good idea, I'll give it some thought, many thanks!
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