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  1. So......given all of the above, what's the Bachmann Coal Tank like? Sorry, just trying to get back on subject. Got an LMS and BR version on pre-order. The LNWR version looks pretty good.
  2. Picked up on this forum just after thier release, page 2 I believe. I emailed Hornby around the same time and got no reply.
  3. My biggest issue with these coaches is that the word "GUARD" is still on the wrong door of the BR brake versions. Maybe it'll finally be put right on the next batch of releases!!
  4. Ventnor

    Hornby king

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a blue King (R3410), I ran it in over the weekend and noticed a very pronounced "cogging" of the motor at very low speed causing a juddering motion, all other speed ranges are fine. I have run it for 2 hours in each direction with no improvement. I had a similar problem with one of my Hornby Adams Radials but solved the problem by simply slightly loosening the motor keeper plate screw. I've tried this with the King but with no improvement. My layout is DC and all of my other locos work fine. Anybody else had this problem and if so what could it be?
  5. DC layout, conversion to DCC will be a retirement project. Hattons are pretty good, as you say they reply promptly and I've returned stuff before that was either faulty or damaged on arrival and either received a replacement very quickly or got a refund. I've emailed them expressing my intent to return the loco. 1444 has been run again today and is still the complete opposite to 1420!! Kernow's have given me store credit for return postage from Oz in the past, for the life of me I can't remember if Hattons have ever done the same, I always include a short letter describing any faults or is
  6. Further to my previous post, my two locos arrived at the end of last week, 1420 and 1444. I ran them each for the recommended time after oiling according to the instructions. 1444 is fine, runs pretty well with no sloppy coupling rod symptoms. 1420 on the other hand has a pronounced waddle, sloppy coupling rods at low speed and after changing direction and stalls on streamline points (slow speed performance is also poor). I can live with all of the confirmed or perceived detail inaccuracies but poor running, especially the coupling rod issue, I draw the line. Coupling rods just should
  7. I have an MSC Sentinel and yes, it stalls or stutters on the set track points on my kids layout. Curved points are the worst. A symptom of a short wheelbase, light weight and a dead section of track. Hope this helps.
  8. After reading all of the negative posts regarding the running quality of these models, the fact that they can't be easily dismantled and the sloppy coupling rods it is with some trepidation that I await my two on their way from Hattons to Oz. I pretty much gave up worrying about the persistent running issues I had with 3 out of 4 of my Kernow O2s (even after sending 2 back for replacement), the 4th has never been a smooth and free runner either. They seem to have had similar issues to those described in this forum. I've since sold on 3 of them and I am also considering selling the 4th but I re
  9. I have seen this photo in a book (title of which I can't remember), the caption I think said that the loco "struggled" with this load (or words to that effect)!! Must have been quite a noise!! For those interested there was a semi-professional film made on the last day of the Wallingford branch passenger services. It features 1444 (as per the Hattons model) pulling a train of six vehicles; 2 x auto trailers and 4 x mainline gangwayed vehicles. I think that two return trips were made along the branch with this load. This is obviously not a typical working and I believe that apart from a cou
  10. Since posting the above there has certainly been a frantic amount of activity around these models. It seems that the vast majority of feedback and "reviews" have been quite negative. What does surprise me is that they have been compared to the Hornby (ex-Airfix) offering and the Bachmann 64xx. I have to say that these DJM offerings do capture the look of the prototype much more so than the Hornby model and body detailing apart, it seems to be more of an issue with the motor and drivetrain. I guess it's all down to personal preference putting the looks of this model over the tried and teste
  11. So....I don't often reply to posts and topics on the forums but I've been fervently reading any posts that review these models. My one question is; do the coupling rods stay parallel when the loco is moving or do they adopt a drunken angle even for a few seconds or get out of sync? I ask as I have two 14xx's on pre-order and considering a 58xx. I had problems with all four of the DJM O2's that I purchashed and sent one back as it was so bad. Sharing experiences with the 48xx/14xx and 58xx's would be most appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the quick response Dave. I'm waiting for a couple of the BR green versions so not seen the detailing pack yet. Cheers.
  13. Lovely looking models but I was wondering why the decision was made to model the 48xx/14xx locos without the lift up cover over the auto gear on the buffer beam? I am not suggesting that this should actually be a working lift up cover but I have only ever seen one photo of the originals in service with this cover missing. Refer to any photo of the prototypes in service and this cover is apparent.
  14. Ventnor

    The Engine Shed

    So, definitely a J36 and a Crane Tank. Don't recall a crane tank in any wishlist polls so highly likely a J36!!!
  15. Ventnor

    The Engine Shed

    Actually, looking again it does look like a J36 splasher and balance weight. If so, nice change of geographical region. Not my area but would buy one.
  16. Model Rail Offers website is showing MR-104 (30064 in Green) as more than 10 in stock. The latest Kernow newsletter says that this is due to order cancellations. I've ordered one!! I would recommend doing the same if they are as sought after as this forum subject would suggest!!
  17. The chimney should taper from bottom to top (inwards towards the top as you say), definitely no parallel section!! They are a very distinctive shape and generally (and I stress generally), Wainwright chimneys have some kind of taper, look at a C Class and D Class. Locos rebuilt/reboilered with a Wainwright boiler tended to have them as well such as the ex-Stirling R1s (0-4-4T and 0-6-0T) and O1s. It is a most distinctive feature on the Bluebell loco!! Hopefully it will be corrected.
  18. Looking at the CAD images the chimney looks to be the wrong shape. The base should be wider than the top. The CAD images make the chimney look more like a Drummond product rather than a Wainwright one. The accompanying photos on the Hornby blog show the true shape. Early days so hopefully it'll be corrected.
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