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  1. Good evening, everyone. Here are more photo’s to enjoy, and they are courtesy of John Law, 6Y99, Simon Beeston, and Andy Hughes, all on Flickr. Firstly we have a photo’ of a four car class 104 and a two car 104 DMU departing Brough, on a gloomy, wet day, in 1971. Next is a photo’ of West Coast Rail's 47804. It has plenty of power being applied as it hauls 10 Mk2a & Mk2c and a dead 47 in the form of 47786 at Chalk LAne Crossing Hawthorne Avenue Hull the train is, 5Z86, the 1051 Hull Paragon - Carnforth C.H.S. on the 7th March, 2010. Thirdly here is a view of A4, 4468, Mallard, on the 9th July, 1986, departing from Hull. Last is a photo’ of 31233, as it propels train, 1Q31, the 07:52 Derby R.T.C. - York Holgate Loop into Hull past Selby Street, on the 9th December, 2013. Best regards, Rob.
  2. Good evening, David. That’s a great set of photo’s of the S&D 150 at Shildon in August, 1975, with one from June, 1975. C2341, of K1, 2005, 24th August, 1975, is a splendid and well composed three quarter portrait shot of the locomotive. The photo’s from around the eastern part of the Southern, are a superb selection. J5713, at Sheerness, with a Class 414, 6116, on a Sheerness to Sittingbourne service, in May, 1977, is a delightful photo’ of the unit as it goes about it’s work without any fuss. Very best regards, Rob.
  3. Good evening, everyone. This evening we have more photo’s to enjoy. They are thanks to John Law, Unimog1300L, Simon Beeston, and Richard Stewart, all on Flickr. Firstly we have a photo’ of WD, 90367, at Drapers yard, Neptune St., Hull, in c1966. Next is a photo’ which depicts 37401/2 - Direct Rail Services, on a RHTT, as it crawls into Brough Station, on the 8th October, 2021. Thirdly we have a photo’ of train, 0Z43, the 13:00 Hedon Road Sidings to Longport F.D. running on the 20th August, 2018. Operated by ROG 37611 & 66999. Lastly here’s a photo’ which shows 66731 "Captain Tom Moore" as it passes Hessle Road Junction on train, 6D08, from Doncaster Hexthorpe Sidings to Hull Docks empty box wagons, on the 23rd August, 2023. Best regards, Rob.
  4. Good evening, David. That’s a fantastic set of photo’s of Birchenwood coke ovens, Kidsgrove, in July, 1973. J3250, of a Peckett tank engine is a fascinating study of the engine in store. The photo’s of the ECML between Newcastle and Cramlington, going north at Dudley and Damdykes crossing are a superb selection. C5613, at Damdykes, with a Class 47 on a down express train, in December, 1981, is a well composed shot of the train on a cloudy and gloomy December day. Very best regards, Rob.
  5. Good evening, everyone. Here are more photo’s to illustrate the railways of East Yorkshire, and they are courtesy of Railway Dave & Jim Freebury, Ado Griff, Simon Beeston, and Syd Young, all on Flickr. Firstly here’s a view of Hull Dairycoates shed in light and shadows, of 61012 Puku, at 2.30pm, on the 11th April, 1965. Next is a photo’ of Class 40, 40025, the former Lusitania, which is seen running out of platform 1 at Scarborough after its stock has been removed by the pilot. August the 30th, Bank Holiday Monday, 1976. Now we have a photo’ which depicts 66789, at Ferriby, on train, 5Z46, the 09:30 Hull - Burton On Trent Wetmore Sidings, ECS, running on the 1st December, 2019. Finally, here’s a is a photo’ of the unusual sight of 57316 standing under Hull Paragon's magnificent roof on the evening of the 24th May, 2013. The train was spending the night here before leaving the following morning as the "Welsh Mountain Statesman", a railtour to Aberystwyth and back. Best regards, Rob.
