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  1. Hi Ian, I have now got an arduino with DCC++ and a Pi 4 with JMRI running and working with WiThrottle. I have just applied for a Trial license for ITrain. What protocol or interface does the pi use to talk with Itrain?. Hoping this will work otherwise its a Z21 for an early xmas prezzie. Cheers
  2. When I first bought NCE I was not thinking of computer control, just ease of use and the decent reviews it had for a newbie. I have been playing with DCC++ and JMRI and getting reasonable results but I know my programming skills are non-existent at best so still leaning towards Itrain. I will have a look at Rasberry Pi as Ian mentioned it was compatible with Itrain. What Z21 system is recommended?, do I need a big Z or a small z system?. Will have to do some digging into that and the Pi option. Many thanks for all the info and help guys. Unfortunately the budget has to be considered so I don't want to have to upgrade again in the near future. James Petts your layout looks amazing, good luck with that. Cheers Mick
  3. Hi Iain, having finally decided to go down the Itrain route I have now found out from James at dcctrainautomation that it is not compatible with NCE and never will be. I am now wondering if I should sell the NCE and go with another compatible system....decision decisions. !!
  4. Many thanks for the replies guys. It has given me some food for thought. I noticed that train controller wasn't available in UK...his loss. Guess that leaves iTrain to dig into deeper. I will try and find a local club as well. I will be wanting to be able to manually control some aspects and work along side the automation. Guess I will have to go fully manual to begin with and start automating as the funds become available. Has anyone used Megapoints kit, it seems fairly comprehensive or would I be better staying with NCE. Best start being nice to the wife and get my shopping list in for xmas.......Cheers
  5. Iain, many thanks for the video and advice, I love your layout. That is exactly what I would like to achieve. I have just found a free package called A-Track written for NCE systems. I will have a look at the other packages you mention. I still haven't got past planning the layout stage yet. I think I need to do a bit more research before I start pinning down track. I think I need to identify and list the basic components that I will need and do a lot more digging into it. Hope you don't mind if I come back to you, I think i may have a steep learning curve ahead and bound to have lots of questions. It's amazing the amount of choice available. Once again many thanks.
  6. Hi Gents, I am a complete beginner to DCC N gauge and would appreciate any advice on what systems to use to achieve full computer control. Reasonably happy with the DCC side but not really into DIY electronics so will be using commercial units. Is there a good collective source for this or do I just trawl through the Forums. Any advice or pointers will be gratefully received. I already have a NCE PowerCab system with usb using Peco code 80 track on a 8x4 base. Have been looking at Megapoints kits. Many thanks in advance. Cheers
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