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  1. Ditch the paracetamol unless you have heart problems, Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory, I use tablets as a last resort and find the gel (10%) is very effective and can be applied to the affected area. Love watching your builds and hopefully can start some of mine once I can get some of the ranges bought from the late Adrian Swain's estate organized.
  2. Hi, you will be pleased to know that most of the abs Beaver Products N gauge has been acquired by myself and at present you will find them on eBay by searching N GAUGE BEAVER PRODUCTS, they will be listed soon on my website johndaymodels.uk.com Daryle Toney (johndaymodels).
  3. Hi Merf,

    I am now absorbing R Parker's 00 into the JDM range gradually.


    1. Merfyn Jones

      Merfyn Jones

      Look forward to seeing them back with you.


  4. I saw Rod last week and he is very much pushing on with his N gauge which is already substantial. unfortunately Rod isn't on the net so you will have to write to him;…details in the Railway Modeller. Daryle.
  5. Hi Matt, I'm pleased you are a satisfied customer and enjoy the models I produce, you will be pleased to know that I have acquired most of the R Parker range of 00 models and will slowly be absorbing them into the John Day range. Daryle.
  6. Hi David, Take a look at John Day Models,- http://johndaymodels.webplus.net/ the cars are at present being remastered and some of the commercials. Daryle. (john day models)
  7. Hi Simon, the John Day Model range has its own site now,- http://johndaymodels.webplus.net/index.html Daryle, johndaymodels
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