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  1. The era you choose to model would dictate that, I just used the Seacow as an example
  2. Im not really sure if this counts as a question or as a discussion, but Ill put it here as it has a question in it somewhere. So the other, maybe a week or so ago I was watching railcam Crewe 4 camera and I saw a Class 66 hauling a single set of intermodal wagons that had just one intermodal tank container on it, it came off Salop Goods on the Down Liverpool Independent heading towards Runcorn Folly Lane. I assumed it was carrying some raw materials for one of the industries down there. Caustic soda maybe... Seeing it made me think of wagon load freight hauling as there was just one container. But then I thought about all the trip workings we did back in what now feels like the far distant past. Would this have been a trip working from Bassford Hall to Folly Lane, I didnt think they did that kind of thing anymore as there was so little money in it for the private companies to make it pay.
  3. Buxton has a green aspect for station approach. There are cases where a 2 aspect colour light signal can only show a yellow aspect, for instance where the route set can only be to a diverging route.
  4. There are indeed, and to be quite frank its nice to see so many manufacturers doing so many products these days. I am probably just like you from a time when there where very few manufacturers producing hobby paints whos colours shades and hues where on the dubious side a lot of the time... Airfix and Humbrol where the mainstay of course and they are still around today. Is that what you go with today? or do you prefer something more esoteric? I wasnt expecting pedanticism when I wrote that as I was rather hoping that my use of the word oil would be taken to mean the petro chemical based oil paints such as enamels and lacquers which stink to high heaven when compared to the likes of Vallejo and Citadel paints. Tamiya while being based mostly on alcohol have a rather pungent smell and I prefer not to use them. I suppose its rather along the same lines as RailMatch thinners however I find the smell over all isnt as bad as enamels and lacquers. I started on pigment based paints, my father taught me to mix my own colours while I was still a child as he was an artist who mixed his own paints up from base materials. Not something I would want to do these days when there are so many perfectly useable offerings on the shelves of our wonderful model shops.
  5. For me there is nothing between the one and the other in all things until you get to the smell of oil based paints, be they enamels or lacquers. I think its about time the industry completely dropped the oil based paints and focused on the acrylics as its only a matter of time before they die out anyway because they are oil based.
  6. I was in my local shop recently looking to get a pot of Railmatch 2255 EWS Maroon only to be told that the shopkeeper couldnt order it from his supplier as it has been discontinued! I was wondering if anybody knows if it has been discontinued by Railmatch of just my local shops supplier. Any help would be appreciated, I am only looking for the acrylic paints, I have no interest in enamels, sprays or any other kind of paints beyond acrylics.
  7. I have RailMatch Tinners, Citadel, Tamiya and Vallejo thinners. Im more wondering if anybody has had any problems. For instance I was told not to try Mr Colour Leveling thinners because it turns Vallejo paints into a gooey mess.
  8. Not really looking for cheap alternatives. I was just wondering if anybody had used something other than Railmatch thinner to thin Railmatch paints. Vallejo thinners for example.
  9. Can somebody help, Im wondering if anybody has used Railmatch acrylics and if so have you thinned them with something other than Railmatch acrylic thinners? If so which ones did you find success with?
  10. Has anyone tried Vallejo Airbrush thinner with RailMatch acrylics?
  11. You wont really find any intermodals on single lines. At the time the lines went to singles due to lack of use intermodal working would mean there is no lack of use. You might want to look at Navigation Road station. Its a single line but there is another track next to it used by the Manc Metro. so the platform isnt OOU. The real problem is he wants to depict two things which go against each other in the real world (or as you guys like to say in the prototype)
  12. Why is it all split up like that? I mean why are all the china clay wagons not together?
  13. I followed this thread a while back with interest then while looking up information about Edge hill station I came across this picture of flickr, Im sure the owner wont mind my sharing it here A class 502 EMU train with car M28354M passing through Bank Hall station.
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