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  1. I am following this with great interest, it is a project I have been mulling over for a while now. Well done, I look forward to the next instalment.
  2. As an occasional lurker I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread and hope it continues for many years, cheers! to Alan and all the other amazing modelmakers here.
  3. That is so lifelike I can smell the stale urine from here! Brilliant!
  4. I am one of the 150 who read the post but made no comment and I am sorry if that came across as bad manners, it certainly wasn't intended to be and I can relate to the frustration of posting something that gets no responce at all. If I might offer an alternative thought on this from the perspective of being an admin on a completely different forum, had we all posted a reply but had nothing really to say the forum would have been clogged up with chaff that contributes little but takes up valuable bandwidth which is undesirable. Keep posting!
  5. Surely the top of the firebox must get pretty hot so would discolour rapidly?
  6. I admire the courage to have a go and hope you have achieved what you hoped to, I haven't had that courage yet. If I might point out one small thing with the best of intentions, the inside of the chimney needs blacking up, it's far too clean and goldy.
  7. My period of interest is late twenties early thirties so there is not much out there for me. To be honest I have been enjoying building some of the Parkside vans and wagons and would quite like it if someone were to produce some carriages in kit form (plastic) that we modellers could finish to our taste and ability.
  8. My understanding is that +ve earth vehicles do not rust as rapidly as -ve earth, that said they were also using better/thicker metal back then.
  9. Oh lordy! I think Allans overdosed on the mulled wine and mince pies already!
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