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  1. Ray, Garry, the metal wheels on the Tri-ang Hornby/Wrenn tender are 15mm diameter or as near as can be. K9-70
  2. According to Pat Hammonds book, the R0 box lid dates from around the start of 1955. Black and green Princess locomotives, and both tanks, the 0-6-2T clockwork and a pre-production model of the Jinty locomotive. Three types of coaches to be seen in the photo along with various types of wagons which includes the first two tank wagons which arrived near the end of 1954.
  3. NIR/Translink's GM's 111, 112 & 8113 at York Rd, 31-08-2008.
  4. DMU departing Keithley for Oxenhope 28-03-2005
  5. Mecanno Magazine Feb 1952 page 85 has the following information for running a second engine on three rail track. http://pdfmm.free.fr//5202.pdf
  6. The wheels and rods on my two Budgie's, weren't painted red, Stephen.
  7. Try Mr Muscle oven cleaner. Provided you haven't painted the locos, it should remove the number's. Place the loco body in a plastic bag, fill the bag with Mr Muscle, tightly seal the bag and leave for around 45min's. Remove the body and rinse under luke warm water and dry. K9-70
  8. Yes, the GNRI (Great Northern Railway of Ireland) had four. Railcar's D, E, F&G. The C.I.E. (Coras Impoair Eireann) was operating railcar's in the 1950's, but nothing like the photo's posted. I was also thinking O.V.S. Bulleid and C.I.E., after all, he came up with some strange Ideas when he was C.M.E. for C.I.E. K9-70 Unidentified 2600 series railcar at Westland Row 25-09-1954
  9. I spoke with the owner of the articulated railcar coaches, and he informed me that before he bought it, it was up for auction. It didn't sell. The auctioneer thought it might be an engineering model, possibly made for or by O.V.S Bulleid. My friend has documentation from the auctioneer's to support this. The green paint is original. The power unit frames appear to be from a steam locomotive tender. The steps are constructed in brass. The set up could be 2-A-1-A-2. But not possible to add the centre wheel set due to the motor mounted inside the frame. From what I can make out, the complete model is constructed in brass. That is a horn above the driving cab, not a roof top lamp, as been suggested. At the moment, I can't post a photo of the full train, as the power unit is with a friend being overhauled due to being a none runner. Thanks everyone for the help so far. K9-70 Pictures attached show the driving cab and motor bogie.
  10. Can anyone identify the manufacturer of these railway model's, believe to have been constructed in 1954. Articulated driving trailer x2 connect to either side of the diesel motor unit, forming a self contained DMU. The diesel motor unit is fitted with a Keyser 3 pole motor driving both axle's, set up to work on 3 rail track. The Dining/buffet coach, (if that what it is) appears to have a driving cab at each end, but the driver's windows are painted out. All coaches have rectangular buffer's. K9-70
  11. Be careful with using brake fluid on plastic bodies. I used it to remove paint from wagons I painted many years ago. Some of the bodies ended up going soft and bendy.
  12. Mr Muscle oven cleaner should strip the paint. Place loco body in a plastic bag, Spray the loco body with Mr Muscle, seal the bag and leave for around 45 min's. After 45 min's, remove the body and wash in luke warm water and leave to dry. If the paint hasn't totally been removed, repeat the above steps. HTH's K9-70
  13. Unidentified Class 60 passing Colton 01-04-2005 60 063 Monk Fryston 01-04-2005 60 066 Colton Sth Jct 01-04-2005
  14. 66 045 Burton Salmon 01-04-2005 66 238 Colton Sth Jct 01-04-2005 @ 14:04pm 66 238 Colton Sth Jct 01-04-2005 @ 17:16pm
  15. 56 006 Colton 10-08-2003 56 032 Doncaster 15-08-2003
  16. 66 709 Doncaster 05-08-2003 66 651 Doncaster 29-03-2005
  17. 47 843 Stenson Jct 08-08-2003 47 355 Stenson Jct 08-08-2003 47 338 Doncaster 31-03-2005
  18. 66 052 New Barnetby 06-08-2003 66 612 New Barnetby 24-04-2003
  19. 66 708 Doncaster 15-08-2003 66 716 New Barnetby 07-08-2003
  20. An updated photo of the railway bridge posted at the beginning of the thread.
  21. According to the June 1992 issue of the Journal of the Irish Railway Record Society magazine, the first 3 car set to be refurbished was 93, the trailer cars are not listed. Another snippet of information; railcar 69 was fitted with a reconditioned Hampshire power unit purchased from British Rail. K9-70
  22. Thanks Brush Veteran, that's one I didn't know about. The D5578 heat numbering tool may well have been worn out or broke and sent for repair. So instead of stopping the production of the blue model, they used the D5572 heat numbering tool instead. AFAIK; 4,000 models of the 1962 blue version were produced, so it's also possible that your one was the last of the batch to be produced.
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