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  1. I was not really suggesting a one million entry database, just making the point that we need something a bit more modest to start with. I have been transcribing records of withdrawn GWR and South Wales wagons, a good many thousand. Two things which have become evident is that it is sometimes very hard to read the writing, and that there are sometimes errors in the original documents. Jonathan
  2. The only problem then is if you are looking for all the wagons owned by a particular company, which might have been built by half a dozen companies. I agree though that one file is not a realistic approach. Jonathan
  3. Remember that we are talking about a million wagons or more - there were half a million at one time. Quite a big Excel file. Jonathan
  4. From Tony Cooke's mammoth work on South Wales collieries Dunvant Slant Worked between 1894 and 1908 Penland, Dunvant Worked 1886-1916 New Dunvant 1913-1916 and a bit later but unclear. Yes, now on the edge of Swansea. Was on the LNWR line from Craven Arms to Swansea Victoria. Jonathan
  5. I remember reading a book about the railways and industry of Whitehaven - probably given to me by my sister but now passed on. Yes, this one: WHITEHAVEN - THE RAILWAYS AND WAGGONWAYS OF A UNIQUE CUMBERLAND PORT by Howard Quayle Cumbrian Railways Association but OOP. Jonathan
  6. Re C4345, a good job the Vale of York is pretty flat. I hope it wasn't heading across the Pennines. Jonathan
  7. I feel that if there is to be a referendum on anything then change from the status quo should need a 70% majority of those voting. That has long been the norm for things like changes to the constitutions of organisations. And one cannot blame everyone for not knowing what they were voting about. Our information from the government arrived in the post after we had voted. Though we knew quite a few people who simply didn't believe anything issued by the government. That in itself is an indictment. But let's get back to the nuts and bolts such as news of the tunnel progress and other engineering projects en route. Jonathan
  8. "The longer distance minimal stopping trains will use it as well." I hope so but with the constraints of OOC and the apparent uncertainty about the connection to the WCML at the Birmingham end (is it still going to be to the slow lines?), as was said above, that will still leave a lot of spare capacity until Euston is built and something sensible is done about links to further north. Jonathan
  9. Remember that when HS2 was designed the capacity was needed for many more long distance trains than just three an hour to Birmingham. So of course it will now be underused if it only serves Birmingham. Jonathan
  10. Now now, no politics please. And on finance for major projects, the new government has already warned that there is not much money in the kitty. Not, as explained above, that that should have affected the financing of HS2, except that interest on borrowed money has to come from somewhere until the assets start earning. I shall be surprised if even Gobowen to Oswestry gets reopened - as promised a few weeks before the election. Jonathan
  11. Presumably these are going to travel First Class. Jonathan
  12. Re timber loads, when did sheeting stop? There are photos in the late Grouping period of wagons with round timber unsheeted, and definitely not in the goods yard but in transit. For example, page 102 of the recently published "Corners of the Cambrian book, a view of a train from Kerry approaching Abermule. Jonathan
  13. His question was: "So what interesting loads, pre 1923, have people come across that are identifiable and not an anonymous lump under a tarpaulin?" My thought therefore was "what random loads would have been seen which would not have been under tarpaulins. Some of those I listed might have been or might not and sugar beet was carried in anything available in season though probably sheeted if in opens. Night soil would have been sheeted, hence the need for an odour generator so it doesn't fall into the "anonymous" category. And I was ignoring "special loads" such as enormous girders, ships' propellers and big gun barrels. J
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