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  1. I find that a stay alive helps greatly with the running characteristics of the Farish class 47s.
  2. Note that the layout is still substantially incomplete, so a great deal is not in its final state.
  3. Here is another video on the same topic, this time the un-narrated, single take version of the fuel tank shunting video, showing the more complex sequence for this operation.
  4. Your photographs are splendidly atmospheric. Incidentally, as to the HST lights not working; you might try replacing the diodes on the PCBs - these can fail sometimes.
  5. A new video has just been uploaded to Youtube with some good records of announcements at Oxford station in 1991: At the very beginning of the video, we get, "The train just arrived at platform number 1 is the 10.25 Intercity service to Brighton, calling at Reading, Slough, Kensington Olympia, Clapham Junction, East Croydon, Gatwick Airport, Haywards Heath and Brighton. Change at Reading for Swindon, Bristol Parkway, Newport, Cardiff Central, Bridgend.... [inaudible]". At 2:08, we get: "The train just arrived at platform number 2
  6. Railtec have relatively recently increased their Pullman transfer range and now provide a custom Pullman car name service for I think at least two styles of surrounding box (for want of a better term, which I suspect that Alex will know if anyone does).
  7. I approve of enlarged staging yards. They make for so much more variety!
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