  6. Good evening, David. That’s a fantastic selection of photo’s of the Swiss metre gauge, on the Brünigbahn, between Luzern and Interlaken, in 1988 and 1991. The first photo’ at Meiringen, of SBB Brünig Deh4/6, 904, on the 12th August, 1988, is a well composed portrait shot of the lovely electric locomotive. The photo’s of Whitehaven, in August, 1975, by your Dad, are a superb and atmospheric set. J4633, of a Class 25 in the distance, is a superb composition, and it is a beautiful scene. Very best regards, Rob.
  7. Good evening, everyone. So, this evening, I will say no more, for now, about Scarborough station, and so let’s enjoy some photo’s and they are thanks to John Turner, Syd Young, Richard Stewart, and 6Y99, all on Flickr. Now, this is a photo’ of B1 4-6-0 61010 "Wildebeeste" as it shunts Sculcoates yard, (Hull), whilst working Darycoates' J10 pilot, in c1964. Secondly we see 37087, "Vulcan”, seen stabled at Hull Paragon on the 21st January, 1990. Here we see 50007 "Hercules" as it passes Woodgate Lane footbridge (Hull) on train, 5Z51, from Beverley to Hull Dairycoates ECS move, with 50049 on the rear, on the 22nd December, 2022. Finally, here’s a photo’ of 66133, on special train, 1Z25, at No10 Quay 2. The 66 slowly creeps along the rail connection on No10 Quay at Hull King George Dock. In the back ground is one of the two cooling towers at Saltend Chemical Plant. June the 30th, 2018. Best regards, Rob.
  8. Good evening, David. That’s a great selection of photo’s at Didcot in May, 1979. The first photo’ is a superb and well composed shot of the tank engine, and something is chalked on the top of the smokebox door. It seems to end …Man. I cannot see exactly what is before the ‘Man’. The black and white photo’s are an excellent and nostalgic set. JVol1307, of an LNER buffet car interior, c1948, is outstanding. It is full of details which will be of good use for modellers. Thank you for posting it. Very best regards, Rob.
  9. Good evening everyone. Firstly, it’s an informative discussion about the roof of Scarborough station. I have learnt infinitely more from it than over the last two and a bit years. I was in Scarborough today, and what I noticed again today was the smell of the diesel fumes. Again many thanks for the discussion and the information. This evening we have more photo’s to enjoy. They are courtesy of Andy Hughes, John Turner, and Philip Wheldale, all on Flickr. Firstly we take a look at 66414, as it slowly edges forward at the worksight at Hull Paragon Station, while 66555 stands in platform 3. 66414 would leave two hours late working as train, 6Y32, the 17:05 Hull Anlaby Road Junction - Doncaster Up Decoy, on the 16th April, 2022. Next we have a photo’ of a class 104 4-car DMU (DMCL E50589 nearest camera) thought to be at Hedon Road Sidings, Hull, pictured during the RCTS (West Riding branch) 1Z02 "Hull Docks Rail Tour", on the 10th October, 1964. Now let’s have a look at 47517, on the 14th April, 1991. It is seen at Hull Paragon station, on train, 1A60, the 1700 Hull to King’s Cross. Finally let’s take a look at WD "Austerity" 8F 2-8-0, 90092, as it runs into Hessle station with a local trip freight of Presflo wagons possibly heading towards Hessle Quarry, in c1964. Best regards, Rob.
  10. Good evening, David. That is a fantastic set of photo’s of the Stockton and Darllington around Brussleton incline, in June, 1975, by your Dad, on an RCHS visit with Ken Hoole. J4443, of the cottages and engine house, is a great photo’ and there is excellent details for modelling purposes. The photo’s of Doncaster in 1979 and 1983 are a superb selection. The last photo’ of 37170 and another one, on a down empty mgr train, in October, 1983, is well composed and the 37’s make an impressive sight. Very best regards, Rob.
