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  1. Auf der Webside von Youchoos ist eine Anleitung für die Installierung eines ZIMO MX 644C beschrieben und da steht , dass die Dapol Anleitung nicht richtig ist. Bitte nachlesen. nerWir
  2. Thank you Adrian Stevenson and John Best regards Werner
  3. I have now brought out the interior and now want to re-colour the seats, because I don't like the colour from Dapol. As I live in Austria, I am not very well informed about English railways, but I am now a fan of English gauge 0 products and especially of Dapol.I own the same wagon as the one from brossard and I am asking if any of you know what the original colour of the seats is? Best regards Werner
  4. Hi Mr.Brossard How did they get the interior out? Best regards Werner Gura
  5. Hi Mr.Stephannicholson and Mr. steceb860! Thank you for your answers. I have orderd at DCC suplies the lightbar 113051 and I hope I will get it soon. Mr. stephannicholson: Which products are the socket ,the sounddecoder and the speaker? Best regards Werner Gura
  6. Hi Stephennicholson Can you please send me pictures of where you have set the socket? Best regards Werner
  7. I have bought the Dapol Autocoach 7P-004-007 GWR Lied Crimson 37, without Lightbar and decoder. I I now want to install a 21 pin function decoder and also the lighting equipment, but I don't know how to install it in the wagon. Can I get the lighting system with DCC suplies. Can someone help me LG Werner from Austria
  8. wgura

    Dapol 08

    Hi Friends, I have an Dapol Classs 08 in 0 Gauge . The sounddecoder is a ZIMO MX44D bought by digitrains. The loco does not go very well. So I ask you. How did you program the CV 2- CV6. Thanks for your answer. Best regards Werner from Austria
  9. I am totally shocked by this sad news. Before I bought the Panier I had a lot of conversations with Chris in German and afterwards he always gave me good tips.My condolences to his family ,Chris Basten and friends Werner Gura from Austria
  10. Hi TheSnapper! Please can you send to me the PDF of the Hornbymagazine article of Paul Chetters Heljan Railbus ?My email is [email protected] .Iam from Austriea and therefor my english is not very good.Thank you Best regards Werner
  11. hallo Chris ! Danke für die Antwort Grüsse Werner
  12. Hallo Chris! Ich schreibe in Deutsch , weil dzu diese Sprache gut verstehst und ich mir leichter tue. Du verwndest für die Pufferbohle Aufreibebuchstaben von HRMS Methfix. Welche Grösse hast du für die Panier genommen 4mm oder 7mm? Grüsse Werner
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