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  1. I was thinking more of the emphasis beat every 4 chuffs that seems to be a feature of 2 cylinder engines, which would presumably be every 6 on a 3 cylinder. Though Bulleids don't sound much like anything else I've heard.
  2. I'd stick with the station on a corner variant, but I'd move the FY reversal crossovers off-scene by moving the scenic breaks. The siding with run-round ought to be longer, and the MPV siding would probably be in that area, rather than having two different engineers areas.
  3. Won't the different number of cylinders make a different characteristic sound? I've never heard a Q1, but most 2 cylinder locos I can recall had a "CHUFF chuff chuff chuff" repeating pattern once at some kind of speed. Nothing like a WC/BoB, at least in my memory.
  4. You can spend what you like on what you like to an extent. I've got a freelance battery powered wooden 16mm diesel loco kit that cost about £40. And there's loads of such things out there, cheap freelance wagon and coach kits etc. It's low on detail but I think that's the point of them, they're designed to be run and viewed from 10 feet away. The peco track for 16mm/ SM32 isn't cheap though. £50 for a single point makes it quite important to plan and optimise your layouts before buying the bits...
  5. The branch like that is another solution. The main lines could run via the storage roads, and the branch could run in front, either through a purely scenic area, or a smaller station, before rejoining the main line to the right. Or it could do the BLT in front of the FY cliché. Though if Pete is only really interested in running main line trains then the obvious answer would be to run a main line in front of the storage.
  6. There's a looped figure 8 via both through stations and a circuit through the station middle left that I can see.
  7. Did Hawkhurst have a station building as lovely as the pre-1899 Caterham one? If you're fictionalising it then you could mix them of course. If I were into building structures then that Caterham one would be one I'd have to find a home for.
  8. The overhead line would at least be visible if the shed doors are. In reality it'll probably completely dominate the scene.
  9. I always though Australia was a big car country. The Zoe isn't something I'd ever have expected to be a success there. How are Tesla doing in Oz?
  10. I'm not suggesting that EVs will provide an alternative to HS2, but the fact that the automotive industry is going that way at breakneck speed will alleviate the environmental impact of cars. Of course, if the capacity of HS2 is not provided by rail, then I imagine we'd be looking at major expansion of the M1, M6 and M40. Which I'm sure the like of Chris Packham will be thoroughly in favour of.
  11. It's as though he'd rather people travelled by car. Though with the ongoing rise of EVs that won't be such a long term environmental catastrophe.
  12. With 4/5 coach trains there's no real need for a FY, and I'd probably try to have some real railway features to operate properly. Carriage sidings, loco facilities, goods yard... Try to get it in a terminus to return loop arrangement, ideally with a continuous run. Or build a station believably large that trains from both directions can terminate there. Leicester Central would be an example of that kind of thing. Then you could just have a continuous run.
  13. Micheldever on the Bournemouth line has a subway from the unconnected stain building to the platform. Though it's a rebuild of a more conventional arrangement. It would also be quite a fun place to have a model of, if the oil terminal is in use. It's even got the tunnel mouth in a cliff cliché at one end.
  14. You'd need a lot more aisle space to make that plan useable with the 3+ operators I'd guess it would need to be used to it's maximum. But it would probably have a lot to offer if you were all slim and social distancing is not required
  15. Yes, all the way from Tokyo to Osaka (and ultimately Kagoshima, but not in one go, and I got a bit of 2+2 on the Sanyo Shinkansen), and I found it very comfortable. I'm not especially small either, at 6'1".
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