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  1. How's the scratchbuild coming along, have you got any updates?
  2. Thank you for your suggestions, I'll check them out.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to get anything in 7mm scale, Italian (FS) railways specifically? Cheers, Neil
  4. Just looking at your DMU, I think it's a Park Royal class 103 - there are a couple of photos on 'Dave F's photos', page 207. Neil
  5. Any updates on this fine layout? I've just realised I hadn't seen it in a while and how, being a continental prototype, it was a little bit of something different, which was very enjoyable.
  6. Amongst a lot of other things that Abbotsbury-esque loco release just looks so right.
  7. This looks fantastic. I'll second the comment above - can we see more please?
  8. I've been really enjoying following this build and the quality modelling that's going on. That halt just screams 'Chard Branch' to me. Have you got any further updates to report?
  9. Hi there, There are certainly pictures of more than one tram standing in the yard at Upwell and, if I remember correctly, a passenger tram passing a goods service at either Boyce's Bridge or Elm Bridge. I've seen the operation of the Wisbech and Upwell described somewhere as a 'shuttlecock service' - I don't know what was meant by that but I would assume that, in the middle of a busy fruit season, more than one tram at any time could proceed down to Upwell, perhaps in a similar way to which a conventional train could follow another through a single line section once the first train had cleared that section. This may be too elaborate but I'm given to thinking the S&D followed a similar principle on busy summer Saturdays - through trains one way in the morning, back the other way in the afternoon or something similar.
  10. Hi Alex. Yes, I've spotted that one at Elm Bridge and studied it carefully. The bonnet door vents always seem most green on the whole loco to me to me. Unusual front coupling too!
  11. That's a very nice looking layout taking shape. Sorry to dig up an old one but I too have been scratching my head on 04 black/green debate for some time. I've enclosed a link. Slightly later loco - D2212. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/y/yarmouth_south_town/index35.shtml - May 1970, Yarmouth South Town http://www.flickriver.com/photos/blue-diesels/3794762588/ - August 1970, Norwich Thorpe The first shot looks clearly green to me but was taken 3 months before the second, which I think looks black. Could this be a film issue? I've also just found this one which proves it beyond doubt - apologies if this is already common knowledge to you! https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/shunters/04/hA0FDD47F#ha0fdd47f Doncaster 1964
  12. Hi there, Here are the two W&U locos I've been building over the winter, (almost finished!) both are on the Ixion Fowler chassis acquired from a certain online auction site (acmodels regularly auctions them). I used a 4mm drawing enlarged by Monty Wells which appeared in the Model Railway Journal No.3, Autumn 1985 for the Drewry, an old Skinley for the J70 with a suitable degree of scepticism (the bell was in the wrong place I believe). Hope you find them helpful.
  13. Both of those Wisbech locos look stunning. I'd really like to get hold of one of each in 7mm too. I was looking towards getting hold of a 'Little Loco Company' 04 but it seems they're going in the direction of RTR and other locos at the moment. Do you have any idea of production and prices yet?
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