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    Modern image fan,of all traction.
    Vice chairmen at Merseyside model railway society,also look after club shop.
    Owner of Banks road 30ft layout "modern traction"

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  1. Stil coming along great I see Caz..
  2. Coming along great had good catch up here now enginelane...
  3. Been busy spraying Network rail yellow again!! more coaches coming along...
  4. Yer you and Ray wil have to pop down,weve had a lot of changes in the club, for the better...
  5. Ive been busy making some scratch built road work barriers and road lamps..
  6. Another "37" beastie arrives in the form of 37884 Europhoenix...
  7. Yer most of my weathering is taken from pictures of locos ive seen over the years Wayne..
  8. Like your new prezies there Andi...
  9. Yer ive got 37099,37421 and 37219 in colas at mo Jamie
  10. Had interesting read here,thanks for posting up the information...
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