  11. Good evening, everyone. Firstly, Mike, that’s a good post about the current state of Scarborough station. I asked, in the booking office, about it at Easter and there was no information available. As you say it is actually quite disgusting. It is so dark and miserable. A bad advertisement for visitors to the seaside resort. This evening it is time for more photo’s to enjoy, courtesy of knoxrj, George Woods, John Law, and Richard Stewart, all on Flickr. We see first a view of D49/2, 376, The Staintondale, on a Whitby train at Malton, on the 31st May, 1936. Next is a view of 37402, leading a RHTT working at Cottingham, on the 21st October, 2021. We now have a photo’ of two two-car class 108’s at Bridlington, on a service to Hull, from Scarborough, in May, 1986. Finally, it is time for a photo’ of 60163 "Tornado", as it passes Anlaby Road Junction on train, 1Z70, the Hull to Carlisle "The Ribblehead Rambler" charter, on the 30th September, 2021. This was the first steam hauled train to depart from Hull Paragon in 14 years. Best regards, Rob.
  12. Good evening, David. That’s a great set of photo’s of Hexham and around Corbridge on the Newcastle to Carlisle line are a superb selection. The last photo’ at Corbridge Dilston crossing, with a Class 37 on an up pw train, in July, 1983, is a great view of the train, and a former Gresley corridor carriage can be seen as a mess carriage. The photo’s of the Midland Main Line with four photo’s at Leicester and one at Nottingham, are a superb set. The first photo’ of a Class 45, on an up ecs, on the 9th August, 1977, is an excellent shot, and the first vehicle looks like an outside framed Siphon G with the top half of the sides panelled over. Very best regards, Rob.
  13. Good evening, everyone. Here are more photo’s to enjoy thanks to John Turner, Andy Hughes, Simon Beeston and George Woods, all on Flickr. Here is a photo’ of Gresley K3 2-6-0, 61985, as it pauses at Brough with, according to the caption, a Doncaster to Hull stopping train, in c1961. Now here’s a photo’ which depicts 56134 `Blyth Power', as it approaches Hull Southcoates Lane at the head of train, 6D51, from Doncaster Belmont - Hull Docks, on the 28th September, 2001. Now we have a photo’ of 57314. The extended caption gives full details which are: 5Z13 10:33 BRIDLINGTON - 16:18 CARNFORTH STEAMTOWN running on 07/10/2018 Train InformationTrain Running & Realtime Information Runs on 07/10/2018 STP schedule runs Su from 07/10/2018 - 07/10/2018 Operated by WCRC 57601 / 57314 Empty Coaching Stock Diesel Locomotive Timing Load - 455 tonnes Timed to run at 95mphTrain Activated 07/10/2018 06:01 Train ID - 195Z131H07 The final photo’ shows 66596, at Hutton Cranswick, on an engineers special, on the 26th October, 2021. Best regards, Rob.
  14. Good evening David. That’s a fantastic selection of photo’s of the Cumbrian Coast line, with trains on Arnside viaduct over the Kent estuary, in June, 1976. The last photo’ of a two car Class 108, on a down service, is an excellent photo’ and it captures the full length of the viaduct perfectly. The black and white print of B1, 61092, on an up class F, ordinary goods train, from Cambridge to Hitchin, at Hauxton crossing, in September, 1948, is a real gem of historical interest. The photo’s from Northumberland, at Ashington and Freeman's crossing on the Blyth and Tyne, are a superb set. The last photo’ at Freemans Crossing, with 56117, Wilton Coalpower, on a coal train to Blyth power station, on the 25th July, 1996, is a splendid three quarter portrait shot of both the 56 and its train. Very best regards, Rob.
  15. Good evening, everyone. This evening here are more photo’s to enjoy courtesy of Charlie Verrall, Andy Hughes, 6Y99, and Ado Griff, all on Flickr. Firstly we see B1, 61021, Reibok, at York, on the 21st April, 1960. Here’s a photo’ of 66622, as it stands at Hull Paragon Station, while work carries on in relaying platform seven, on the 12th May, 2024. Now let’s look at 47812 as seen slowing over Cave Crossing whilst at he head of train, 4D95, the 1500 Hull Coal Terminal - Doncaster Down Decoy. The working is conveying Gypsum. Taken on the 27th February, 2015. The last photo’ shows on 10th July, 1984, of 46229, Duchess of Hamilton, as it makes smoke on platform 1 at Scarborough, before departing on The Scarborough Spa Express. Best regards, Rob.
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