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  1. That is very interesting and something I hadn't noticed. It also means I should include this pipe as it is an ex LNE Gresley full brake. The sliding side doors end windows and corridor connection removal has already been completed but I was wary of adding g the pipe in case it was an air brake conversion or something added in the 70s. The Alloa and Larbert layouts depict early to mid sixties. Thanks to all who have posted your input has been great help. Dave.
  2. Its not a vacuum pipe as ex passenger bogie vehicles already piped internally such as Gresley and Thompson vehicles also had these pipes running along the solebar. Another unfortunately poor image of a Gresley vehicle conversion.
  3. Must have been fun cleaning that smokebox at the end of a journey.
  4. Currently converting an Ian Kirk Gresley full brake to a tool van as one of the support coaches to accompany the new Bachmann crane. Questions I have are does anyone know what the external usually white painted pipe running along the sole bar was added for? Its been suggested its Air but if so is this for pneumatic tools or air braking? If the former is the compressor within the coach and where are the take off points? Does it run along the solebar on one side only? Also does anyone know when these pipes were added as I am modelling t
  5. Thanks to everyone who posted and from the many positive comments it would seem that this years show was well received..makes it all worthwhile. The weather threatened but thankfully nothing dramatic happened and our friends making long journeys all managed safely. We of course had Alloa running in what is likely to be its last appearance in Scotland and very enjoyable it was. My personal favourite..Hornsey Broadway. The detail on this layout is breathtaking plus it ran faultlessly so a big thank you to Kier for making the trek north. A couple of Al
  6. Its already underway and building to be another great show. Glad you enjoyed this year and thanks for the great comments.
  7. It was indeed NS and appreciated. Yes the old 'bus on a bridge' thing seems impossible to resist by many although I have to admit if there is a nice bus to be displayed theres only one place for it! Dave.
  8. Thank you for your kind comments Jamie. The layout is 34ft long and operates on a continuous run with end on fiddles feeding trains to the front on both the mainline and branch. There is pretty well always something moving which of course is totally unprototypical..but the public pay their money to see trains moving not static exhibits. Everything on the layout is accurate for the location and period and run at scale speeds with many of the locos by necessity being kit built like the WD 2-10-0s and many NB and Caley 0-6-0s. Diesels are represented mainly by the DMUs and rai
  9. In this case yes it is as the BR Morris van is parked in the station yard just as the original pic. We do have a bus on the bridge though at the other end and very nice it is too with slight weathering and a slightly sloping platform!
  10. Posted a few comparison pics on the Exhibitions page as Alloa due to be at the SEC in Glasgow in a couple of weeks . Possibly already listed some of these but as they are to hand.
  11. Very nice shot of two well weathered locos and the Brit (70018?) looks like it has had the tender draught screens fitted. An often overlooked detail but one that is so obvious on the real thing and is easy to add. My own 'Dutchman'
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