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  1. ... unless you are into P4 or EM and want to convert the model to fit those gauges, then they have to come off.
  2. rhnrhn

    Hornby APT 2020

    I have based my assumption on the annotated Powercar Layout Drawing that can be found in the British Rail Pamphlets "Advanced Passenger Train" together with the colourised cutaway in British Rail's "Tomorrows Train Today". It looks like the voids also served as inlets for the Traction motor blowers. See Below Copies can be found at APT-P.com: https://www.apt-p.com/DocAPTa.htm https://www.apt-p.com/DocAPTb.htm https://www.apt-p.com/DocTTT.pdf
  3. rhnrhn

    Hornby APT 2020

    I thought the voids' main purpose was to act as inlets for the hydrokinetic braking system's cooling fans, which is is why there were two, one over each bogey, with one of them also providing a covenient location for the pant and it's anti tilt apparatus.
  4. rhnrhn

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi John Ks If you look at the cab roof in the photo you can see that the front end of it is reasonably clean where as further back it is quite dirty with a fairly pronounced looking tide mark (see black arrow in the left hand Image) If this tide mark is projected down the side of the cab it joins up with the border between the grey and the white that you identified (see dotted line in the right hand Image). Pure speculation this, but perhaps it is just that they only bothered regulary washing the very front of the Train (i.e. wIndscreen, quarter glasses, headlights etc), with the r
  5. I think the 125Group are looking to do that: https://www.125group.org.uk/
  6. The GWR Modelling Web pages have a section on coach liveries. This page mentions painting of axle boxes: http://www.gwr.org.uk/liveriescoach1928.html which might help you decide. Regards
  7. Hi, Regarding a single power bogie, no idea; however if you look here you might find an appropriate chassis for your unit: http://www.replicarailways.co.uk/home Regards Richard
  8. Super work, has inspired me to do somethin with my B's. Seeing as the bodies are off have you considered installing light bars too, to show of the upholstery and passengers?
  9. Hello, have you considered taking one of the seated drivers in Bachmann's Train Crew set "Bachmann Branchline 36-407 1950s Train Crew x 6" and painting his jacket / upper overalls white? Once placed in the cab I would wager that the fact the Ice Cream Coat isn't knee length isn't noticable. By the way, what are you using for a sound chip? I too am looking to fit my Blue Pullman with sound. Regards, Richard
  10. Hi Jamie, here are some shots of the final drive gear box (...631 & ...632) looking from the other side, as well as one of the hyfro-kinetic brake housing on the leading bogie under the cab (...629) … Note the double arrowed bearing cap on the gearbox. Regards Richard.
  11. Thanks to Onefunkyman for this very useful topic. I have just got round to chipping my Caerphilly Castle, (having kept in the box for a couple of years) only to find that Railmaster can't read the CVs. I too had run it in successfully on DC before hand. Thanks also to Matt Roe for the hint about disassembling the plug with the aid of a scalpal. This meant that the fix was quite straight forward which has saved me a lot of faff trying to contact the manufacturer. With regards to the quality control at the manufacturer, I wonder if the Caerphilly Caste batch may have been on the whole po
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