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  1. Just had my first longish trip on an 80x, London to Leeds (via Hertford for extra scenery) and back (no unexpected diversions). Found it perfectly comfortable (and the via Hertford trip took close to 3 hours) - thought the firmness of the seats might bother me, but it didn't at all. The interior is much more cheerful with all the red than the GWR sets which I remember as being very grey inside. A bit of a shame that I didn't get a 91 in either direction, but I suspect they're pretty rare on the Leeds run these days.
  2. Looks smart, but personally I prefer LNERs scheme.
  3. Stadler didn't build those trains. If they weren't told about the specific properties of them which makes them work then it's not their fault if they didn't include them. And if they were told and haven't built to the spec they were provided then it is their fault. My experience in engineering is that some suppliers do exactly what's specified whether it's right or not, others build what they want regardless of what the spec says, and some will work with the clients to get things as close to what they actually want (as opposed to what they asked for) as possible. I doubt we'll ever find out how this particular train supplying contact went, but my experience suggests that it all stems from how good or otherwise the initial specification is. It's not a new issue though. BR was quite capable of similar cock ups, remember the 158s having to run with vehicles from other units because on their own they didn't work with the infrastructure?
  4. Red (well, maroon might be a better description) is one of the colours in the XC scheme though, so if it didn't need doing for wear reasons then probably best not spending loads of money on it.
  5. I think there were bigger fish to fry so it didn't get dealt with. The loco area is a bit of a problem in as much as it's possible to run directly from a main line to the turntable without stopping, which I believe was not a permitted arrangement. An easy solution to that isn't immediately presenting itself though, and even then there would need to be lots more surgery done to the loco area to get it into shape as a believable steam shed - which I personally know absolutely nothing about so couldn't help with.
  6. It's too early to be hinting at any cause. If people were working on equipment at the time that it operated in an unexpected manner then obviously that'll be part of the investigation, as will the way the new rolling stock interacts with the infrastructure.
  7. Trains which don't reliably activate track circuits are nothing new, so you'd expect there to be known solutions available. The problem is that the old trains have already been sent on their merry way, leaving GA with nothing. Which is down to the structure of the industry more than anything else.
  8. They're not service yet, but I'd be shocked if they were materially different inside, other than maybe colour scheme.
  9. Doesn't seem like you've really changed anything meaningful, everything will still work pretty much the same as it would have done with the final iteration of the plan.
  10. I've heard tales of the ETH being turned off to get away from every station stop when 33s were running the Waterloo - Exeter line.
  11. I think the issue isn't helped by the fragmentation of the industry and modern career paths meaning that when a new train is introduced no one involved had anything to do with any previous new train introduction. And the ROSCOs having new contracts to honour for the old units - if they were off to the scrappers then extending the lease for a few months would be a viable option. But I'm still sure it'll be worth it when they settle down.
  12. This seems to happen quite often - trains go off to their new homes before their replacements have had the initial commissioning troubles dealt with. Happened with 800s on GWR I seem to recall, and also in Scotland with the 385 introduction. The people who put these plans together never seem to learn...
  13. I don't know how it all works, but from memory of last time I went on the circle line, S stock can have an overhang at both ends.
  14. It was about as funny as a trip to the dentists the first time...
  15. By dazzling the people coming the other way. It's probably an issue of setup, but I don't feel safer knowing that I can hardly see anything other than the oncoming headlights.
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