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  1. I ordered a new Hornby Inter City, Eastern Region, Class 43 HST from John on the 20th of April and it turned up two days later on the 22nd. Almost £20 cheaper than anywhere else and free postage! Incredible service, i was so pleased. I will definitely be ordering from John again. Cheers, Howard.
  2. Hi, I would just like to say that I would love to see a newly tooled class 91 and Mk 4 DVT, I don't mind who does them, I just want them. Oh and if a kickstarter, crowd funding project was started with DJ Models on board then I would definitely want to be part of that. I have the new Beattie Well tank produced by DJM in conjunction with Kernow Model Rail Centre and I can tell you that it's detailing and quality is excellent so I'm sure that a 91 would be produced to an equally high standard. Oh and Dave, I love your YouTube videos, can't get enough of them in fact, keep them up! Che
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