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  1. Mr Freezer to a small boy looking up was a magnificent person. How could someone design all those layouts? I looked at his books with wide eyes and wonder. I only occasionally look at model rail (oo) size and play with it coming up to christmas and through the dark month of January. So every now and again i look at his publishings and dream of making a layout that is practicable and simple in operation. I must be the person with more bits of track that have never been laid than anyone. Usually by the time i start playing with the stuff the winter is over and i am playing with live steam a
  2. I have just read a book on the tracks from Bangor to Amlwch. It looks like most passing loops were fitted with a set of catch points. Would the purpose of this be to stop trains following on the one just passing in the loop?
  3. I am wanting details and dimensions for well type turntables in oo similar to the peco model . If anyone can help please. Bri
  4. Your welcome, its hard when the house is warm and the garage or workshop cold. But modelling takes many forms, i can switch from model yachts to plastic kits or anything. My wife thinks i am barmy but its all fun and satisfying pastimes. Brian
  5. I returned the loco to Hornby, and they returned it to me within a fortnight (that's two weeks for anyone abroad) Which i think is a pretty good service. Happy chuffing. Brian
  6. That's a really nice build. Currently completing a rebuild of a 5" Brittania. I had it running last year and it showed up a lot of changes that are needed. I am working on the tender at the moment to get it in shape, adding detail and correcting faults of the original assembly. Brian
  7. Nigel. Thank you for the advice. Contacted Hornby. I am now on the waiting list for a few days.
  8. Ok. Back to it. Turned power on and select loco. Nothing. Select another loco. That's fine. So I can rule out bad connections, controller, etc. It's got to be the 20 that's got a problem. Tried reading cv and nothing. Message is can not read cv? Has anyone got any pointers other than taking it back Brian
  9. Ok. So all going well with the mallard and the NCE controller. So now I get braver and bought a Hornby class 20 with sound no less. First one would not work so the supplier swapped it for another unit he tested before letting me have it so no doubt it works. Get home and away it goes working well. I turned the controller off and went for tea. On my return the engine would not work. I placed a known engine with a gauge master chip fitted on the track and that goes ok. So I try the 20 again no difference still no movement or noise functions. I program the engine again to the l
  10. Well my Hornby dcc mallard turned up today. I was getting a bit worried as I paid for it in December. The dcc controller will be with me tomorrow so I will have a play with that and see how confused I can get I am still unsure of the track layout for my small layout. I am still hankering after the 8' x 1' that CJFreezer shared a long time ago. Not very good for a mallard but should be ok for the smaller 060 and 040 that I am gathering. B
  11. Nice work. Will follow with interest. Bri
  12. I really enjoyed it. I have only briefly visited that area and that was in January last year so seeing it again made both myself and my wife want to visit. As per my heading picture I have an old roundhouse loco I bought at an auction. Polished and sat in the conservatory! My wife asked why I did not have a track to run it on, it's all sounding promising for the engine Looking forwards to next weeks episode. B
  13. In Sheffield tomorrow there is an auction for anyone interested in doublo and three rail stuff. I have no connectionor interests with the sale room. If it's your thing have a look at the Sheffield auction web site. It only about 1/2 mile from rails of Sheffield shop. Brian
  14. Thank you for your replies. I have bought one of the green Hornby ones with the dcc chip fitted. Last time I started a layout (got into 00) I went at it like a bull at a gate with no direction. So this time I am concentrating on LNER and in the Br green livery. I only intend making a small end to end layout for the winter months. Brian
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