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  1. Just an addition....Also the SR/ Southern Region at places like Brighton /Hastings/ Folkestone and Dover were served by fish vehicles coming across on Kings Cross to London Bridge and Kings Cross- Victoria ( via the Widened Lines and Snow Hill ) freight services.. Also at the same time, late ,50s a regular weekend working ( one van ) from Grimsby with fish for Paris too. A lot of fish was transported around the country , like 'taking coals to Newcastle' , as species varied in different parts of the UK coastal waters .
  2. Sorry to be late to this .I was was saddened to hear the death of Glen last November. I had known of him since 2003 and we corresponded regularly. First time I met him was at the Bluebell Railway in 2005 or 2006 and from there we were in regular contact. Every week from 2003 Glen was part of our group that corresponded online from the early days , at first written messages , then to Yahoo 360 with 'voice' and finally to Skype ,back when that started. Glen was regular every week up until he started to have health problems ,the last time he was on Skype was about a month or so before he passed. He visited the north several times and we would go to various railways...the last time he was up north though was back in 2016 when we went to North Wales for some narrow gauge steam. I often joked that he was my chauffeur when he would pick me up at Haywards Heath station several times over the years to go to the Bluebell railway .. A knowledgeable person who would always pass on his knowledge and would gladly help in railway matters . Sadly missed by all who knew him.
  3. I remember seeing these in the 1970s on the Golden Arrow ( in it's last year ) /Night Ferry and other trains. One job they had was the Dover-Victoria TPO train ...and the booster wasn't the noisiest thing...that was more of a gentle whine from what I remember ...it was the traction motor blowers that were powerful and noisy.....when these pulled away from Tonbridge all the loose news papers etc that was lying on the ground all rushed towards the loco and grilles. I used to wait at Tonbridge during 1974/1975 each evening very frequently before catching my connection home to see the up TPO arrive and depart. Cheers Clive
  4. Very nice vans in N/2mm scale though....do you have a white printer or just using the white background ?.
  5. Yes..that's where I got mine from...but via Ebay. Couldn't get straight red lines though only the various sized red circles and the legends 'Transfesa. So I printed my own red straights and had to print my own 'Transfesa' as I wanted it in the 'Gothic' sloping ( for want of a better term ) style. for the 1960 era. I struggled with the red circles myself as the usual transfer paper for inkjet printing is thicker compared to the type the commercial people use and even with the latter from Spain it still wasn't perfect going over the bits that stick out from the body sides ..which is why I weathered the vehicle 'heavily'...all sorts of mistakes can be hidden by weathering :-). The numbering and the few others decals seen I printed out too. Cheers clive
  6. Hello All Here is my recent effort re one of these vans. Using the Electrotren HO model ( for a HO scenario ). End doors replaced with planked ends, underframe extended etc. Seasonal Greetings clive s
  7. Hello LNERGE Yes...I guess so ! Another thing re the Hither Green Transfesa vehicles in that film clip...does anyone know if they were blue liveried from new in the 1950s ..or was there an earlier different coloured livery at the time this film was shot in 1960 ?. What is making me ask this question is ......would the old style 'Gothic' style of 'Transfesa'...suit the blue livery !. Cheers CliveS
  8. Hello Interesting thread this has been to me...only just found it...and followed it through to this point. Apart from the modelling perspective I would like to add possibly a few lines. I was a guard at Ashford from 1983 to 1987 and used to work the Transfesa vans between Dover Town Yard and Paddock Wood on occasions. I never kept numbers etc but do have a record or two in my 'journals' that I kept from that time...but they just say things like ..16 ferry vehicles, on a particular service. Because it was the era of the TOPS lists ...writing out of individual wagon numbers was a bit thumb numbing so I would only write out in the event of an incident..which never occurred whilst working these vans. I only ever went into the Keylands complex at P Wood on a couple of occasions during my years at Ashford...the normal procedure with these vans , up direction, was to run to Tonbridge West Yard, run round, then back to Paddock Wood and reverse into what was the long down siding ( Tonbridge side of P Wood station). By the time I started at Ashford running round at Paddock Wood got in the way of things apparently. On down trains it was just a case of departing that siding..for Dover. Over the years I have often remembered these vans and looked at as much as I could online eg Paul Bartletts site etc but the one thing I discovered was that there is film footage of inside the Hither Green complex ( the P Wood depot was opened until c 1970) and the vans have the original 'gothic' style of 'Transfesa' but don't seem to be within a circle ! Sorry if people have seen this before but the link is https://www.britishpathe.com/video/new-british-railways-continental-freight-depot I can't make out any circles but it could be my eyes..or they are just covered in muck ?. Cheers Clive S
  9. Hello Thanks.. I measured the height of the side tanks of the ex 556 at Rolvenden recently ( it's in bits at the moment which was ideal) and they are 3'6" high....with the external top lip being around 2" higher. I compared them to a drawing , a 4mm one that I have blown up to 3/4" scale and they are higher than the drawing but not by what I was expecting....it may be an error in scaling up such a small drawing. What I should really do is find out what the height of the tanks are on the the three Ps on the Bluebell !. What I was trying to determine is what those 4mm scale drawings that appear in various publications are of...the original two locos or the later six.....not really much the wiser now. Clive s
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