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    Cambrian Railways, South Wales railways, O Gauge. Director and one of the owners of Ixion Model Railways Ltd and Minerva Model Railways Ltd.

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  1. The Minerva 0 gauge BLUE CIRCLE and FERROCRETE cement vans have been very popular since their arrival in April. Stock of BLUE CRICLE vans is down to about 40 pieces. The number of FERROCRETE vans in stock is a little higher. We will not be producing a second re-run in the near future. The vans are GBP47.50 each plus GPB4 postage inclusive of VAT in the UK and EU. You can order via telephone on 02920 531246 or 07775 782086, email to sales@minervamodelrailways.co.uk or directly from the internet shop www.minervamodelrailways.co.uk Chris K
  2. We are able to post most days and, thankfully, have been able to maintain a normal service to customers during the current pandemic crisis. My post office is a 400 metre walk and it is open six days a week. For locomotive deliveries in the UK we use Royal Mail Special Delivery for delivery by 1pm the day following posting. This actually costs us £11 for all our locos except the Manning Wardle. For wagons and DCC equipment we use Royal Mail Signed-For First Class. I hope this helps. Feel free to call us or use our email sales@minervamodelrailways.co.uk to discuss your wants and needs. Kind regards, Chris Klein
  3. Great set of photos. Thanks, Mike.
  4. Very helpful, Tim. Plenty to think about. I think whatever I do will be a winter project. Regards, Chris
  5. The first baseboard frame for Cwm Fawr is completed. It is 9mm plywood with 20mmx25mm stripwood cleats. Dimensions are 122cms x 54cms (48” x 21”). Weight is 2.4kgs. The top surface will be 6mm ply. Parts are ready for the second board. Meanwhile, the scratchbuilt signal box is progressing and I have just built a Y point. Another three points need to be built. “On, on” as the Hash House Harriers cry. Regards, Chris K
  6. Wessy (hope that's ok), could you take a photo of the underside of this layout? What are the dimensions? Regards, Chris K
  7. Steve, That Hornet is a beauty. I am binge watching "Sailor" from 1976 on Youtube. Here is a great little compilation from Youtube. There is a tantalising view of a Skyraider near the end. The music from "Mutiny on the Bounty" and "1492 The Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis suits it well. The MD of one of the companies I worked for flew Scimitars in the early 1960s - I congratulated him on his survival. Regards, Chris K
  8. No need to panic, Rod. I will probably start assembling the two main boards later to day and I am also most of the way through building a Y-point for Cwm Fawr. Most importantly, I have commissioned Narrow Planet to etch the nameplate for Cwm Fawr signal box so it is happening. As a sideline project over the winter, I may build a quick 4mm scale cameo layout of an ex- GER goods only branch around 1960 inspired by Iain Rice's "Fen Drove" layout idea. If I do, I will probably experiment with 5mm foamboard for the base as Chris Nevard has done. My other distraction at the moment is building kits of post-War Fleet Arm Aircraft. I have almost finished an Airfix 1:72 Sea Fury FB11 and have a Trumpeter 1:72 Westland Wyvern S4 at the top of the stash. I have my eyes on a Fairey Gannet and then it will be onto the jets. Regards, Chris
  9. Building baseboards, along with wiring and ballasting track, is one of those disagreeable tasks that must be endured before we can move on to the exciting stuff. Today I started cutting the beams and stretchers for the main boards for Cwm Fawr. They are exterior grade 9mm birch ply. The top will be 6mm ply. I also cut a bagful of cleats from 20x20 PAR stripwood for strengthening the joints. I confess that in a moment of weakness I priced up some of the baseboard kits on the market, but for comparable quality timber the price for what I need was was between £245 and £375, which compares poorly with the circa £40 I paid from a local merchant. And they still have to be assembled. So assembly next. I must keep fighting off the temptation to use the space for a 1950s/60s East Anglian diversion in 4mm scale. Get thee behind me... Chris K
  10. I know what you mean about the handrails on this kit. You have done a much neater job than me. With careful weathering it is possible to maintain the slop (compensation is too dignified a word) in the axleboxes. Sadly, I dropped my model a couple of weeks later and it's in the repair shop awaiting repair. Regards, Chris K
  11. Indeed. The G0G is the only club I know where the members proudly display their membership number as a symbol of their seniority. A four-figure membership number seems to denote a demi-god status deserving the genuflection of the callow youths in their 60s.
  12. I must get on with Cwm Fawr, but I am side-tracked building Airfix kits of the Hawker Sea Fury FB11 and Hawker Tempest 1B. Unfortunately, my airbrushes have decided to go US and despite striping and cleaning them to within a millimetre of their lives they refuse spray paint. I must admit that I find airbrushes very temperamental creatures requiring a lot of maintenance, and mine are not cheap tools. A Trumpeter 1:72 Westland Wyvern also arrived in the post yesterday: I can't resist post-war Fleet Air Arm aircraft. Chris
  13. Yellow and blue are the colours of the Blue Circle brand; it's as simple as that. Chris K
  14. Minerva 0 gauge Manning Wardle K CESTRIA advances gingerly along the Tonfanau Quarry siding from Tonfanau Camp station. The loco has been fitted with DCC sound, weathered, suited and booted for a customer. Crew figures are ModelU painted by Claudia Everett. Regards, Chris K
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